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Shitala Shashthi 2012 date Hindu Festivals
Shitala Shashthi often falls on the sixth lunar day of the light half of Magha (3rd of February). This ceremony is of a strictly private character, and is limited to married women having children.
Ratanti Chaturdashi 2012 date Hindu Festivals
Ratanti Chaturdashi falls in the fourteenth lunar day of the dark half of Magha. According to the essential rite on the day of Ratanti Chaturdashi is bathing in some sacred stream or piece of water; which should be performed before dawn, whilst the stars are yet visible.
Vaikunta Ekadashi 2012 date Hindu Festivals
Vaikunta Ekadashi 2012 date is 5 January. In the Madras Presidency Vaikunta Ekadashi is a recognised holiday for all Hindus. Devotees fast twice in every lunar month—that is the 11th day (Ekadashi) in each fortnight.
Saraswati Puja 2012 date Hindu Festivals
Saraswati Puja 2012 date is 2 February. Sri Panchami popularly known as Saraswati Puja falls during the fifth lunar day of the light half of the month Magha.
Mansashtaka 2012 date Hindu Festivals
The denomination of Mansashtaka defines its occurrence; that is eighth lunar day of the dark half of the lunar month Magha. Mansashtaka; ashtaka meaning eighth indicates it’s assert, mansa signifying flesh. Accordingly, on this day, the Sraddha, or obsequies offerings of flesh, should be made to the pitris or manes.
Vardha Chaturthi 2012 date Hindu Festivals
Vardha Chaturthi falls in the fourth luner day of the light half of Magha. On the day of Varada Chaturthi; lord Shiva is to be worshipped in the evening, with offerings of jasmine flowers, whence it is also called Kunda Chaturthi; but the more usual designation Varada Chaturthi implies a goddess, the giver of boons, who in some of the Puranas is identified with goddess Gauri, or more especially with Uma the bride of the Shiva.
Bhishmashtami 2016 date Hindu Festivals
Bhishmashtami celebrated on twenty-third of Magha, eighth lunar day of the light half. Bhishmashtami is a festival which, at first sight, appears to be of special and traditional origin, but which has, probably, its source in the primitive institutes of the Hindus, of which the worship of the Pitris, the patriarchs or progenitors, the Dii Manes, constituted an important element.
Sakashtami 2012 date Hindu Festivals
Sakashtami 2012 date is 22 February. As per the Hindu calendar Sakashtami falls on the ninth of the solar month Phalguna; eighth day of lunar month Phalguna, dark half.
Shat Tila Danam 2012 date Hindu Festivals
Shat Tila Danam 2012 date is 12 February. Shat Tila Danam falls on the twenty-seventh Magha, twelfth day of the light half. Shat Tila Danam may be considered as in some sort a continuation of the Bhaimyekadasi, and is intended for the same object that is the removal or expiation of sin.
Yugadya 2012 date Hindu Festivals
Yugadya is hindu festival celebrated with fervour and enthusiasm which falls on the thirtieth Magha, fifteenth day, light half, or full moon of Magha. This festival also held in additional honour as the anniversary of the commencement of the Kalyug, or present age of the world, the age of impurity.
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