Sri Krishna Posters (Set of Five posters)

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Sri Krishna Posters (Set of Five posters)

Sri Krishna Posters (Set of Five posters)


Belief needs form and so here's a way of giving form to your belief through the gracious presence of Lord Krishna in your life. Do it by ordering Sri Krishna posters, representing the varied experiences of Lord Krishna and different legends associated with Him like; the childhood fun of 'Bal Gopal' capturing Makhan Chor Nanadlaal. Pictographic representation of Sri Krishna Kanhaiya with Gopis and His Rasleela with Radha , Sri Krishna with Sudarshan Chakra , Krishna the cowboy with his flute etc. What makes these Sri Krishna posters unique is that it creates the auspicious, magnetic and spiritual presence of Krishan Kanahiya through pictographic imagery. Put it to whatever use you like; use it in a temple, frame and place it on your wall, order in case you have a pregnant lady home and get closer to your faith. A one time order and you get a set of three Sri Krishna posters that last for a lifetime.

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