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Ketu Peyarchi Palangal 2017

Last Updated: 11/22/2016 9:44:45 AM

ketu, peyarchi, palangal, palan

The South Node is also known as the Dragons tail; reason being that it represents a body without a head that was cut off by Lord Vishnu. The body was then joined with a snake to form Ketu, which signifies a body without a head. Ketus presence means that you could be bidding the material world goodbye and rolling up your sleeves to improve upon your metaphysical understandings in a more conspicuous way. Ketu works silently and always remains on axis with Rahu, who works its magic on the untainted human mind, psychologically hence, they both can change your contemplativeness and shape of mind. At present, Ketu is moving through Kumbam sign and would stagnate there till Saturday, 9 September, 2017 when it would move back into Magaram. Lets see how this could impact every zodiac Sign:-


Ketu is said to make camp in your eleventh bhavam or the bhavam of achievements & income. This means that you would be more gregarious and humorous, wit will incomparably increase, also you would become licentious, astute as well as opulent but, once Ketu announces its arrival in your tenth bhavam, or the bhavam of profession, it could lead to lack of interest in work. However the fact that you possess a yielding brain would really come in handy here as this will lead you right through it. But, you will have to knuckle down to take the bull by the horn, as you would have to work really hard to maintain your professional status. Family life could take a plunge.


Ketu is knocking on the doors of your tenth bhavam; the bhavam of profession. So, dont get all worked up if you feel a little detached from your work. Remember that you just have one life, so enjoy every bit of it. You will garner an unfound passion in scriptures. While you could also find yourself in hot water in issues relating to family. Come this September, you could be all out of whack as you will not be in a state to take wise decisions and may end up performing some unscrupulous deeds. You could also transmute into a canonical human being, also you could be on your way to a pilgrimage.


The transition of ketu in your ninth bhavam is sign to get the alarm bells ringing as this transition brings with it health ailments of all sorts, especially for your father. Health of siblings could also take a beating. You are likely to sink your teeth into religious activities & could soon be heading to a pilgrimage. Although from September, spiritualism and occultism will start growing on you, you could be enticed to try pulling off a dirty trick. Health issues like piles or similar troubles could also keep you on the edge of your seat.


Ketu is staying put in your eighth bhavam, which could see you develop a new found interest in things such as astrology, occult sciences, etc. If you happen to fall under the science bracket, it is a splendid time to find out new things, do some new research or think out of the box & come up with an invention. From September, Ketu shall move through your seventh bhavam, the bhavam of spouse and partnership, hence you may have issues with your spouse or they could fall sick. There could also be an exchange of few heated words with your spouse or business partner.


Ketu shall nest in your seventh bhavam till september, hence there may be a few quarrels and feuds in Conjugal life as well as business partnerships. You & your spouse might not get on like a bhavam on fire, in-fact on the contrary, you might be at loggerheads with them, also they could fall prey to an illness. Your married life could be running out of steam. Hence, You exigently need to rekindle that dying flame in your marital life, else you could be in for a world of pain. From September, you would start bossing your opponents, you would also excel in competitive exams. You could be hampered by a secret disease that shall cause you great distress.


The habitation of ketu in your sixth bhavam till September could give you perfusing opportunities to come out valorous from any legal disputes, arguments or even trials, if you are preparing for a competitive exam, Ketu shall help you but in return, could demand a more fixated approach & might just leave you enervated. You may want to take it down a notch as you may face wanton issues. Commence September, health of children may suffer a great deed, you could develop a keen interest in ancient scriptures, foreign languages, and hidden sciences, which may keep you thoroughly engaged & keep you far away from your near & dear ones.


Ketu will occupy your fifth bhavam, or the bhavam of the purest thing on earth, the bhavam of Love. But unfortunately for you that bears bad news as right up-till September, you may face troubles in love matters as there could be separation, split- up in love life, or fierce brannigans that may lead right to it. Health of children could affect you since your world revolves around them. You may be more interested in learning deep and occult sciences, mantra and other hidden or mysterious things. From September though, there could be issues in your family life, it is likely that you might even change your residence. Tranquility & serenity are the things you would have a tough time finding.


Ketu is currently moving through your fourth bhavam, or the bhavam of Home, mother & pleasures, and would remain there till September hence; there would be quarrels and spats, as well as depravity in happiness at home. Health of mother would also be a cause that would concern you a lot, or you may have a fall out with her & this will make you feel detached from family, as if you were just left out of the picture, which is not true. You shouldnt take your health lightly as you may suffer from inflammation of some sort. At work, you would spend time doing all the donkey work as youll have your hands tied up at work. From September, your stamina as well as courage will boost quite a bit as you would be more adventurous, strong, artistic, wealthy and popular, what else can you possible crave for?


Ketu will move to your third bhavam, the bhavam of self efforts, communication and potential. Therefore, ketu could bring good things to you, you shall do well in marketing and your determination, stamina and potential would gallantly increase. Younger siblings could suffer a bit, you might be religious this time around and may even visit a few religious places. Short journeys could take place soon. But from September onwards, when Ketu moves into your second bhavam, you need to watch what you speak a bit, as you could utter some words that could land you in. Or you should pass an opportunity to give an advice, when asked for. Although, you will be frugal, yet you could have some issues with family members. Eat fresh and take guard against adulterated food. Your speech could be baffling or even double meaning.


Ketu will maneuver through to your Second bhavam, or the one commonly referred to as the bhavam of possession. Hence you may try to skip your meals or may have irregular diets that will affect your health adversely. You would wish to stay quiet on many occasions when your words are required and that might create some aloofness from family. But you neednt worry as you will end up finding peace outside. From September, you may become weak and would have weak constitution and much perspiration. You might be diplomatic and may have irresistible sexual cravings. People will have a tough time understanding you as you would be quite perplexive in your approach.


Ketu is your ascendant and shall remain so till September 2017 hence, you could feel weakness in body and may suffer from health ailments such as weak constitution, piles, fever, headaches. You may be diplomatic and more sensually indulged. It would affect your character. After September ketu shall reach your twelfth bhavam, also known as the bhavam of universal freedom. This period is poised to give you insomnia or lack of bed comforts, you may spend big on religious activities but would like to keep it under the wraps. There could also be some health issues and spiritual inclination.

They could also act capricious, have an unsettled mind, or could be heading to a foreign country & could apply for a residence there. You could also be attracted to servile classes as you would gain immense pleasure by satiating others needs. You could also be traveling extensively, far off to exotic and enticing locations.


Ketu stands tall in your twelfth bhavam hence, you could suffer from quite a few health troubles, predicaments in love matters and marital life are likely to keep you engaged. You may feel more religiously or spiritually predisposed, and your expenses would be on the secrets-things agenda. There could be mental distress and you might have to travel abroad too. From September though, your income would literally skyrocket and you would have achieved an increased social circle by the mid year. Your intellect would improve immensely, and you would become more humorous and quick-witted, a thing only a few people could have trouble welcoming.


If facing problems from Ketu, consider following the below mentioned tips to cushion yourself from Ketus agony:

  • Hold a fast on thursdays.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha.
  • Its advised that with proper consultation from an astrologer, wear a 9 faced rudraksha.
  • Donate multicolored blanket on Saturday.
  • Hoist a black flag in your pujan ghar.
  • Instead of taking a bath, opt for showers.
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