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Tarot Reading January, 2012

Last Updated: 1/6/2012 12:23:13 PM

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Aries Tarot Horoscope (March 21-April 20)

Your January Card is -Hangman

this New Year promises equilibrium in all matters most especially within relationship. As the year moves ahead you will be harassed by conflict and chaos. However be assured this is just going to take you to a higher level. Just be patient and you'll have everything gratitude, appreciation, and beauty and success.

Taurus Tarot Horoscope (April 21-May 21)

Your January Card is –Knave of Batons

As this year unfolds; you start to make new life plans and goals. What had kept you bothered so long has disappeared, or soon will. Your time will be engaged in study and research and you will prove to be a good leader. An inspiration for your juniors.

Gemini Tarot Horoscope (May 23-June 20)

Your January Card is –Knight of Batons

Situations of uncertainty prevail that leave you in dilemma. You are totally confused about yourself. Stay patient as new goals are about to appear. They will positively affect your relationship issues, your work, your creativity, home, children, and even your pets. The next two months bring home clarity of vision .You will be redefined, redirected, and relocated.

Cancer Tarot Horoscope (June 21-July 20)

Your January Card is –Nine of Swords

This month you will be more social and attempt to create partnerships, allies, and groups in order to create a change of environment for yourself. Step back and watch others lead, though. Cancer is known to initiate things. However it seems at the moment you’re not willing to. Remember at times compromise leads to achievement.

Leo Tarot Horoscope (July 21-Aug. 22)

Your January Card is –Two of Batons

You become pragmatic extra organized and active. Everything at work is serious business almost to the point of you being overloaded with work. This creates tension even in your work life. You have very little time to take care of personal things like pets and children and your heart. Try and take out a little time for yourself.

Virgo Tarot Horoscope (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Your January Card is – King of Batons

Use time constructively, because time management makes life successful. Focus only on what is safe and dutiful. Very little chance of pleasure, you spend time with plants, children, or a creative art success will manifest totally unexpected.

Libra Tarot Horoscope (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Your January Card is – Seven of Cups

Things you have inherited, behaviors you've long habituated yourself to, and all things traditional become increasingly important .Be a little more flexible and choose freely .The road to success will shape with clarity Time to focus on basics t build a strong foundations. Family serves as the biggest support system.

Scorpio Tarot Horoscope (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Your January Card is – King of Coins

If you want to be successful, it is most important to accumulate and foster more education and more knowledge. It is practical, in fact, to do so now for the future will depend upon what you know and how you apply this knowledge in life. Earlier studying could have been difficult but not now. Since you’re free from responsibilities it’s time to go ahead with higher education.

Sagittarius Tarot Horoscope (Nov. 22-Dec. 20)

Your January Card is – Knight of Coins

Maintain care and caution with all resources at this time. It’s time to spend money with discipline as this alone can help you maintain a prosperous situation. As the month progresses you will start saving a lot of money. This will be really helpful in times to come. As a result you will not have to take debts and be free from monetary concerns.

Capricorn Tarot Horoscope (Dec. 21-Jan. 20)

Your January Card is – Knave of swords

You will need self-control and discipline projected both in personal and professional life..This attitude helps you climb the mountains you encounter and build the projects you long to create. You’re gifted with steadfastness, which leads you to achievements. For success you must call upon patience and adapt traditions that are a part of your family systems. Then you conquer all.

Aquarius Tarot Horoscope (Jan. 21-Feb. 18)

Your January Card is – Eight of Swords

Perhaps you're feeling over stress, fatigued with challenges in personal front. At the same time you have a very low self-esteem. Well it’s just a phase in life not to stay forever.. a downtime, and symptomatic of the great amounts of rest you need. Write, swim, exercise, and see someone who listens intently to your words. It will help to bounce back

Pisces Tarot Horoscope (Feb. 18-March 20)

Your January Card is – The Devil

You do have lots of hopes, wishes, and dreams but they are not practical. Juggling between what you want to do and what your forced to do is difficult at times. In groups and organizations your goals get misdirected. You need be considerate towards others Eventually you will be understood.

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