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Pradosham 2016: Neelkanth Absorbs Your Venomous Negativity!

Last Updated: 1/22/2015 10:35:02 AM

Have you ever witnessed the protective role of Lord Shiva? Lord Shiva is not only a destroyer, but also a protector and here’s a chance for all of you to invoke his blessings on Pradosham in 2016. Read to know more about Pradosh Vrat.

Pradosh Vrat 2016: What Is Pradosh Vrat?

In our country, Vrat (fast) is performed by the devotees to please the Lord, and in turn they expect to get the boon of well-being and prosperity. Among all the fasts of the year, One very important fast is observed by the year to please Lord Shiva. This highly meaningful and fruitful Vrat is known as Pradosh Vrat. Read this article on Pradosham 2016 and explore every angle of this day.

Pradosh Vrat or Pradosham is performed on Trayodashi (thirteenth day of lunar month). Pradosham is observed twice a month (in Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha).

Pradosham literally means the eradication of sins. Pradosh Vrat is observed during the evening twilight or Sandhya Kaal. To know more about Pradosh Vrat in 2016 or Pradosham 2016, let’s proceed forward with Pradosh Vrat 2016 dates as per the Hindu Calendar.

Pradosh Vrat 2016 Vrat Dates

Date Day Pradosham
7 January Thursday Budh Pradosham
21 January Thursday Budh Pradosham
6 February Saturday Shani Pradosham
20 February Saturday Shani Pradosham
6 March Sunday Ravi Pradosham
20 March Sunday Ravi Pradosham
5 April Tuesday Bhauma Pradosham
19 April Tuesday Bhauma Pradosham
4 May Wednesday Budh Pradosham
19 May Thursday Guru Pradosham
2 June Thursday Guru Pradosham
17 June Friday Shukra Pradosham
2 July Saturday Shani Pradosham
17 July Sunday Ravi Pradosham
31 July Sunday Ravi Pradosham
15 August Monday Soma Pradosham
29 August Monday Soma Pradosham
14 September Wednesday Budh Pradosham
28 September Wednesday Budh Pradosham
13 October Thursday Guru Pradosham
27 October Thursday Guru Pradosham
12 November Saturday Shani Pradosham
26 November Saturday Shani Pradosham
11 December Sunday Ravi Pradosham
26 December Monday Soma Pradosham

We hope the Pradosh Vrat dates in 2016 will help you to follow the Pradosham day meticulously. While observing Pradosham 2016, you must know that Pradosham falling on a Monday is known as Soma Pradosham, Pradosham falling on a Tuesday is termed as Bhauma Pradosham and Pradosham falling on Saturday is known as Shani Pradosham.

Let’s take a look at the legends associated with the practice of Pradosh Vrat and why Pradosham is celebrated.

Pradosham 2016: Why Is Pradosh Vrat Observed?

During Samudra Manthan, both the Asuras and Devas were churning the ocean for Amrit (drink of immortality). Vasuki, the serpent king, was used a churning rope by the Asuras and the Devas.

During this churning process, Vasuki suffered injuries and this made him spill out poison into the sea water. Since, no one had the potency to neutralize the poison, they had already imagined that the world would come to an end. This made them plead to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva acted as the savior, and swallowed the poison. As he consumed the poison, Goddess Parvati freezed it inside his throat. This turned his throat blue. Since then, he acquired the name, Neelkantha, meaning ‘blue throat’.

Now, as you know why to celebrate Pradosham in 2016, let’s take a look at the various forms of Pradosh Vrat.

Pradosh Vrat 2016: Types Of Pradosham

The fourteen types of Pradosham are as follows:

  1. Nithya Pradosham : This type of Pradosham or Pradosh Vrat is followed 90 minutes before the sunset. This time is considered to be a good time to invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva.
  2. Divya Pradosham : This kind of Pradosham or Pradosh Vrat helps in fighting against negative energies. Divya Pradosham strengthens marital bonds.
  3. Deepa Pradosham : Pradosham on Saturdays are also known as Deepa Pradosham.
  4. Saptharishi Pradosham : If one looks at east direction after performing Pradosh Vrat, it is known as Saptarishi Pradosham.
  5. Aegatchara Pradosham : This Pradosham falls once in a year. The Mantra ‘OM’ is chanted while performing this Pradosham.
  6. Arthanari Pradosham: This Pradosh Vrat or Pradosham is followed by married couples and it arrives twice a year.
  7. Thirikarana Pradosham : Thirikarana Pradosham occurs three times in a year and it is performed to please Ashtalakshmi.
  8. Bramma Pradosham : It frees a person from his/her ancestor’s sins.
  9. Atcharaba Pradosham : There are many mistakes which are performed unknowingly, and with this Pradosham, such mistakes are overcome.
  10. Kandha Pradosham : This Pradosham falls on Trayodashi tithi.
  11. Jadjapraba Pradosham : This Pradosham is performed with the wish of not getting a rebirth.
  12. Astathik Pradosham : This Pradosham is performed of getting a successful and happy life ahead.
  13. Navagraga Pradosham : Occurrence of nine Maha Pradosham in a year is Navagraga Pradosh.
  14. Thutha Pradosham : When ten Maha Pradosham takes place in a year, it is known as Thutha Pradosham.

Hopefully, the above mentioned types of Pradosham will help you to understand the importance of different types of Pradoshams.

Pradosham 2016: How Pradosh Vrat Should Be Performed?

If you are eager to devote yourself to Lord Shiva during Pradosh Vrat in 2016, follow the procedures mentioned here. Firstly, one should take a bath before sunrise, that is meant to purify the sins. Then, devote yourselves at the holy feet of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

As you are done with this devotional ceremony, stories related to Lord Shiva should be narrated. Such stories or tales are known as Pradosh Vrat Katha. Chanting of Mantras follows the ritual of narrating Pradosh Vrat Katha. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is one of the most popular Mantras, that is chanted 108 times during these rituals. A pot containing water is represented as Lord Shiva, and is worshiped during the ritual.

After being done with the chanting of Mantras, the water from the pot is distributed among the devotees. This is a symbol of Lord Shiva’s blessings bestowed upon his followers.

There are no unabating rules for Vrat and one must observe a Vrat as per his/her convenience. The sole thing that is expected from the devotees is to carry on the rituals with a pure and true heart. Even, if you light up hundreds of lamps on Pradosham, until you do not possess a clean soul, God will not be pleased. But, if you light up just one lamp with a devoted heart, Lord Shiva will definitely bestow his blessings of wisdom upon you.

AstroCAMP wishes you joy and prosperity for Pradosh Vrat in 2016!

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