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UP Government & Akhilesh Yadav : Astrology Analysis

Last Updated: 3/26/2012 1:56:11 PM

Akhilesh Yadav, Samajvadi Party, Uttar Pradesh

By Daya Shanker

Punit Pandey has given me the accurate oath taking time of Akhilesh Yadav, the new youngest CM of U.P. as 11.34 am on 15th March 2012 at Lucknow with reference to Zee News. This appears to be correct as I would like to mention a few facts about this Muhurta suggested by some able and reliable astrologer to SP before I embark on the astrological analysis of the Oath Taking Chart in accordance with Sri Sanatan Jyotish.

One of the best astrologer, well renowned and author of more than 100 books based in Lucknow whom I keep in very high esteem, in his all modesty shared with me his views about this timing/ Muhurta on 12th of March saying that it is not the correct Muhurta mainly because of Moola Nakshatra on that day despite the fact that there is Sheetla Ashtami. I agreed with him but for different reasons. According to me there is no bar or malfeasance attached to a Nakshatra owned by Ketu for this purpose of oath taking but the Krishna paksha ashtami on a day ruled by Jupiter and a few other things. He gave another Muhurta on 17th March 2012 between 16.45 to 17 hours at Lucknow. I checked it in my way and restricted the timing to be 16.48 t0 16.50 as better than other times, but I told the respected Scholar that he should not worry if Akhilesh doesn’t listen to you as his destiny would guide him to take oath only around 11.30 on 15th MARCH 2012 itself.

No doubt, Siddhi yog was there at sunrise of 15th March alongwith Ashtami but when we talk about exactitude, we should see the position at the exact time of the event. The Siddhi yog expired on 15th at around 9.38 am and it was Vyatipat yog and Gar karan at 11.34 am. Ardra, Ashlesa, Jyestha, and Moola Nakshatras are DREADFUL stars and are suitable for success in warfare, invocation of elementals and other spirits, imprisonment, separations, acts of destruction, and the breaking of alliances with superiors. DREADFUL (cruel) stars like Moola in this case, are normally good for evil schemes, evil deeds, planting ghosts in people, deceit, imprisonment, setting fires – arson etc.. According to Dr. B.V.Raman also, Moola, Jyestha, Aridra and Aslesha are sharp in nature and they are favourable for incantations, invoking spirits, for imprisonment, murders, and separation of friends. The 2nd great evil is Surya Sankramana or the solar ingress into different zodiacal signs. When the Sun is about to leave one sign and enter another there seem to occur certain disturbances in the organisation of the solar forces and such times are not recommended for any good work. On the contrary, they are held to be propitious for meditation, initiation into secret mantras and performance of certain religious rites which are held to purify not only the bodily electrical discharges but also the mental currents. Sixteen ghatis (6 hours 24 minutes) both before and after the entry of the Sun into a new sign should be rejected for all new works. The sun here has transgressed in Pisces only on 14th, a day before the oath taking ceremony. Spoorjitham. - The Sun in kendra causes this yoga and the result is the destruction of the family. Coronation. - The foregoing rules apply to coronation also. If possible, let Lagna be Leo occupied by the Sun and aspected by Jupiter. In case of democratic rule, the new Government may begin at a time when Kumbha is rising with Saturn in Lagna or in Tula aspected in either case by Jupiter or Venus. Since, it is the general scenario of modern day politics in India, it cannot be considered not suitable for oath taking. However, it would manifest its results for the government formed in this combination. Asthami has the Vasus to rule this day, which is good for taking up arms, building of one’s defenses, and fortification etc.. Nevertheless, the Yoga is Vyatipata (Calamity) that deciphers sudden mishaps and reversals, fickleness and unreliable character of the Governance which can never be good for the populace.

According to Skanda Narayanan-From tithi the stages of growth and decay, from varas the longer life, from nakshatra the seizure of bad actions, from yoga the cure of ill-health, from karana the result of the work,are to be determined as with all these the calendar or panchanga gives the required results. The karan Gara in south India is also known as Gaja karana (Elephant). Here the root word itself is ‘Gara’ meaning hard, difficult, demanding more effort and so on. Remember the words Garima (proud beauty), Gurutva (essence fullness), Garishta (most dense, most valuable), Gareeyan (most revered, great). Actually this word has a better history. In the ancient past the jobs that are considered difficult are cattle/horse/elephant breading, agriculture and rural business of grains, vehicle related and so on; they demand much effort from the villager. The point to note is that it is just due all this that – Gara karana is very auspicious for any hard and difficult jobs, whether it be related to vehicle, cattle, house, machinery, rural business and so on.

It is also said that the 4th Tithi on Sun’s Vara; the 6th on Moon’s Vara; the 7th on Mars’ Vara; the 2nd on Mercury’s Vara; the 8th on Jupiter’s Vara; the 9th on Venus’ Vara; and the 7th Tithi on Saturn’s Vara form Visha Yoga.

Sun in Purvabhadrapada is also not auspicious as per classics in traditional way, but that could have not been avoided in the instant event even had SP itself not decided for internal reasons not to stall its claim during 7th to 13th March 2012 when Sun was in Aquarius but with the same Nakshatra after 6th March.

Thus, it’s clear that even the traditional astrologers would not spell this oath taking time as an auspicious time in accordance with above facts. However, I would like to analyse the oath taking chart for the new government formed in U.P. at 11.34 am on 15th march 2012 at Lucknow having Ch. Akhilesh Yadav, whom I bless for his success right now as I am not aware of the outcome of my analysis whether it would support my feelings for him or not at the end.

