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Saturn Transit in 2017

Last Updated: 12/22/2016 12:09:55 PM

The astrological significance of the planet Saturn indicates hard work, labour, discipline and the sense of responsibility. The period of influence of this planet induces conventionality and wisdom in individuals making them learn through their own toil and wit. Lessons taught by Saturn stay with people throughout their life and are hard to let go of. The ringed planet is known for its influence on an individuals conduct, behaviour and order in their life. The transit period of this planet is known to be of immense importance as lessons learnt and benefits gained during this period shape out an individual and form a crucial era of ones life. Saturn Transit 2017 bears a significant and influential tone as the movement of the planet will surely bring in change in many peoples life.

During the onset of the year 2017, Saturn is expected to be in the sign Scorpio. By the 26th of January, the planet will then move to the sign Sagittarius to become retrograde in the sign until the 6th of April. Later on 21st of June, it will again move back to the sign Scorpio to stay there until 26th of October. Thereafter, by 26th of October, Saturn will move to the sign Sagittarius. Saturn combust will take place on the 4th of December this year as Saturn will reach the closest to the Sun at this period and will remain there till the 8th of January of the year 2018. This movement of Saturn is expected to affect all the signs in various ways. Let us know what this transit period has in store for us!

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Saturn Transit 2017 in Mesh

The 10th house of a horoscope indicates the professional life and karma of an individual while the 11th house symbolises income, gains and achievements of the native. Saturn will be governing the 10th and 11th house of the natives belonging to the sign Aries this year and will be transiting to the 9th house. This movement of the planet might slow down your professional growth this year increasing the need for hard work. Work pressure is expected to increase in this period and work atmosphere might be disrupted too. It is advisable to not give in to the pressure and take charge of your life. By June, Saturn will move to your 8th house giving momentum to your career. But hindrances and obstacles might still persist. You might have a tough time achieving your professional goals this year and you might have to push harder to get what you desire for. The period from June to October might truly test your patience and will. Your younger siblings might also face health issues during this transit period so pay added attention towards their health. By October, Saturn will be all set to move back to the 9th house which will give you an edge over your competitors and foes. But by the end of the year, all your worries and anxieties will see an end giving you your moment of joy and relief.

Remedy: Offer rotis smeared with ghee to black cows regularly for increased auspiciousness.


Saturn Transit 2017 in Taurus

The 9th house of a horoscope symbolises fame and fortune of a native while the 10th house signifies profession and karma of the individual. Saturn will be lording over the 9th and the 10th house of the horoscope of natives belonging to the Taurus sign this year and will be moving to the 8th house. This movement might give health issues to the father of the native during the transit period. You might feel highly irritable and anxious during this period hence it is highly advisable to keep a check on what you convey to others. Try to keep a tab on your anger and do not take rushed decisions. Your luck might not be your best buddy in this period hence all that you can rely on is your hard work. This might heighten your chances of achieving success in your endeavours. Keep a check on your health that of your family members. Do not take any symptoms lightly as chances of you getting a chronic disease during this period are high. This period might test your patience and will hence maintain your calm and do not overthink your acts and decisions. As Saturn will move to your 7th house, your career might get the much needed boost in this period. This transit will open an avenue of fresh opportunities for your professional growth. By October, Saturn will move back to your 8th house bringing in obstacles and difficulties in your professional life. Trust your gut and take the leap of faith.

Remedy: Donate shoes and black clothes to the underprivileged regularly to attract good vibes and invite blessings.


Saturn Transit 2017 in Gemini

The 8th house in a horoscope signifies major transformations and longevity of the native while the 9th house symbolises fame and fortune. The planet Saturn will be governing over your 8th and 9th house this year and will be making a transit to your 7th house. This transit might prove to be a mixed bag of results for the natives of the sign Taurus. Your professional life seems to be flourishing as the transit period will induce fame and recognition in your professional life. Though your marital life might suffer during this period. Try to balance your professional and personal life in this period and give only as much priority to each facet of your life as required. By June, Saturn will be moving to your 6th house which might prove to be auspicious if you are stuck in any legal dispute or sorts. By the time October arrives, Saturn will be all geared up to move back to your 7th house bringing in joy and luck in your life. The health of your mother might also need added attention during this period. Your social life will gain strength in this period as you might make new acquaintances and benefitting contacts during this period. You might experience a constant urge to change your current residence and move into a new locality. Though this transit might cost you a little but it definitely has a lot to offer to you.

Remedy: Putting on a ring made of black horseshoe in your middle finger might bring in good luck and keep adversities at bay.


