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Future of UPA government : Astrological Analysis

Last Updated: 1/1/2011 10:59:32 AM

future of upa government
VGR Pavan

The present political situation in our country is a little clumsy and lack of transparency is evident in many “Issues”. The allegations raised by the opposition parties are very strong and ruling UPA Govt. is trying hard to prove its “efficacy”. As an aspirant of KP, I am interested to analyze the “Map of Heavens” for “Oath taking ceremony” of the educated PM of India Sri Manmohan Singh. 

The following is the horoscope for 22-05-2009 @ 10.20 AM at New Delhi.

Generally for the Oath Taking moment Ascendant denotes the person who took the power and the 10th there from denotes the power. Detrimental houses for 10th i.e.5-8-9-12 (here 8th is included because it is the house of insult) will cause problems. I observed the following points:

1) If Ascendant sub lord is connected with 6-8-12 houses then the person who swore in will face lot of problems.
2) If the 10th sub lord is connected with 5-8-9-12 houses then dissolution of the Govt. will take place. Type of dissolution depends upon the DBA lords ruling the time; if they are connected with Maraka and Badaka houses for Ascendant then demise of the head is the reason, if they are connected with 8-12 cheating by the cabinet ministers. But if 5-8-9-12 houses are connected then challenge of power by the opposition may be the reasons.
3) Dissolution will take place in the conjoined period of significators for 5-9-12 houses.
4) One should look into the significations of the cuspual sub lords and also the Dasa lord.
5) Transit if slow moving planets should be carefully observed.

In the light of the above observations, we can analyze the present horoscope. Ascendant sub lord Rahu is in 6th (as per KP chalit) in Saturn sign Sun star and Venus sub. Saturn in 2, Sun in 10 and Venus in 9 all are strong by their stars.

Tenth sub lord is Jupiter, lord of 6-9in 7th house. He is in the star of Mars and sub of Kethu. Mars is lord of 5-10 in 9 and Kethu is in 12 in Saturn star. Thus the sublord of 10th house is strongly connected with 5-8-9-12 houses. Therefore Govt. will face problems in the conjoined period of these house significators. This is what exactly happening in the present DB of Kethu-Jupiter from Feb-2010 to Jan-2011. If we see the number of scams during this period we can know how they might have troubled the Govt. Hence Kethu-Jupiter the star and sub lords of the 10th cusp caused this Havoc. (Better to say indicated).

The dasa lord Kethu in 12th in the star of 8th lord Saturn indicates that during their (Kethu-Saturn) period there will be some changes in the allied parties which are untrustworthy for the Govt. this period starts from Jan-2011 to Feb-2012. Saturn the 8th lord in 2nd in the star of Sun in 10th and in the sub of Jupiter who is very strong for 5-9 is a dangerous combination for UPA.

As Saturn is a secretive planet his transit over the daring Mars is not a desirable one for UPA. He will be trined by the “Radical” Jupiter. Kethu will also transit over the star of Mars and trined by radical Jupiter. Jupiter will transit over the star of Kethu in the month of May-2011. Therefore in the second half of the year 2011 is going to be a hard nut for the ruling Govt.

The bhukthi lord Mercury is in the star of Sun and sub of “Jupiter” again. In KP we all know that sublord is the essence and decide the significations of the star lord. For any person stellar signification of 10th and sub level signification of 5-9 is harmful for his career.

Therefore it can be said that the upcoming year of 2011 is a tough one for the present UPA Govt. It may also face problems in the year 2012 if it withstands the Saturn bhukthi (2011). Dissolution of the Govt. can not be ruled out.

Here I have to disclaim that, the present paper is only an astrological forecast but not the political criticism. I am neither a supporter nor a protester against the ruling UPA.

To consult astrologer VGR Pavan, Please click here
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