Panchmukhi Shankh (Gaumukhi Shankh)

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Panchmukhi Shankh (Gaumukhi Shankh)

Panchmukhi Shankh (Gaumukhi Shankh)


It is a natural Panchmukhi (Five Finger) Shankh that looks elegant and comes in beautiful shape and color. This sacred shankh is considered auspicious for performing various kinds of Puja like Laxmi Puja, Ganesh Puja, Durga Puja, Navratri Puja, and all other rituals.
The vibrations of this holy Shankh purifies the air and it is believed that it destroys the disease causing germs in the atmosphere. When this Shankh/ Conch is blown, energy is emitted from it, which reduces the strength of distressing frequencies.
The package will include 1 Pc Shankh and Ganga Jal.

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