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Indian Idol 6 Winner – The Final Combat Begins

Last Updated: 8/25/2012 4:09:03 PM

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By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra

Who will be the winner of Indian Idol 6?

Want to know who is the winner of Indian Idol Season 6? The most anticipated event of the year; the final gala is scheduled on 1st September 2012. Breathes are held to know, who is he: Vipul, Devendra or Amit? Astrology has found a way to predict the result of final combat and here is the prediction. Read more to see the name of the winner of Indian Idol Season 6.

The winner of Indian Idol 2012

Every 10’0 clock, Saturday night, your heart starts beating fast to wonder who will be eliminated this time from much watched singing reality show Indian Idol Season 6. Destiny of each participant of this pop-show entirely depends on the votes of 4 iconic judges and, of course, on viewers & audience ‘the Janta’ as well. Now, the recent news on air is that the Indian Idol has reached at its decisive stage. Every lover and viewer of this reality singing competition would be waiting to know “Who will finally become the winner of Indian idol-6, either ‘Vipul’, ‘Devendra’ or ‘Amit’?” The grand finale of the show has been scheduled for September 1, Saturday of this year. However, to find out actual prediction of any matter, it is important to have proper information and details of natives. So, for analyzing horoscope of these 3 contestants, very few information is available with us.

Nonetheless, I have tried to analyze that who will finally become the Indian Idol-6 on the basis of the names of these 3 popular participants of this much viewed show. It is to be cleared that the given prediction is not biased for any one. It is, in fact, completely a fair endeavor of us for numerological and astrological analyses to forecast a name that who will be Indian Idol 6.

Will Vipul Mehta become Indian Idol 6?

Namank (Name Number) of Vipul Mehta is 7 and Moolank (total number) of year 2012 is 5. Number 7 and 5 makes parallel relationship or friendly to each other. The date of Grand Finale of Indian Idol is September 1. Number for September month is 9. Number 9 and 7 are friendly to each other and number 1 and 9 are also friendly to each other. It means it indicates that these numbers are favorable for Vipul. Luck is completely favoring Vipul Mehta on September 1- the Grand Finale date of Indian idol 2012. Based on these analyses, it can be predicted that Vipul Mehta has highest or strong chances of becoming winner of Indian Idol 6 or Indian Idol 2012.

Will Devendra Pal Singh become Indian Idol 6?

If Devendra Singh is writing his name as Devendra Pal Singh, his namank (name number) is 7 but he uses his name Devendra Singh and the total number of this name is 4. Number of year 2012 is 5. Number 4 and 5 are friendly to each other. Number for September month is 9. Hence, numbers 9 and 4 are considered friendly in case of marriage analyses, but put less impact for other areas of life. The Grand Finale date of this pop show is September 1 and number 1 and 4 are not considered friendly to each other. Comparatively to Vipul Mehta, the grand finale date in month of September for Devendra Singh is quite weak for pushing him towards winning the title of Indian Idol 2012. It means that the given date for finale performance for Devendra Singh is not so lucky. If Devendra used his full name then he would not have been weaker than Vipul in any matter. However, total number for 1 September 2012 is 6. Number 6 and 4 are ally or friendly to each other. Therefore, the position and performance of Devendra Singh cannot be ignored too.

Will Amit Kumar become Indian Idol 6?

Like Vipul Mehta, Amit Kumar has also the same name number (moolank) 7. The total number of year 2012 is 5. Number 7 and 5 are friendly to each other. Number for September month is 9. And, number 9 and 7 are also friendly to each other. Total number of September 2012 is 9. Again, number 9 and 7 are friendly to each other. This way it can be analysed that luck is with Amit Kumar on the date of Grand Finale of Indian Idol 6. Therefore, wining position of Amit Kumar in gala of Grand Finale is strong like Vipul Mehta.

After Numerological analyses it has become quite complicated situation. All three contestants are excellent performers and will show best performance on gala of grand finale. However, taking help of Astrology it is seen that on 1st September 2012, planet Moon is in Aquarius sign, which is favorable for Vipul Mehta and Amit Kumar, but less favorable for Devendra Singh. Apparently, again it is complicated to say who will be the winner of Indian Idol 6, as stars for both Vipul and Amit are strong and shining. Luck is supporting them. However, if one has to take a single name out of the two then I would go in favour of Vipul Mehta. Thus, it can be said that Vipul Mehta has all possibilities and highest chances of winning the title of Indian Idol 6. He may become the winner of Indian Idol 2012.

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