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Tarot Reading February, 2012

Last Updated: 1/28/2012 2:10:36 PM

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Tarot Prediction for Aries

Your Card of the month is Knave of Cups

You are working hard and doing your best to realize your professional goals. Unfortunately, your rival is not happy about this and they are making sure that you and your boss knows how they feel. Your social life, team-spirit, and/or Internet activities are getting all kinds of positive energy and you get the opportunity to make some kind of a fresh start or new beginning in this area of your life. Be careful in your social activity, someone is watching.

Tarot Prediction for Taurus

Your Card of the month is Six of Swords

You are working really hard to achieve your professional goals, take on leadership roles, earn job promotions, meet deadlines, earn the respect of your peers, etc. No matter how hard you work, no matter how smart your suggestions are, no matter how much you might deserve praise and promotions, you can’t please everybody. To make it worse, you doubt yourself, your ability to lead within your industry, your ability to succeed at your goals, etc. Luckily, you have a lot of positive social energy.

Tarot Prediction for Gemini

Your Card of the month is Two of Coins

You just want to spend some time working on creative projects and hobbies, and splurge on a few luxuries here and there. But life‘s not what you always want. Time to stop and question if what you are doing actually makes you happy or not. Your social life is good and you are having fun getting involved in political, cultural, legal, religious, travel, and/or media related activities.

Tarot Prediction for Cancer

Your Card of the month is Nine of Swords

Your home life, social life, and love life seem to be clashing. There are huge trust issues, loyalty debates, infidelity whisperings, and/or financial scams being talked about. Things may or may not be as shady as they seem. It could just be people feeling insecure, but it could be that someone is playing you for a fool and they are either cheating on you sexually or financially. Be very careful who you trust and who you are loyal to at this time. And do not allow your dynamic and entertaining social life to cause you to neglect your home, roommates, or parents.

Tarot Prediction for Leo

Your Card of the month is The Moon

You are working hard trying to succeed professionally and financially. However, your communications style, transportation issues, faulty computers or telecommunication devices is clashing with your financial and professional goals. A partner is able to come to the rescue. Another partner or a rival gets upset and begins to sabotage your efforts to resolve the issues keeping you from succeeding the way that you would like. You will get a fresh start or new beginning within your partnerships and rivals.

Tarot Prediction for Virgo

Your Card of the month is Ace of Coins

Your job is a repeating source of drama and headaches this month. Luckily, you have opportunities to earn some extra money and to boost profits. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), you have all kinds of fun and adventurous ideas about how to spend that money. Maybe too many ideas. You have some awesome research skills and can utilize them to help you find those awesome bargains and deals that make it possible for you to have fun adventures and still keep your budget from being completely destroyed.

Tarot Prediction for Libra

Your Card of the month is High Priestess

Trust issues are nagging at you this month. It could be about romance, fidelity, and loyalty. Or it could be about investments, stocks, commissions, and other forms of profit sharing. Either way, you are putting a lot of effort into bringing more joy into your life and trying to find a way for that joy to lead towards more romantic and financial stability as well. You could launch some type of new beginning, new goal, new project, etc, but not really have your heart fully committed to the idea at this time.

Tarot Prediction for Scorpio

Your Card of the month is The Fool

Your best friend, spouse, business partner, ex-husband, ex-wife, rival, enemy, or a competitor is really annoying you this month. They are either causing you to become depressed, secretive, and reclusive – or - they are bringing bureaucracy, deceptions, and disharmony into your reality. Either way, you are not in the mood to deal with them. The good news is that you have some lovely financial, commercial, professional, and social activities that help you to focus on other things.

Tarot Prediction for Sagittarius

Your Card of the month is Two of Coins

Friends, teammates, committee meetings, or Internet problems are causing a big drop in productivity this month. You could be missing deadlines. You try to talk your way through it, negotiate, find other modes of transportation, reroute the calls, utilize different computers, etc. But things keep going haywire. Eventually, you get a new cell phone, computer, car, etc and it helps to smooth things over. Your home life and your playtime activities are a source of joy and comfort this month.

Tarot Prediction for Capricorn

Your Card of the month is Knight of Batons

Jupiter is promoting falling in love, spending time with children and pets, losing yourself in hobbies and favorite pastimes, purchasing luxury items, vacationing, and finding all kinds of ways to enjoy yourself. These two powerful forces are creating a huge tug-of-war in your life and your finances are stuck in the middle. You have some wonderful commercial and residential opportunities and you could find that working from home or working on home-related goals is smart, profitable, and feels good at this time.

Tarot Prediction for Aquarius

Your Card of the month is Three of Batons

You have cultural, political, religious, academic, legal, media, relocation, and/or travel related issues on your mind. You are deeply troubled by one of these topics and your roommates, parents, or housing situation is only adding to it. You could also find you are wrestling with your demons and taking a long hard look in the mirror. Whatever it is, you end up feeling as if you want a fresh start, a new and improved version of yourself, a change to make a second first impression, etc. Your relatives, neighbors, and local community are supporting you in this idea.

Tarot Prediction for Pisces

Your Card of the month is King of Batons

You will be accused of cheating. Cheating on a lover, cheating a financial partner or cheating in a business deal. You may be involved or you might just be torn between the two parties that are involved. Either way, this topic of romantic, financial, or commercial dishonesty is weighing heavily on your heart this month. The good news is that you have a wonderful support system among your friends and you have some nice opportunities to shine professionally and to earn some extra money.

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