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Jaganmohan Reddy will Garner Support of Women and Youth

Last Updated: 3/16/2011 2:16:01 PM

Jaganmohan Reddy

Astrology Predictions for Jaganmohan Reddy's New Party YSR Congress

By VG Ramachandra Pavan

Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy the only son of the former A.P. Chief Minister late Sri Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, announced his own party named as “YSR-Congress” on 12-03-2011. He unveiled the party name-symbol and caption at 1429 hrs in Kadapa, A.P. the following is the horoscope for the moment. As an ardent lover of KP I am presenting this analysis for the perusal of readers.

We have to see the strength of the Ascendant, to deduce the span or longevity of the party and its inherent strength. Here we find that the Ascendant is in Cancer in the star of Jupiter and sub of Rahu. Ascendant lord moon is in Taurus in her own star in exaltation. Ascendant Star lord us Jupiter in 9 in the star of Saturn who is in 3. Last but not least the Ascendant Sub lord Rahu is in the star of Kethu in 12.

One may say that Rahu is directly connected with Kethu in 12 shows complete loss and disaster. Here we have see that Kethu is in the star of Mars as well as denotes mercury in 9th. But however Rahu in 6 connected with 12 shows that there may be some weakness in the party because of improper decision making as Kethu afflicting Gemini. He should be very careful while dealing with youngsters or middle aged politicians as they can commit some mistakes for which he may have to be accountable. (Mars connection with 8th house).

We have to be very careful while assessing the strength of the sub lord as KP is not such as simple as it sounds. Here Asc. Sub lord got connection with 6-8-12 houses as well as 3-9-10 houses. We need to be very careful and give in-depth judgment. Here for politics 6th house connection is not a malefic point as it shows victory over opponents. Moreover we didn’t find any connection with Maraka-Badaka sthanas directly to Ascendant sub lord. Therefore party has a decent life span but in the period of strong Significators for 8-12 houses there will be definite loss to the party.

N.B : Here Ascendant lord Moon is in Badaka sthana in own star. That doesn’t mean that there will be less longevity for the Asc. Because of the strong aspect of Jupiter over the Ascendant there will be good span of life and Ascendant lord here will give good reputation only. But in the sub periods of Rahu-Kethu there may be some temporary up sets provided that the dasa lord has some connection with 8-12 houses.

The sub lord of the meridian is Venus she is in 7th in the star of Moon, the Ascendant lord in 11th house. Further there is no planet in the star of Venus hence she got “status” position for 7th house. Therefore there will be good support from “women” to this party.

If we look at the sub lord for 7th cusp, we find that it is Jupiter, he is in the star of Saturn and own sub. One may say that Saturn’s connection is not desirable. But Saturn is a strong significator for 1-11 houses and aspected by the 10th lord Mars. Therefore we cannot dismiss Saturn as a weak planet.(Saturn denotes rural people).

Eleventh sub lord is Saturn in 3 in the star of Moon and sub of Venus. Moon in 11 and Venus in 7th therefore Saturn is also in a good position. But as he is lord of the 8th there may be some unforeseen pressure or problem for the growth of the party.

As per the moment chart Moon dasa will rule up to Jun-2013. Moon is lord of the Ascendant in 11th in own star and Kethu sub. Kethu is strong significator for 8-9-10 houses. Thus there will be pressure from all possible ways to weaken the party, but Kethu Bhukthi will be over by April-2011 then Venus Bhukthi will start. Venus in 7th in the star of Moon thus strongly connected with 1-11 houses. Therefore during the period of Moon-Venus till Dec-2012 this party will stabilize and prosper.

Mars dasa will follow Moon. As we see he is in 8th threatening loss as per the general rules of Vedic Astrology. But as per KP Mars in the star of Rahu and own sub. Thus strongly connected with 6-8-9-12 houses. That doesn’t mean that Mars show complete loss in his dasa, as said by KSK good or bad will occur only in the period of the conjoined Significators. Mars may cause some loss in the conjoined period of Mars-Rahu or Mars-Kethu only i.e. Sep-2013 to Dec-2014 and Dec-017 to May-2018 respectively.

Therefore as per the principles of KP it can be said that the new political party floated by Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy will grow steadily in spite of some obstacles.

Women and youth will lay support to it which may place the party in a “dominating position”. But the head of the party should be cautious about the opportunists waiting for their prey.

Here I need to disclose that I am neither supporting this political party nor opposing it. This article is of academic interest alone.

N.B: Readers should note that I already predicted about the formation of the party, which was published in this website on June-2010. It can be found here - Jaganmohan Reddy will float a new party in Andhra Pradesh

To consult astrologer VG Ramachandra Pavan, please click here - Horoscope Reading by VGR Pavan.

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