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Cancer Horoscope 2020

Year 2020
The year 2020 will produce mixed results for people belonging to the Zodiac Sign Cancer. Your communication skills will improve and as a result, you will befriend many people, thus, expanding your friend base. This may also help you in your career growth and development. From the starting of the year to the mid phase of September, you will possess exceptional reasoning and analytical skills due to which you will be able to make good decisions. Pending tasks will be completed and efforts made earlier in your life will be brought to fruition. You should be prepared to enjoy the ecstacy of love in your life. If you have been searching for true love, you will be able to find it. Those who intend to stay single will adhere to their resolution. A marriage in family in on the cards for you.

Partnership in business will yield better results than expected, especially if it is done with a trusted friend. Risks should be analysed well before making any decision related to investment. Trusting anyone blindly is never advised. Linking yourself to any financial institution will help you reap monetary benefits. You should have faith in your own abilities and must rely upon yourself. Do not let failures take a toll on you. You should give your best shot in whatever you do. This will help you in unleashing your best potential. Taking care of your health must be listed on the top of your priorities. Avoid consuming junk foods and spicy foods. If you got an addiction to smoking or drinking, try to curb it. It will take a lot of patience but you will realise that it is worth giving a try. You will develop an inclination towards performing social and religious deeds. You will spend money for the same. Your philanthropic work will garner you praises and respect from the society.

The year will start on a pleasant note and you will prosper well in your career. Those who are looking for a job will be able to bag one of their choice. The job will be good enough to pay you well and carry out your basic expenses. If you are a fresher, it will be good for you to select a good company to begin your career with. You will possess the necessary skills to crack interviews and get your hands on desired jobs. However, this will require hard work and patience. The transit of Jupiter will help you improve your career growth.

A business partnership with a friend will turn out to be cash cow for you. Journeys and trips may beget fruitful results. Foreign journeys seem to be beneficial for your career growth. The probability of getting a transfer to a new place is high.

A mix of good and bad times awaits you in your financial life. Due to the transit of Jupiter during the beginning of the year, you might have to struggle hard if you do not want to run into a financial crunch. The graph of your expenses seems to be on a rise. You will be required to tighten your belt, failing which you will end up spending more than you can afford. You will earn well from July to mid-November and your financial condition will improve. You will have to make some important decisions, thus, you will be required to adopt a practical approach. You should try to save some portion of hard earned money for tackling unexpected expenditures.

Avoid investing your money without looking at all the possible angles. You should not lend your money to others as it will be difficult to get it back during times of need. You will spend on religious deeds. You are advised to avoid taking risks during this year.

The year 2020 will be full of various ups and downs in your health. Therefore, you will be required to make sure that you do not let the low phases hit you hard. Follow a healthy lifestyle and adhere to a proper routine to enjoy a pink health. Following a regular exercise regime will serve to be the cherry on the top. You may fall the victim to fever, typhoid, rashes, etc. Health issues should not be ignored and must be reported to a medical practitioner, as and when necessary.

From the beginning of the year till the end of March, frequent health issues may arise every now and then. As the month of April kicks in, conditions will gradually improve. The month of July may bring the problems back and the same may continue till November. You need to take care that minor health issues are not to be ignored in any case. The position of the planet Saturn in your seventh house indicates that you will be susceptible to health problems. Being nonchalant might make you succumb to illness. You may also become ill and catch chronic diseases, which would not be easy to deal with. For being healthy, you will have to pay attention to your physical as well as mental health. Do not let stress and tension take a toll on you. Get involved in meditation and yoga to attain mental peace. Waking up timely in the morning and going for morning walks will be an add-on. Because of Jupiter's retrograde motion in July, you may become more prone to health troubles.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
The Love Horoscope of Cancer predicts that the year 2020 will play an important role in the love life of Cancerians. A turning point in your love life is expected during this year. You will be a loyal partner and will love your partner with all your heart. There will be mutual feeling of attraction and affection between you and your partner. You will be able tick many boxes in your love checklist by visiting many places with your partner or by spending memorable time with them. Your lover will not only be your love interest but will also be a true friend that you will confide in. You will pour your heart out to your partner and they will understand and respect your feelings.

You will realise that the problems in your relationship were a result of you being afraid for commitment. However, during this year, you will rise above your fear and will be a devoted partner. This will strengthen the bond that you share with your partner.

Those who are single might get involved with more than one person. Your friends will support you in your love matters and will help you win the heart of your loved one. You will get connected on a spiritual level with your partner during the month of April. There are not much chances of a transition of your love life to married life during this year. Those who have always been single might continue their legacy.

Family & Friends
The Horoscope 2020 predicts that you will experience good as well as bad times during the course of this year. The position of the planet Saturn might make you stay away from your family within the span of the year 2020. There might be an ebb and flow of happiness in your family life and you will be required to face both sides of the coin. There may be a decline in the health of your mother, which might disturb your peace of mind. You should take care of her and cater to her needs. Seek the advice of a doctor if her health status degrades. You might feel devoid of mental peace because of a chaotic environment at your family front.

You may not spend much time with your family because of the position of Rahu in your twelfth house. Because of the concurrent transit of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, the end of the year will beget results of your hard work. As a result, your family will bask in luxuries and comforts. Chances of a marriage ceremony taking place in the family are quite high. You will be required to fulfill the duties that you have towards your kith and kin, specially during the time from July to mid-November.

There are a number of remedies that you should do if you want to bring an end to your woes. Given below are some of them:

Try to donate Chaya Patra on Saturdays. Take a vessel of clay or iron and fill it with mustard oil. After looking at your shadow in the vessel, you should donate it.

Reciting Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang Baan, and Sunderkand on Tuesdays and Saturdays after lighting a lamp filled with Jasmine oil will pan out to be favourable for you. Distributing gram and jaggery or Boondi to children will also be beneficial.

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