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Presidential Election in Sri Lanka : Astrologer's Favorite

Last Updated: 1/26/2010 12:23:50 AM

Sunaparantha Kalyan
When going through an analyzing of an election by any Astrologer in the same country, it is impossible to avoid his bending towards his own desire, attitude and likeliness of any candidate or party in his mind. So the best way of judging an election is using Mundane Astrology. Before I proceed this I had a thought of loking at the Time Chart of the Election Day. It is Capricorn Ascendant, which is the Ascendant Hon. Guruji Shri KSK had fixed for Sri Lanka and so I have made an analysis on that as per the rule of Mundane Astrology. Below is the result of such a humble effort in predicting the result of the Presidential Election in Sri Lanka, based on the planetary behavior of the Election Day.

The Presidential Election of Sri Lanka is to be held on the 26th January 2010 and will commence at 7.00 AM. The chart is erected for the Election Day as per Krishnamurti Paddhaty using KP New Ayanamsa and the place I have used is Sri Jayawardhanapura, Kotte which has been declared as the City of Sri Lanka, and it is the place where the Parliament and most of State offices are.

In Mundane Astrology 10th Bhawa denotes Kingdom, Kings, The Head of the State (King or President) Members of the Royal Family, Administrative Councils and its responsibilities and duties, States among the Community, Reputation and position in the Society, and Those in Authority.

The next important part is the Sun, which denote the King, Government of the Country, Government Officials, President, Prime Minister, The Cabinet and its Ministers, Power, All Ruling Classes, Morality of the State and National Glory

The third important link to be checked is LEO sign. It denote Royalty, Ruler of country, President, Prime Minister, Government, Government Officials and its Representatives (Ministers and Members of Parliament) and their activities, Civic, Politic and Politicians.

In addition to the above main factors, Uranus is more worth to check as it is the chief Governor for Elections. Mars is also having some strength on President, Power and Political Party fanatics. The Neptune too is in alert on the President as per Mundane Rules.


The rising Ascendant at the time of commencement of the voting for the election is Capricorn, owned by Saturn. Saturn is retrograded and posited in the 8th in the Star and Sub area of Moon. Danger to the prestige of the national, Death or overthrow of the ruler in power, Difference of opinion amongst members of the Parliaments, National calamities, Politicians and Politics are some of the important events under Saturn's rule. The evil positioning of Saturn in 8th, shows some bad results for the eminent and prominent characters those who held important positions in the Government. Saturn is badly aspecting the 10th house by its Semi Square aspect, where the throne is and in applying Sesquiquadrate aspect to the 4th, which is the Opposition Party of the Government.  So this Ascendant Lord is not a helping hand to both Ruling Party and the opposition at this juncture. However, Saturn is not in a beneficial state to acquire the name and fame of the Ascendant as its rays is throwing to backwards.

10th HOUSE

The 10th House is Libra. No planets deposited in 10th on the day of election and it is ruled by Venus as Sign Lord, Jupiter as Star Lord and Kethu as Sub Lord. The Lord of 10th, Venus is tenanted in the 12th cusp, in a Star owned to Moon. The Moon is the Lord for 7th, which denotes the opposition. Venus is in the Sub area of Jupiter, who is the Lord of 3 and 12 and posited in the Lagna Bhawa.

So my first out come is that the 10th house is under the control of Moon or the Opposition. Why? Moon is the governing body of Sun, the head of the Government and Saturn the planet who represent the common public is also under the Star of Moon. In Mundane Astrology Moon denotes the common people, women generally, crowds, and all matters of a common or public nature. As per the Vedic System, the Moon aspects 11th, which denotes the Parliament and Legislation. In Western Aspects System, Moon is Trine to Ascendant, Vignitile to 4trh house, which is the Opposition Party of the Government, Separating Decile Aspect to 6th house, where the working class denotes, and Sextile to 7th house, which denote rivals in contests and Public reaction to the National Policies. All these aspects are in favor of the houses concerned and for the results as indicated. Hence the 10th house says that the coming PE will be a hard nut to crack for the ruling party.


The Sun, by being the Lord of 8, is posited in 12th. As well as for Natal Charts, these two houses are detrimental places for Mundane also. The Sun is in the Star of Moon(as described in above chapter) and in the Sub area of Rahu, tenanted in 12. By being not having any planets in the Star of Sun, it becomes as a strong significator for the matters of the 12th house. Although Sun is in the 12th house, it has been conjoined with Ascendant at 7.12 Deg. enabling him to cover up the duties of Saturn. But Retrograded and debilitated Mars in Cancer throwing his aspects to Sun from the 6th, which is the place for Working Class. Although Mars is retrograded, it has some strength in positioning without any planets in his Star. Moreover Mars is aspecting house 2 and 10 also. 10th is the house for The King, Royalty, Government, Ruling Powers, Aristocracy. Hence I judge the effects of Mars to Sun and the 10th, will make a considerable change in the present aristocratic rule in Sri Lanka. According to Mundane rules the badly aspected Sun in 12th, will cause dishonor, defeat and disproving of the Institutions of State affairs and its chief officials.


All the Government activities are under this sign in Mundane. In this chart Leo Sign comes as the 8th house. The Lord of Leo, the Sun is posited in the 12th house  As everybody is aware these are detrimental houses in a chart. Eighth house is jointly ruled by Venus and Saturn as Star and Sub Lords. Saturn is in the 8th house and Venus is in the 12th. As per the Vedic system Venus is aspected by Mars. 12th house denotes crimes, criminals, spies and secret foes. Venus indicates the Crown and partnership agreements. Afflicted Venus in 12th will result to blast all the agreements under the crown and produces scandals, waste of public money, and also denotes crime against women and children.


Solar Eclipse is an important incident in Mundane. The latest Solar Eclipse was on the 15th Jan 2010. It was visible from North to South in Sri Lanka as a partial. It has been eclipse in the Sign of Capricorn as per the chart erected to Colombo which is similar to that of the Election Day. The period of influence of the Eclipse extends over some considerable time. Especially an eclipse affect the countries and cities ruled by the signs in which they are placed. In eclipses of the Moon, it has been found that the effects commence almost immediately, but in those of the Sun it has been generally observed that some months elapse before the greatest effects appear.

This Solar eclipse was occurred in the Capricorn (Cardinal) Sign and 10th House. It has been found that the effects of the eclipses falling in the Cardinal Signs will be brief and soon over. But the time difference from the Eclipse and the Election is only 11 days and Sun transited only to Moon's Star. This Eclipse was in the First decanate of Capricorn which results the Unhappiness to great men, the transmigration of some king, and the rebellion of nobles and common people according to Mundane Rules. Selecting of Election day within the evil period of Solar Eclipse seems to be as a making of the road back to the opposition from the throne by the ruling party of Sri Lanka.
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