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Shraddh in 2014 : Pitru Paksha in 2014

Shradh in 2014 is starting from September

Shraddha is a religious event in which people pay tribute to their ancestors and thank them for their blessings. It is a religious event in which you can show your feelings to the ancestors who have done so much for you. The article is a just a way or means for you to know the path toward salvation and pay homage to your forefathers or ancestors.

The religious event “shradh” lasts for many days. Shraddha in 2014 will commence from 19 September and will end on October 4. The dates of shraddha fall in the 15 days of Ashwin month of Krishna Paksha. However, in Gujarat the months are bhadrapad Krishna Paksha. The time duration is known as the shraddha Paksha as well as Krishna Paksha. The days of shraddha are the days of remembrance and Tarpan. The meaning of shraddha in sanskrit is “Shradhaya Yata Kriyata Tat”. It means “something that is offered to our ancestors and saints, who have put so many efforts to safeguard or protect us, for our welfare and worked their whole life for us; we must pay homage and thanks them for each and everything they did for us.

One can thank his ancestors by doing Pind Daan and by doing tarpan. During shradha, one should pray for the peace and happiness of his/her ancestors, so that in whichever Yoni they are, they can live peacefully.

Here are the dates of shraddha 2014:

Shraddha in 2014

Date Day Shradh
September 8, 2014 Monday Purnima Shradh
September 9, 2014 Tuesday Pratipada Shradh
September 10, 2014 Wednesday Dwitiya Shradh
September 11, 2014 Thursday Tritiya Shradh
September 12, 2014 Friday Chaturthi Shradh
September 13, 2014 Saturday Maha Bharani , Panchami Shradh
September 14, 2014 Sunday Shashthi Shradh
September 15, 2014 Monday Saptami Shradh
September 16, 2014 Tuesday Ashtami Shradh
September 17, 2014 Wednesday Navami Shradh
September 18, 2014 Thursday Dashami Shradh
September 19, 2014 Friday Ekadashi Shradh
September 20, 2014 Saturday Dwadashi Shradh
September 21, 2014 Sunday Magha Shradh , Trayodashi Shradh
September 22, 2014 Monday Chaturdashi Shradh
September 23, 2014 Tuesday Sarva Pitru Amasya

In our culture and religious texts, it is believed that a person gets salvation according to his/her deeds. When the soul departs from human body, the smallest part of it keeps wandering in search of salvation. The person has done good and pious deeds in his life; he will get salvation soon after death. But if a person has least good deeds in his side, his soul keeps wandering after death in search of salvation. However, the departed souls reach heaven if the descendants who perform proper shradh for their departed souls or ancestors at places like Gaya, Prayag, Ujjain and related places. The Shradha must be properly performed adhering to all the rituals and customs, only then it is considered to be an effective shradh.

Shradha 2014 - An Overview

Shradh is not only about donating lot of grains and other thing to the poor and Brahmins, but it is a day devoted to our ancestors. It has a profound philosophical and spiritual meaning. Mantras are chanted and along with that rituals are performed for the pacification of the deceased or the ancestors. This gives a spiritual meaning to Shradha. On the other hand, when you donate to the needy and poor, you do your bit to help the society. The day also increases the morality in our nature. Shraddha makes us closer to god and our departed ancestors.

Along with the poor, Brahmins are also fed. It is believed that the food fed to Brahmins directly reaches the departed souls. Buying any new items and getting the haircut done is strictly prohibited during shraddha. Men should not even shave and wash their hair. Any auspicious ceremony is also prohibited to be performed during shraddha.

Shradh gives a way to departed souls to pursue a better life in their next birth. We hope you find this article interesting and useful.

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