Brass Parad Shivling

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Brass Parad Shivling

Brass Parad Shivling


Parad Shivling is also known as Rasalingam in the South. It is the Shivling that is made up of the parad metal. The Parad Shivling is one of the most auspicious and divine creations that has been created by man since ancient times. It holds the powerful and mystical dual energies of Shiv Linga and the metal Parad. This shivling is to be worshiped with proper procedure, belief, and enthusiasm. The parad shivling bestows the devotee or the worshiper with instant luck, and wealth, and helps in maintaining peace and harmony. The Parad Shivlingam or Shivling is available in various sizes. It can be placed in your home or at the temple and you need to handle it carefully. The devotees are blessed with longevity and spiritual upliftment as they worship the Parad Shivingam regularly and perform Rudra Abhishek.

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