Saturn Transit 2017 in Cancer

The 7th house is the house of spouse and professional partnerships while the 8th house signifies for major changes in the life of the native and his/ her longevity. Saturn lords over the 7th and the 8th house of the horoscope of the Cancer sign this year and will be transiting to the 6th house. This movement of Saturn might induce stress and misconceptions in familial relationships. Tiffs and arguments can be expected between you and your beloved in this period. By June, Saturn will be moving to your 5th house inducing sourness in family relations. Try to manage such situations with a calm and mature perception. Your children might also suffer from minor health issues in this period. Students belonging to this sign might face obstacles in their education during this transit period. By October, Saturn will be moving back to your 6ht house making you more understanding and patient towards your family members. You will be able to handle minor family issues with utmost care and wit. You might land yourself in legal disputes during this transit period though you will have an edge over your competitor in every situation. Chances of you getting a chronic disease are high in this period. Hence, take good care of your health and do not neglect any symptoms. You might plan a short trip with family to a foreign land this year. Try to freshen up your relation with your family and kids during this period and regain the strength and understanding yu had in your relationships.

Remedy: Mix seven different types of pulses and grains and feed them to the birds regularly.


Saturn Transit 2017 in Leo

The 6th house of horoscope signifies struggle, enemies and diseases of the native while the 7th house indicates relationship with spouse and professional partnerships. Saturn is governing the 6th and the 7th house of your horoscope and will be moving to the 5th house this year. Though there might be hindrances but those in love relations will be able to make to the marriage ceremony this year. The relationship with your beloved will flourish in this period which will keep your partners mood uplifted throughout. Your professional life also seems to be gaining ground as much professional success and recognition is on the cards. A profession related change can also be expected in this period. Later in the year 2017, Saturn will be moving to your 5th house which might not be as auspicious for you as you might expect. Health issues and mental stress can be expected during this while. Stress and tiffs amongst family members is also foreseen in this period. By October, Saturn will be making a return to your 5th house which might bring in financial instability and crunch. Try to control your expenses and manage your finances efficiently. By the end of the year, much financial burden will be shed as many of your loans are foreseen to be repaid.

Remedy: Lighting a lamp of Mustard oil under a Peepal tree might bring in auspiciousness and good luck.


Saturn Transit 2017 in Virgo

The 5th house indicates education and children of the native while the 6th house signifies struggle, enemies and diseases. Saturn is governing the 5th and the 6th house of the natives of Virgo sign and will move to the 4th sign this year. This movement of Saturn might increase your temper during this period. Hence, try to maintain calm and indulge in yoga and meditation to keep the sanity going. You might change your current residence in this period. In June, Saturn will be making a move towards the 4th house which might bring in health issues for your mother. Also, disputes related to property might come up in this period. Try to spare some time for yourself in this period and do not give up on a healthy diet and adequate exercise to maintain the physical strength and mental balance and calmness. By October, Saturn will be back in your 5ht house making way for realisation of your aims and ambitions. You will notice your hard work bearing fruit in this period. You will be climbing up the ladder of professional success and will gain social recognition during this period.

Remedy: Smear vermilion on the idol of Lord Hanuman on every Saturday.


Saturn Transit 2017 in Libra

The 4th house in a horoscope indicates happiness, mother and vehicle of the native while the 5th house symbolises the natives education and children. Saturn is lording over the 4th and the 5th house of the natives of Libra sign this year making a transit in the 3rd house. This transit will help you achieve what you aim for and will brim you with dedication and diligence. Your perception is expected to broaden in this period making you more understanding. This transit might not be as auspicious for your younger siblings as they might suffer from minor health issues in this period. A tour is also on the cards in this period. By June, Saturn will be all geared up to move to the 2nd house which might breed family quarrels and misunderstandings. On the positive outlook, property gains can be predicted for some in this period. By October, Saturn is expected to move back to the 3rd house bringing in monetary gains and extended trips. Your expenses might be increased in this period demanding better financial management and budgeting. Those seeking to pursue higher education might get a chance to rejoice during this transit period. Make sure to not let go of any opportunity that paves your to success and happiness.

Remedy: On Saturdays, feed ladoos to monkeys and black dogs to increase harmony, happiness and humility.


Saturn Transit 2017 in Scorpio

The 3rd house of a horoscope indicates communication, efforts and siblings of the native while the 4th house symbolises mother, happiness and vehicle. Saturn in governing the 3rd and the 4th house of the natives of the sign Scorpio and will be transiting to the 2nd house in the year 2017. This transit might not prove to be auspicious for your domestic life as quarrels and misconceptions can be expected to arise in this period. Try to not give in and maintain your calm and composure will dealing with such situations. You might not be able to spend much time with your family while this transit lasts. Your hard work and determination will lead to positive results and a substantial monetary benefit. This transit might open a fresh avenue of opportunities and benefits this year. Think before you associate yourself with anything new and do not let go of any opportunity that seems to be benefitting in the long run. As Saturn will recede to your ascendant house in June, mental unrest and health issues might creep in during this period. Develop the habit of eating clean and fresh and incorporate brisk walks and robust workout regimes in your daily routine. By the time October arrives, Saturn will be moving to your 2nd house inducing hard work and dedication in you. You will take your work and career much seriously and will work towards your aims and goals. Relations with your family members are also predicted to improve in this duration. Take proper care of yourself and work towards achieving your desired level of mental and physical fitness.

