Diamond (40 Cents) - Lab Certified

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Diamond (40 Cents) - Lab Certified

Diamond (40 Cents) - Lab Certified


Ruling planet: Venus
Zodiac sign: Taurus and Libra
Diamond (Hira) represents the planet Venus as per Vedic Astrology. Similar to the stone’s physical nature, Venus is shining and considered to be a beautiful planet in the universe. Our premium quality Diamond comes in various sizes and can be worn by Taurus and LIbra natives to retrieve benefic results. This stone, when worn in a gold or silver ring on the last or middle finger during the period of Shukla Paksha offers benefic results to the native. Also, it can be worn when someone is under the influence of Venus Antardasha or Mahadasha. A person’s thoughts improve and he becomes generous and positive after wearing Diamond. It also eliminates evil thoughts and feeling of fear from one’s mind. His/Her personality grows and becomes charming, confident and attractive. Our premium quality Diamond boasts of highest astrological value and helps to cure various health issues and diseases related to urinary tract, skin etc.

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