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Significance of Kartik Maha Snaan

Last Updated: 10/26/2012 3:28:16 PM

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Our holy scriptures teach us many ways to get rid of sins, restlessness and allied troubles. One of them is Snaan Vrat of Kartik month. Month of Kartik is considered really pious. It is said that worshipping and fasting in this month can fetch you equal blessings that you can get from a spiritual trip. You may find the description of the significance of this month in Skand Puran, Naarad Puran, Padma Puran and other allied scriptures.

Skand Puran describes the significance of Kartik month. It states that there is no month like Kartik, no Yuga like Satyuga, no scripture like Veda and no pilgrimage like Ganga.

The result of Snaan in Kartik month is equivalent to 1000 times Ganga Snaan, 100 times of Magha Snaan and 1 crore Snaan in Narmada River in the month of Vaishakh. It is said that the result of bathing in Prayag during Kumbha can also be fetched by bathing in a pious river during the month of Kartik.

According to the scriptures, people who donate things and take bath as well as fast during this month get rid of sins. In Kartik month, during Brahma-muhurat, there is a ritual of worshipping God after taking bath at some river, lake, canal or pond. As per Dharam Shastra; fasts, bath and Tapa are considered as the path of salvation.

During Kartik month, there is a great significance of lighting Deep in the temples of Shiva, Chandi, Surya and other Devas. Lord Keshava should be greeted with flowers during this month. This act can get results equivalent to the Ashwamegha Yagya.

In 2012, Kartik month is beginning from 30th October, whereas Kartik Snaan is starting from 29th of October only. Throughout this month, there is a ritual of taking bath, donation, earthen lamp donation, Tulsi Vivaah, listening Kartik Katha and other allied practices. Doing this can get good results as well as reduce sins.

Procedure of Kartik Snaan

Devotees should take bath in Ganga as well as Yamuna early morning. Ones, who cannot bath in river, may go for the nearest water reservoir. Fast observer should first remember Ganga, Vishnu, Shiva as well as Surya, and then enter the water of lake or pond. After that, merging their half of the body in water (till navel) and standing, they should take bath precisely. Fast observer should then come out of water and wear pious clothes to perform the worship ritual of Lord Vishnu precisely. Family-men take bath using black sesame seeds and Amla powder. Widows as well as ascetics use the soil of the roots of basil plant to bath. Sesame seeds as well as Amla should not be used on Saptami, new moon day, Navami, Dwitiya, Dashami and Triyodashi.

Scientific Significance of Kartik Snaan

Bathing in river during the month of Kartik does not have only religious significance, it is scientific too. After rainy season, when sky becomes clear and Sun rays fall on Earth directly, the environment becomes compatible to human body. Bathing in river early morning with fresh air generates energy in body. This environment removes many ailments. Therefore, we all should do Kartik Snaan. This will lead to peace, prosperity as well as wealth always in our homes. Additionally, we will also become the partners of virtue.

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