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Chandra Grahan 2016

Last Updated: 8/12/2016 12:38:25 PM

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Chandra Grahan in 2016 is going to take place twice. Come to know what all Hindu mythology has got for you in terms of Chandra Grahan and prefer to be on the safer side. The more you know the safer you are. Therefore, make the best out of all the wisdom provided to you over here.

chandra grahan 2016, lunar eclipse 2016As per Hindu convictions, a person’s life is influenced very negatively by the effects of Chandra Grahan. People in India remain very conscious during the period of Chandra Grahan and perform all the remedies of Moon to stay protected. There is no limit of the effects of Chandra Grahan, which means it can cause danger to each and everyone. But, when Chandra Grahan takes place, it hits a single zodiac sign in particular every time. The people under that zodiac sign are affected immensely due to the intensity of ill effects of Chandra Grahan. People in India have never taken any Chandra Grahan for granted. They believe in taking all the specific measures to stay safe and avoid negative changes to their life wisely.

Chandra Grahan 2016 Dates

It is very important to know the dates and time of Chandra Grahan. Check out Chandra Grahan 2016 dates and time in the below given table.

Date Type Of Eclipse in 2016 Visible In India Areas in which Grahan will be visible Time (IST)
(Start - Mid - End)
March 23, 2016 Upchaya Chandra Grahan Only ending is visible Much of Asia, Australia, North America, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica, 15:07 - 17:07 - 19:27
September 16-17, 2016 Upchaya Chandra Grahan Yes Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, West in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica, India 22:23 - 00:24 - 26:26

Mark these dates and make sure to stay aware on these particular days of Chandra Grahan in 2016.

There are many things that should be taken care of while Chandra Grahan is taking place. Like, people avoid travelling and commencing a new work at their best. Not only this, but eating is also strictly prohibited during Chandra Grahan. Sensitivity of anyone toward Chandra Grahan can’t be measured but it is believed that pregnant ladies are affected most because of the Grahan. There are chances that if they view the Chandra Grahan then baby inside their womb will have to pay for it. So, pregnant ladies are advised to stay inside their home.

Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse

Chandra Grahan is not considered good and it has harmful effects on the living beings. It is very important to know what exactly Chandra Grahan is. Sometimes, Earth while moving in its orbit comes in between the Sun and Moon. Due to this position of earth, Moon doesn’t get the required light from Sun for its reflection and this process or phenomenon has been named as Chandra Grahan.

Chandra Grahan irrespective of its visibility influences people of every corner of the globe. It is not wrong to say that a person can go through a drastic change in his/her life due to the Chandra Grahan. The reach of malefic effects of Chandra Grahan is not confined to one part of anyone’s life, but all the aspects of life are affected deeply.

Measures To Avoid Effects Of Chandra Grahan

Only and only actions lead to success. Therefore, if you are ready to tackle Chandra Grahan for your betterment, it is the time to act upon certain remedies. First and foremost, all the people should avoid looking at the Moon during Chandra Grahan. Consumption of food in any form, i.e. solid or liquid is not at all advisable. Some other things that should be seriously avoided are oiling or combing hair, brushing teeth and involving in sexual activities. As already mentioned, pregnant women must take care of themselves and wandering outside at such time is not favorable for them. They should also stay away from cutting and stitching any clothing material as usage of scissors or knife will have an adverse effect on them. One can also perform the remedies of Moon to purify everything around them.

Apart from all these precautions, take bath as soon as Chandra Grahan is over and cook fresh food for you and your family. Making donations to Pandits (priests) and people in need is very rewarding during Chandra Grahan.

This was all about Chandra Grahan in 2016. Follow the suggested remedies and stay protected.

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