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Tarot Reading March, 2012

Last Updated: 2/20/2012 6:16:18 PM

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Tarot Prediction for Aries

Your Tarot card of the month is Strength

The whole series of events in your life this month are about you and others. It will be about relationships with everyone. Relationships come to a point of poise this month. This gives you a chance to make decisions concerning future alliances. This includes enemies as well as friends. Give from your heart, unconditionally. Provide praise, understanding and appreciation. Expect nothing in return. This is a test time.

Tarot Prediction for Taurus

Your Tarot card of the month is The Star

Go home quickly, and stay there awhile. If already there, be prepared to rest. All your vital life force is there waiting for you to comprehend the fact that- life does indeed begin at home, it ends there, and life unfolds there. You know this just that it’s taking a little longer to understand. Time to reorganize things home-clean, sort, eliminate and organize. You are to build your lighted house and dwell within.

Tarot Prediction for Gemini

Your Tarot card of the month is Queen of Batons

You'll need to communicate much more information than you're used to. That means quite a lot. Realize that you are a teacher, that information flows through your mind with lightning speed, and what you say and do are brilliant. However you are unaware of the skill you pose. This month your inadequate self image will burst apart. Grief over something makes this occur.

Tarot Prediction for Cancer

Your Tarot card of the month is Five of Batons

Financial issues will be prominent. Not a bad thing. Your thoughts will be about how to go about financing what's needed. Don't be worried it’s just a phase. Be aware that all you need is available at times in the strangest times and places. You're learning how to be independent, self assertive and complete projects that started long back. Learn to ask for help.

Tarot Prediction for Leo

Your Tarot card of the month is The Moon

Some type of travel or holiday would soothe and nurture you. Stay deep within yourself so you can tend to your creativity which is about to burst through past blockages. Allow the inner spaces of silence to lull you into a pause. Ask yourself what your next solar year needs to have for yourself contentment. Be careful with what you eat. Expansion is possible.

Tarot Prediction for Virgo

Your Tarot card of the month is Temperance

In the coming month it’s best to stay deep in touch with only yourself. In the past six months you've been in touch with everyone else's agenda, needs, and inner life. This has been at the cost of your own. You future awaits and you're the star player. Seed your own goals. Then water, fertilize, compost and tend to them. This is time for your education.

Tarot Prediction for Libra

Your Tarot card of the month is The World

Perhaps you feel a lack of spiritual direction as if a void has occurred in your inner life. Perhaps your spiritual roots need watering, tilling, and a new sort of prayer or meditation must be called forth. Perhaps the music of your life's out of tune. Perhaps you're not appreciated enough. Sow a garden, a real one. Plant a tree, several of them. Allow silence to hold you. Think about a move.

Tarot Prediction for Scorpio

Your Tarot card of the month is The Tower

The intersection between home life and public life will assume, at first, a state of opposition. It may feel like a crisis. The purposes are for a bold creative endeavor to unfold and new ways of expressing yourself in your field of work. Disorientation could be felt. Sort the public from the private. Doing this you will achieve discrimination and balance. Then the next step is available.

Tarot Prediction for Sagittarius

Your Tarot card of the month is Two of Cups

Artistic activities become most important taking you beyond your day to day work in the world. These activities could include design, redecorating, layout, painting-all things to make your work world brighter and more beautiful. Someone older than you may act as a guiding light and source of attraction. Be Careful.

Tarot Prediction for Capricorn

Your Tarot card of the month is Four of Coins

Commodity and usefulness are Capricorn words. You must begin to realize that you are the commodity that's most important here. And that as far as usefulness, there's no other sign as useful as you. Therefore we keep coming back to you and your awareness of self as perfect. Yes, perfect. You may continue to feel tired. Rest as much as possible. It's makes sense to relax.

Tarot Prediction for Aquarius

Your Tarot card of the month is Five of Cups

When everything begins to shift about, define it as refinement. Destiny has the purpose of refining our lives so that we are no longer clumsy, have discrimination, and are able to perceive real love from illusion. You will find yourself in everyone else's relationships this month. Assume the attitude of observer. You'll learn a lot about yourself.

Tarot Prediction for Pisces

Your Tarot card of the month is Temperance

Pisceans take care of your health. A change in diet, in exercise, and the intake of water is vital. Exercising twice a day eat healthy and relax. The results will be immediate. You might need to set a routine that needs to be maintained daily. Make it the most important aspect in your life this month.

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