Remedy: Take care of lepers as a form of a spiritual act and social service.


Saturn Transit 2017 in Sagittarius

The 2nd house symbolises communication skills, wealth, speech and family of the native in a horoscope while the 3rd house stands for efforts, siblings and communication. Saturn is lording over the 2nd and the 3rd house of the natives of Sagittarius sign in this period and will transit to the ascendant house this year. You might experience uneasiness and anxiety pangs in this duration giving rise to mental unrest and moody behaviour. Do not overlook any health issues that arise in this period and take proper care of yourself as your health might suffer. Your siblings might find this transit period to be pleasant as their mood will be uplifted in this duration. By June, Saturn will make a transit in the 12the house inducing problems in marital life for some leading to minor squabbles and misunderstandings. Abstain from verbal fights that might hurt your partner and try to handle the issues with a calm and mature mindset. Your partner might suffer from health issues as well in this period. By the time October arrives, Saturn will be ready to make a move to your ascendant sign. This movement indicates work related stress and increased work pressure for the natives. Keep your determination going and believe in yourself. Balance your work and your mental peace in this duration and put only as much on your table as you can handle.

Remedy: Abstain from alcohol and non vegetarian food to make way for positivity and calmness.


Saturn Transit 2017 in Capricorn

The Ascendant house of a horoscope indicates longevity, personality and character of the native while the 2nd house symbolises communication skills, speech, wealth and immediate family. Saturn lords over the ascendant and 2nd house of the sign Capricorn and will be transiting in the 12th house this year. This transit might prove to be bitter-sweet for the natives as on one hand it might increase your expenses while on the other hand hand it might provide you with opportunities to travel to foreign lands during this period. Try to tone down your expenditure this year and focus more on your health instead. By June, Saturn is expected to make a transit to your 11th house indicating a rise in professional opportunities for you. Your social circle will gain a boost in this period as you are expected to meet new people and form beneficial associations. By October, Saturn will be receding to the 12th house which might make you suffer from minor health issues. Try to include healthy eating habits and regular workouts in your daily regimen to keep seasonal disease and minor health issues at bay. You might find it difficult to balance your expenses during this transit as your expenditure is expected to increase considerably. Hospitals and foreign sources might be your profit bearers this year, if you have the eye for it. Abstain from any disputes and complications which might land you in legal issues. Be prepared in for such situations in advance. June onwards, your forecast seems to indicate happiness, joy and merriment. Make it a point to live the happy moments to the fullest and keep an out for those which might test your patience, caliber and wit.

Remedy: On a Saturday, float away 11 coconuts (with their husks on) in running water while chanting Hanuman Chalisa to welcome felicitousness and keep adversities at bay.


Saturn Transit 2017 in Aquarius

The 12th house of a horoscope signifies bed comforts, losses and expenses and injuries while the Ascendant house symbolises longevity of the native, his/ her character and personality. In the year 2017, Saturn will make a move to your 11th house indicating a substantial rise in your income and exceptional revenues.During this period, Saturn is governing your 11th and 12th house. Your dreams and aspirations might come true this year as you are predicted to work hard for them while golden opportunities knock at your door. By June, Saturn in expected to transit in your 10th house giving a rise to your diligence and sincerity towards work. Your dedication towards your career and making your dreams come true will increase substantially. Keep a tab on your expenses as they are expected to rise in this period. As October will approach this year, Saturn will move back to your 11th house giving you ample opportunities to bring your best foot forward. Your wit, intelligence and skills will come handy in this period giving your career an outstanding boost. The Saturn Transit 2017 might not prove to be pleasant for your elder sibling as they are likely to suffer from health issues in this period. Though your health is predicted to be pretty good in this period. Take proper precautions to maintain your good health and help heal any old health issues. Students might have a tough time in this period. Love relations might also suffer in this duration. Try to incorporate yoga and meditation in your daily regime to keep stress at bay and maintain your physical health.

Remedy: Make a donation of mustard oil in temples for inducing auspiciousness in your life.


Saturn Transit 2017 in Pisces

In a horoscope, the houses 11 and 12 represent expenses, income, achievements, gains and losses of a person. At present, Saturn lords over the 11th and the 12th houses of Pisces sign and will make move to the 10th house. This might movement of the planet might rattle the established balance between your expenses and revenue. The health of your mother might also need added care this year. In June, Saturn is expected to move to your 9th house which might tempt you to change your current profession. With adequate hard work and perseverance, your desires might find their way towards realisation. Calmness and diligence must be your mantra during the Saturn Transit 2017. Some might also get to travel overseas for work in this period. As October will come to closing, Saturn is expected to move back to your 10th house which would increase your work pressure. You might find it difficult to establish an equilibrium between your work and your private life which might lead to misconceptions and squabbles with your partner. Try to prioritise your personal life as well and give more time to your family and partner during this period. Take some time out and plan something special for your family members this year.

Remedy: Provide food for black dogs on every Saturday.

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