The planetary position of the instant chart in accordance with Sri Sanatan Ayanamsha: 23:45:58 is as under:

Pln -R Rasi Degree R-L N-L Sub S-S
Sun Pis 1:17:33 Jup Jup Mar Mon
Mon Sag 3:45:45 Jup Ket Mon Mar
Mar -R Leo 15:31:44 Sun Ven Ven Ket
Mer -R Pis 12:27:21 Jup Sat Mar Sat
Jup Ari 15:59:58 Mar Ven Sun Mer
Ven Ari 16:51:58 Mar Ven Mon Sat
Sat -R Lib 4:37:34 Ven Mar Ven Mer
Rah -R Sco 14:24:04 Mar Sat Rah Ven
Ket -R Tau 14:24:04 Ven Mon Jup Sat
Ura Pis 10:12:14 Jup Sat Ven Ket
Nep Aqu 7:44:42 Sat Rah Rah Mer
Plu Sag 15:36:57 Jup Ven Sun Mon

The Cuspal Bhava Chalit (Nirayan) position is as under:

Cusp Rasi Degree R-L N-L Sub S-S
1 Gem 4:13:27 Mer Mar Ven Sat
2 Gem 27:26:10 Mer Jup Ven Rah
3 Can 21:44:10 Mon Mer Sun Rah
4 Leo 20:06:51 Sun Ven Jup Jup
5 Vir 23:56:32 Mer Mar Mar Ven
6 Sco 0:22:11 Mar Jup Mon Ven
7 Sag 4:13:27 Jup Ket Mon Sat
8 Sag 27:26:10 Jup Sun Mon Mar
9 Cap 21:44:10 Sat Mon Ven Jup
10 Aqu 20:06:51 Sat Jup Jup Jup
11 Pis 23:56:32 Jup Mer Mar Ven
12 Tau 0:22:11 Ven Sun Rah Mer

First of all we have to look for the longevity of this governance astrologically, even though the clear majority of SP, the single party in U.P. Vidhan Sabha assures everybody with commonsense about its stability and continuance for full term of 5 years for Akhilesh. The first house has Nakshatra of Ketu placed in 12th, the loss house to the 1st. Other than this, the Upa Nakshatra(Sub) of 1st house is Venus placed in 11th house but this Venus is in the Nakshatra (Star) of Venus itself that occupies the Aries sign which is moveable and fiery sign. If we look for Upop Nakshatra(Sub-Sub) of 1st house, it is retrograde Saturn placed in 5th house but it is in the Upa Nakshatra(Sub) of Venus and again this Venus is in the Nakshatra (Star) of Venus itself that occupies the Aries sign which is moveable and fiery sign. Hence, 1st Upop Nakshatra(Sub-Sub) lord retrograde Saturn as well as Upa Nakshatra(Sub) lord Venus ultimately converging on Aries sign which is moveable and fiery sign. Aries sign does give the quality of being progressive and enthusiasm to change the scenario drastically but not the longevity.

If we consider the 8th house, we find 8th Upop Nakshatra(Sub-Sub) lord to be retrograde Mars placed in 3rd but in the Upa Nakshatra(Sub) of the same Venus that ultimately gives us the sign aries through its own star. The Upa Nakshatra (Sub) lord of 8th is Moon placed in 6th, but in the Nakshatra of Ketu placed in 12th house, a detrimental house to 1st and non-improving to 8th as well as 6th house. This Ketu is certainly in Taurus sign, an earthy and fixed one that gives firm stability. However, one should not forget that this chart is having 3 important planets Mars, the prowess; Mercury, the winged messenger of God, intellect and Saturn, the hard task master & divine judge, are in retrograde motion involving 3 important houses 3rd , 10th & 5th by their respective placements. The other important factor is that the 10th house having the planet Uranus in it with Sun is aspected by Rahu from 6th suggesting outrageous behaviour of the public against the Government and the ruler, the leader of Vidhan Sabha. Uranus in the 10th house itself brings upheaval and chaos into the career, as there is an exaggerated tendency towards originality and it often shows dramatic changes in business, as well as status in life.

The opposition of Pluto to 1st house can also not be considered as auspicious as the allies may create explosive circumstances for the life of the Government and the ruler, the leader of Vidhan Sabha, both. Pluto is power, and manipulation, and often in the 7th attracts those people who make them feel they are constantly “in their power” and there is no way out but death (to take it to extreme). These power struggles within the relationship can turn into deep, intense emotion, possessiveness or obsession. Pluto in the 7th often indicates a partner who is “abnormal “or “special” in some way, where the healing side of Pluto is used to transform, regenerate — to heal — the partner. This of course can be used in a very positive sense. Self-empowerment is the key for Pluto in the 7th. Thank God, it is aspected by Jupiter, 2nd, 6th and 10th Nakshatra lord from 11th house.

The placement of Neptune in 9th house, the detrimental house to rule i.e.10th house, suggests that even Good judgment in most of the areas can be clouded and confused. Exaggeration can be present. Trouble with in-laws may surface due to lack of compassion and understanding. Thus, the new CM should be careful who he chooses to follow as he may encounter wolves in sheep's clothing. In his travels, he should take utmost care of himself and his father in person while wandering around on his own without too much planning or forethought. Strange, unforeseen things can occur while travelling long distances.

The resources of the province may deplete very fast and slowly slowly, the party in opposition may gain strength and popularity as the apparent Papakartari Yoga w.r.t. 4th house would work adversely for 3rd house instead of 4th house as both the yoga forming planets Mars and Saturn are retrograde. Nevertheless, Ketu, the planet of conspiracies placed in 12th would not only affect the ruler adversely but the leader of opposition also as it aspects 4th house too.

The analysis can go on for many other aspects. However, I rest my pen for the conclusion that the present CM of U.P. would have rough weathers of and on and some unprecedented situation including invocation of Article 356 of the Indian Constitution may not be ruled out that may end his rule around 19th month or so from March 2012. May God Bless him!

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