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Tamilnadu Elections : DMK or AIADMK This Time?

Last Updated: 4/13/2011 12:56:51 PM

Tamilnadu Elections

Will DMK change the history or AIADMK repeat the history?

By VG Ramachandra Pavan

The much awaited Tamilnadu assembly election polls are going to take place on 13th Apr , 2011 and the result of the same will be on 13thMay-2011. One full month of high drama will be seen in the state. Two parties originated with the Dravidian ideals are fighting once again, one to retain power and the other to attain the same. Here congress will play a pivotal role in the formation. No doubt it is very tough to predict the “Political turn arounds” and the peculiar voting taste of the Tamilians practically but here I will try to present my analysis astrologically.

Here it is assumed that the readers are aware of the complex political situation in TN. The ruling DMK headed by Karunanidhi is striving hard to retain his rein whereas the wounded tiger AIADMK for its come back. But AIADMK didn’t perform well in bye-elections keeping others to guess. On the other hand DMK which is the “supporter” of the central UPA Govt. had tough time with 3G-Spectrum etc. How the common voter views these two parties is a million dollar question. The third front headed by congress cannot be ruled out.
The following is the horary map taken posing the query that “Will AIADMK will form the Govt. in TN or

Tamilnadu Election Astrology Predictions1-6-10-11 are the primary cusps for the analysis, among them 6th is the primary cusp because one cannot gain unless other loose (as said by Guruji Sri KSK). Gain of power will be shown by the 10th cusp hence if the 6th sub lord is connected with 6-10-11 houses at sub level one will have clear victory over others. If it is weakly connected to 6-10-11 then there will be tough fight and last minute victory. Experience confirmed that if there is interlink between all these cusps then also there will be success; this is the outcome of my observation. WE HAVE TO CHECK THE 12TH CUSP ALSO FOR CONFIRMATION.

Here the 6th sub lord is Rahu; he is in the star of Kethu and sub of Sun. Though Kethu is in the 8th he denotes Mercury in 6th and his star lord Mars is in 6th thus strongly connected with sixth house. The sub lord Sun is lord of the 11th in 6th (there are no planets in the stars of Sun) in the star of Mercury in 6. Therefore Rahu is highly favorable for AIADMK.

The 11th sub lord is Mercury, he is in his own star and Mars sub. Mercury is in 6 and Mars in 6 in the star of Saturn in 12. But here we have to note that no doubt Saturn in 12 is a negative sign but Mars is in the sub of Rahu the 6th sub lord and one more thing is that Saturn is the only planet in the star of Moon lord of the 10 in 10. Therefore the position of Mercury is not totally negative but will support AIADMK.

The Ascendant sub lord is Saturn (retrograde) in 12 in the star of Moon and sub of Mercury who again in his own star is very much positive and shows the strength of the Asc.

Conversely the 12th sub lord is Rahu as read above positive for AIADMK. The 5th (which is the 11th from the 7th) sub lord is Mercury same as above. The 7th sub lord is Saturn already analyzed hence from all angles AIADMK is in the upper hand.

As the 7th sub lord is Mercury a dualistic planet in dual sign along with the 7th lord opponents may be more than one that means DMK may work with its “well wishers” to face AIADMK. Again the Ascendant is very strong and Ascendant lord Venus is in fixed sign there may not be any alliance for AIADMK and it is a clean and satisfactory win (note majority of planets are in fruitful signs).

Lastly we have to see the Ruling planets on the day of counting i.e. the 13th May-2011. The day is Friday ruled by the Ascendant lord Venus. Moon sign lord is Mercury and star lord is Sun (Utharaphalguni), Mercury is strong significator for 6 and Sun is lord of the 11 in 6 further Moon will transit in 11 house only. Rahu is in the sub of Venus strong significator for 1-3-6 houses. Mercury again in Kethu star and Venus sub. Sun will be in 7th in own star and Moon sub. Ascendant lord Venus in Sun sub whereas the 7th lord Mars will be in 6th lord Jupiter sub..

Therefore transit is favorable for AIADMK with respect to this horary map.

As per the above analysis it can be said that in this elections AIADMK has a strong chance to win and frame the Govenrment in Tamilnadu.

The above is an unbiased analysis; I am neither a supporter nor critic of any of the parties in TN. This is only an academic interest. I think readers could understand my stand point.

With best wishes for all the contestants……

To consult astrologer VG Ramachandra Pavan, please click here - Horoscope Reading by VGR Pavan.


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