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Jaganmohan Reddy will float a new party in Andhra Pradesh?

Last Updated: 6/1/2010 12:24:11 PM

Jaganmohan Reddy will float a new party in Andhra Pradesh?

VGR Pavan

Note- This article was originally published on June 1st, 2010.

In Andhra Pradesh presently, very interesting political scenario is prevailing. With the demise of the baron Chief minister Sri.Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy (sept.2009) there is a dramatic change in the political climate. A senior leader was selected as a chief minister. But every one is very curious about the “Game plan” of only son of Sri Y.S.R-“Jaganmohan Reddy”. At this juncture a thought came to my mind whether he will start a new political party in A.P. as “counter politics”? I immediately prepared a horary map.
A political party is nothing but an enterprise of a person to achieve a “goal”. This is similar to a business entity. For this logic we can take 7th house as the focal cusp. Seventh house also rule people whether he will gain from public or not can be deduced from this point. Sixth house, as we all know, indicates success over opponent as a result of loss of the opponent. Vedic astrology also states that it is the Upachaya sthana thus useful. Tenth house of reputation and a powerful Upachaya sthana. Eleventh house rules for the fulfillment of the desire. Therefore we have to see whether 7th sublord is connected with 3(upachaya),6,10,11 houses.
If it is connected then it shows that he will start in the conjoined period of significators for 7,10,11 houses and gains in the period of 6,7,11 houses. Because establishing a party and gaining the goodwill of the people are two different issues.

In the present horoscope 7th cusp falls in Taurus in Jupiter sub. Jupiter is lord of 2, 4 houses and posited in 4th house, he is in the star and sub of Saturn, lord of 3 in 10th house and deposited in the star of Sun an occupant of 6th house. Thus 7th cusp has connection with 2,3,4,6,10 houses, among them 4th is a negative house and others are positive. Thus he will start the political party in near future in the conjoined periods of significators for 7,10,11 houses.
Therefore we got Rahu-Mercury-Kethu-Jupiter as strong planets for 7,10,11 houses. As  per horary chart Sun-Mars period till October-2010. Then the sub period of the powerful node Rahu till Sept-2011.Rahu as said above is very powerful and fruitful as he is in own sub in Venus star lord of 7,11 houses.


Plnts in Occu. strs


Plnts in ownrs strs















Mars(Kethu star)







Already dasa lord Sun is in Moon star and Saturn sub. Moon in 2 and Saturn in Sun star in 6 are very favorable this enables Rahu to offer its yoga completely. We have to look for favorable Subsub period connected with 10th house. Jupiter is the only occupant of Saturn star. Rahu is deputizing him is still more powerful and Venus is the only occupant of  Rahu star is all the most powerful. The exchange of stars between Venus and Rahu gives Parivarthana Yoga results. We can select Jupiter sub sub but Saturn aspecting him may delay the result that’s why Venus sub-sub period is selected, which runs from May-July 2011.

By transit Sun the dasa lord will travel over his own position or Rahu star in Gemini during the above period. Rahu will transit over the Ascendant position. Venus in Mars sign or Own sign, all are favorable..

Therefore it can be concluded that Jaganmohan Reddy will form his own party. Arrangements for the same will start from October this year and party may be announced between May-July 2011.

The above is only an astrological analysis without any partiality on my part..
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