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Numerology Horoscope for January, 2012

Last Updated: 1/4/2012 4:51:21 PM

numerology horoscope january 2012

To know your lucky number and numerology horoscope, please visit - Numerology Calculator.

Numerology is all about numbers and their vibrational propensity that help an expert in predicting the future of a person. It is believed that all the numbers have the power to affect a person’s characteristics and the events taking place in their lives. Numerology considers the sum total of the numbers in a person’s date of birth and the numerological equivalents of the letters in their name. To know more about Numerology, please visit - "What is Numerology". Now, let's have a look at Numerology reading for the month of January, 2012.

Lucky Number 1

People with life- path number or Numerology 1 will see spending good time during the first week of January 2012. They will enjoy the company of relatives and friends. They will also see a high confidence level in this period that may help them in getting any good achievement either in business deal or in any other personal purpose. But, possibly the second week may not be in favor. It is advised to be cautious for more money expenditures in second week of this year. Think carefully while putting investments in share market and borrowing money from others, especially in second week of this month. Tensions will arise in last week of this month.

Lucky Number 2

Professional life will come with many hectic schedules in second week of this month for people with life path -number or Numerology 2. They may face conflicts with their employers or boss in company. However, confidence and strength will stay to help in facing challenges. Avoid starting any new work or project like signing any contract in last 10 days of this month.

Lucky Number 3

Mid of the month will increase linkups with new people for the person with life-path number or Numerology 3. The mind will feel peace and stay out of genuine troubles. Positive feelings will come. It is the best time to do social things like attending meetings and participating in public debates. Confidence level will go high. But, impulsive character can create troubles in first week of this month, so avoid taking any important decision in first 8 days of this month.

Lucky Number 4

If your life path number or Numerology lucky number 4, you may probably get a good news in second week of the year 2012. You will see a fair confidence level that will prove helpful to you. You can undeniably enter in buying and selling. You will also get assistance from others in this month. Third week of this month may prove to be ideal for doing negotiations and taking any new initiative in business. You will attract people toward you. Your personal relationships will also go smoothly.

Lucky Number 5

First week of this month, for people with life-path number or Numerology 5, is perhaps not favorable to implement new projects and to gain success for any of your purpose. Think carefully while doing any new objective during this period. Second week is favorable for showing warm feeling of love and affections. But, Third week of this month may give some tense in your love life. In last days of January month, you will retain your confidence and able to express your ideas well. This period is good time to open your views and to be social.

Lucky Number 6

Slight problem is indicated in initial six days of month January for person of having life –path number or Numerology 6. Second week is showing your better communication skill that will please others. You will feel a confident person during this period. Your private or love life will get warm sensation and go smoothly. You will enjoy company of your near dear people. In mid of the month, your confidence power will touch the peak of mountain which will give a plus point to begin any new project or business without hurdles.

Lucky Number 7

First and second week will go smooth but with busy schedules for person with life number or Numerology 7. Your may see favorable time for your significant work. You may get fair compliments in your work place. But you may have to put extra efforts to charm your loved one. Success may knock your door in mid of the month, probably from January 11 to 20. In fact, last week will also offer advantages for reaching desired results.

Lucky Number 8

Beauty and love will please you in initial days of January month if life path-number or Number is 8. Best compliments and charming gifts are awaiting for you in this period. It is also the best time to invest in purchasing luxuries items like jewelry. Your professional relationship will remain warm and good. As your energy level is high in this month, you can also plan to start your own company or can initiate new projects. You will go to achieve what you truly wanted in your life.

Lucky Number 9

Initial days are promising time to start new things for the person whose life-path number 9. Taking a break or vacation can rejuvenate him perfectly. Second week will be busier for you, and can create severe stress or tensions. It may also become reason for your nervousness and can cause low confidence skill. It is fine if you can stay away from taking any significant decisions or can hold decisions for some time. Last days of this month will disappear your all worries and offer you the auspicious time to begin new things.

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