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Mars Retrograde In Scorpio On April 17, 2016

Last Updated: 4/16/2016 3:25:15 PM

Mars retrograde in Scorpio is taking place on April 17, 2016. So, scroll down and read how is this retrograde of Mars for you? Is it getting your profits or giving you chance to fulfill your dream? Now, read its effects on your zodiac sign at based on Vedic astrology...

Mars retrograde 2016 dates and time are here.

In 2016, Mars retrograde is taking place on April 17 and will continue till June 20. So, now let us talk about the effect of Mars retrograde for all the zodiac signs.


Students who are planning to go abroad for higher studies have a great chance to succeed. Though, you have to do a lot of hard work to reach your goal. The natives who want to invest in share market have to be careful regarding money. During this planetary phase, you are suggested to have patience in everything. Be it about love affair or about day-to-day activities particularly while driving. It is understood that you want to share your feelings to someone, but restlessness can lead to complications. So, avoid being in so hurry all the time and have faith in your partner. When it comes to health, you have to take care of it. Job-seekers are advised not to indulge in any quarrel.


If you are planning to invest somewhere or looking for a job, this time is really favorable for you. However, it will be good not to expect much financial benefits as this time is not much promising for stock market investors. There is a possibility that you might end up taking wrong decisions and hence you are suggested to think before you act. Be careful while travelling and also from people who envy you. When it comes to love, some of you are predicted to meet someone special. Though, the rest will enjoy the support of their partner, but unnecessary arguments can disturb the harmony. So, take care of your health as you have been taking it for granted for quite a long time.


This transit of Mars will enhance your name, fame and power. It is predicted that you will get money from some unexpected sources, but it is also suggested to avoid useless expenditure. Doing so will keep you away from financial unavailability in future. Talking about career, intelligent experiments in job or business can actually lead to benefits. Also, someone in power can help you get promotion or a recognition. Additionally, students will also get satisfactory results. Move ahead if you want to confess your love to someone as you might get a yes in return and others can go and enjoy together. But, be careful you do not eat anything unhygienic to avoid tensions in future.


This time is actually a mixture of everything for you. You must keep on trying and give your best in everything you do. There is a possibility that a female from workfront can be helpful. Since, you will see that things are slowly getting better. During this planetary phase, you might start your work in foreign if you were planning about it. You are a dedicated person and so you will give your best in your work to get the best in return. Even though you will be thinking about your love life all the time, you might not get much time to spend together. For family people, you child’s increased expensed might force you to get into deep about where he/she is spending. Everything is going fine, this success can make you a little selfish and you might hurt others. So, be careful not to do and take care of your health as well even if it is going fine.


The position of Saturn and Mars in 4th house of your Kundli is making things a little challenging. Your expenses might increase and can feel disheartened by not getting satisfactory results. Although there will be continuity in terms of finances, unnecessary expenses can keep you stressed. When it comes to personal life, some tiffs can be there and you might find it difficult to make others understand your point of view. In addition to this, you have to keep yourself calm as you might indulge in some argument with partner as well, but you will still be caring towards them. Talking about your professional life, it will be good to stick to your job. Be careful when it comes to exchanging money. Your love life is going to be blissful or someone from past can suddenly come. Coming to health, you have to be careful toward it as there will be ups and downs leading to anxiety or restlessness due to your child’s health.


Servicemen will complete their work on time with this new energy and motivation. Your seniors will praise your work. In result to this, you will get the chance to give proper time to your family. This phase is also good for students, but businessmen are suggested to be alert while making investments in share market even though you will get good profit. Still, the decision taken in hurry can lead to major financial loss, so be careful. When it comes to personal life, there might be some tensions. However, if you are planning to confess your love, you are most probably going to get a yes. Additionally, the success of your children will bring happiness in your life. Other than this, health is also looking good.


Starting with your job, you will get ample of opportunities that will help you move up in life. When it comes to students, this is a favorable time to get successful results. On the other side, you will see that there is betterment in finances. However, your expenses are also going to increase. A suggestion for you is that you must avoid getting indulged in unnecessary argument and cancel all long distance journeys as you might get hurt. Talking about your love life, take steps carefully as some tensions can be there. Those of you who have been ill for quite a long time are going to feel relaxed as their illness will come to an end.


If we are to take your love life in priority, you really have an amazing time with your partner. You both will enjoy great time together and it will strengthen your relationship. Additionally, this bond can be converted into marriage as well. On the other hand, your expenses on family are most likely to increase. So, it will be good to think carefully before investing somewhere to avoid financial loss. Children are innocent, so do not get irritated by them and talk to them politely. In terms of health, you have to follow a healthy diet. Though, the position of Sun in the 6th house has gifted you a good health. Talking about students, they might find it difficult to concentrate. However, the working professionals can get new job offers. But, your rivals can try to create hurdles in your work. Interestingly, you might plan a trip and enjoy.


The position of Jupiter in 9th house is getting a basket full of financial benefits. Just take your time before coming to a conclusion. You will enjoy this prosperity of money. Although, you will be attracted towards miscellaneous things. Those who want to go abroad for job, will surely get a chance. Having said that, the ones who are already working will take their career to a new level. Students who are doing higher studies have to keep their hard work going. Even your love life is predicted to be blissful in this planetary phase. Especially those who are in love with their colleague. In addition to so much of goodness, eyesight problem can trouble you a little. But, nothing to worry about so do not panic.


Success will kiss your feet as you will touch new heights in terms of achievement. Saturn and Mars in 11th house has got so much to offer to you. Those who are associated with real-estate and businessmen can also enjoy this prosperous moment as they will also get benefits. You will be full of energy and confidence due to which you will enjoy your work. Congratulations, because no one else is responsible for this success other than you. Your subordinates will also be a lucky charm to you. Talking about students, they are also going to have full support from their luck . Coming to love life, there will be passionate love in your life especially if you are in love with your co-worker. Even if your health is going to be fine, take care of yourself and your family.


You might have to go to abroad due to some official work. However, if these journeys are related to finances, you are surely going to get benefits. Others who are doing job will also going to have to stay away from their family. There is full support of your siblings, family and friends. In terms of expenses, you will make some expenditure in enjoyment. A friend or a colleague can get also you profits as you might get increment. You might feel attracted toward more than one person from your office. So, make sure you do not do anything that can harm your image. Do regular exercise to keep yourself fit and get tested if you are going through diabetes.


You will get benefits from miscellaneous activities which will strengthen your financial status. Adding on this, if you will make wise investments, you will surely get profit. However, wait for some time if you are planning to buy a new vehicle. Job-seekers will get chance to go abroad if they are trying for it. Goddess Laxmi is blessing you with amazing time in terms of finances, so enjoy it. In terms of career, this time is gifting all the students will success for the hard work they have been doing for so long. If you were troubled with someone not returning your money, do not worry because it will come now. In addition to this, those who want to marry their lover will get permission from parents. In terms of family, your relationship with your relatives will improve now. Coming to health, you will enjoy mental peace and by god’s grace you look totally fit with full of energy.

With this, we hope that you will make the best out of your life with these predictions.

By Astrologer Neeraj Thapliyal

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