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Rudraksha Mala

Are you looking for peace and harmony in your life? Are small health issues frequently bugging you lately? The Rudraksha Mala is the solution to your problems. Buy it at AstroSage and see what miracles it brings to your life.

Price: INR Rs. 200

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Tulsi Mala

Do you want to get rid of your past sins? Do you want to be favoured by the divine Lord Vishnu himself? Tulsi Mala is here to help you! Buy it at AstroSage to get the best quality.

Price: INR Rs. 250

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Kamal Gatte ki Mala

Do you want to achieve wealth? What can be a better way than to please the Goddess of wealth herself? The Kamal Gatte ki Mala will help you do so. Buy authentic Kamal Gatte ki Mala and strike it rich!

Price: INR Rs. 400

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Sphatik Mala - 108 beads

Are you spending sleepless nights? Don't worry we have a solution for you. Buy the Sphatik Mala (108 beads) which will help you to solve your problems with ease and would fill your life with prosperity.

Price: INR Rs. 750

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Kale Hakik Ki Mala - Black Agate Rosary

It is believed that the Black Agate Rosary which is also known as Kale Hakik Ki Mala saves you from evil eye, tantra-mantra and other things that are beyond your reach. Buy it at AstroSage to guard yourself from the evil.

Price: INR Rs. 300

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Pearl Mala - Moti Mala

The Pearl Mala makes you emotionally stable and is blessed by the goddess of wealth- Goddess Mahalaxmi herself. It will fill your life with wealth and prosperity. Get the Moti Mala of the best quality at AstroSage.

Price: INR Rs. 700

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