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Leo Horoscope 2020

Year 2020
The year brings mixed results for the zodiac sign Leo. There will be potential opportunities which can give your life a whole new direction. You will be tolerant and whatever you decide to do shall be accomplished for sure. Your business will flourish. This year in the beginning, Rahu will be your 11th house of Gemini sign and enter your eleventh house of Taurus sign in mid-September. In the month of January, on 24th, Saturn will transit into its own sign - Capricorn. On 30th March, Jupiter will also transit into Capricorn and retrograde into your sixth house. Till June 30, it will remain in the same position and then move to your fifth house of Sagittarius sign. Again on November 20, it will transit into sixth house.

This year small trips will benefit you. A pilgrimage is also possible in the first half of the year. Social service can be on your mind. Saturn and Jupiter together are indicating towards foreign trips in the months of April, May, June, July, November and December. Your wishes will come true, making you glad. January, March, April and May will be the months for making property or taking a loan. Your interests will be diverse as you will be inclined towards art. 2020 can prove to be a milestone for you. You will excel at every front. So get ready to make the most of this year.

A wonderful year for career is emphasising on the returns of hard work done in past. You will be focused and your performance will speak for itself. It is important to establish a balance between your personal and professional life. In the beginning of the year 2020, from January 24, Saturn will be moving to your sixth house and continue to remain there for the rest of the year. This transit promises promotion and appreciation from officers. A long-awaited transfer might be lurking from around the corner.

From May to September, petty issues can create disturbance, but overall the time will be good. Those seeking a job will find one this year. Your courage, energy and efforts will be loudly heard by all. You will manage your workload perfectly. This year your efficiency will be measured as well, so don’t act oversmart. The phase from July to December will be particularly good. Those in business will also prosper. If you wish to start a new venture, take advice of experienced people only. You will earn a handsome amount this year along with a position of respect. The year looks beautiful for your professional life.

Ups-and-downs are predicted for the year 2020. On one hand, you will earn; on the other you will also spend lavishly. You need to plan your budget well. Investments as well as transactions must be made with utmost care. At times you may receive monetary benefits for almost no efforts, but it will flow out with equal ease. Planning your investments and expenses is crucial in 2020. By the end of the month of March, and from July to November, you will save a lot of money. Luck will favor you and paternal property may also add to it. Rahu in 11th house will open new doors for the inflow of money. You need to be alert, lest you should miss an opportunities.

This year, your health will remain good, especially in the first half. You will follow a healthy lifestyle and diet. Exercising regularly will keep you fit and free from diseases. From April to July, you need to pay a little attention to your health since Jupiter, the lord of eighth house in in sixth house - the house of illness. Some diseases may be lasting, so prevent yourself from them. Avoid taking fried and spicy food as obesity and diabetes are such diseases which do not let go of you very easily. After this time, during the month of November, your health will be better. You will get rid of diseases capturing you from long time. Though, the end of the year again needs to be spent with care.

This year you will be suffering at your health front on both physical and mental grounds. So, taking proper medication and timely check-ups is a must. Stress needs to be managed with serenity. Don’t let tension overpower your emotions. Too much of work can cause exertion. Take rest as and when required. But the year as a whole won’t be bad as chances of any incurable disease are negligible.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations
Change is the word for you in 2020. You may find the love of your life or an old relation may come to an end, just to initiate a better one. Ensure you don’t get stuck in two relations at the same time. There’s no scarcity of love but you won’t be contented with your love life this year. You may feel an urge to understand more and more about your partner and will try to offer them everything they need. Don’t intervene in your partner’s life to an extent that they start avoiding you. Your ego has nothing to do with your love life, keep it aside. Give importance to your mate and tell them about the same. This will make your time together very soothing and pleasant. During the last months of the year, your love life will undergo major changes. You will still spend quality time together. Romance, love, laughter, and happiness will keep you gaily. Sometimes you may even cry together. From January to March, and July to November, the time will be perfect for love relations. You will come closer and share your secrets as well as memories. A lucky few may even get married to the love of their life.

Family & Friends
A challenging year for family matters demands patience from you. The start will be good. A new entry in house can bring happiness. Social service can be on your mind. Your siblings will be supportive. You will be respected in the society. But you will be stuck in managing the situations out of your control at house. There could be a problem with some relatives or your busy schedule may not allow you to dedicate any time to your family. To maintain the peace and harmony in your family, you need to compromise a bit or the situation may go out of control. Prepare yourself to dedicate a lot of your energy in keeping things stable at home. Avoid taking rash decisions. Find out the solution to the problems instead of complaining about them. In the mid of the year, stress can surround you, but you will manage it easily. From April to July mid, Jupiter and Saturn will reside in your sixth house. Your enemies will be stronger during this time but you will be stronger than them.

This year you must perform one remedy regularly to get rid of troubles and succeed in your life:

Every morning, wake up before Sunrise and observe the red coloured Sun with naked eyes. Later, take a bath, and offer water to Lord Sun from a copper vessel. Also add red flower and kumkum to the water. Chant Aditya Hridaya Stotra after that.

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