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Venus Retrograde In Pisces (4 March, 2017)

Last Updated: 3/3/2017 6:30:11 PM

venus, retrograde, pisces, 2017, horoscope

Venus is a planet of love, romance and marriage. In the natural zodiac, it rules the 2nd and 7th houses. A well placed Venus ensures abundance, affluence, prosperity, luxury, happy married life and fulfillment in relationships. An afflicted Venus creates problems in romance, marriage and for gaining comforts in life.

Venus will retrograde in its exaltation sign Pisces on the 4th of March, 2017 at 14:39 and then, will become progressive on the 15th of April, 2017 at 15:48. The planet will remain in this retrogression motion for a total of 43 days.

ARIES: While the planet Venus is in its retrograde motion followed by its progression, it will remain in your 12th house. Due to this movement of Venus, you might encounter troubles in sleeping well. Your expenses would also increase during this period. Your sensual desires would be heightened but love-making might seem a little problematic in this duration. If you are in a foreign country, then you might stay away from home longer than you expected. Luxuries might not appeal to you as much during this period. Also, you might consider repaying your old debts.

REMEDY- Gift a perfume to your spouse or a close friend or relative.

TAURUS: With the retrograde motion of the planet Venus followed by a progression, the planet would stay positioned in your 11th house. This movement might shake off the stability of your income. You would take interest in social activities during this period. A long lost relationship might gain vigor in this duration. People waiting for a marital bond might not have to wait for so long. Loved ones might have to be taken care off. In this period, opponents might become powerful and this would affect your social image. In order enjoy a good life, stay brave to face them.

REMEDY- Recite Aum Draam Dreem Draum sah Durgaye Namah

GEMINI: During retrograde of Venus, it will remain placed in your 10th house and thereafter progression. Due to this event, you might loose your interest towards work. Disputes with opposite sex people may arise. To avoid such circumstances, refrain from gossiping. You are advised to postpone major decisions related to profession. Further, enjoy domestic harmony and work hard.

REMEDY- On Fridays, offer kheer to little girls.

CANCER: During the period of retrogression followed by its progression, Venus will stay in your 9th house. You may need to work hard to earn as there may be a declination in luxuries and comforts. Some tiffs are likely to arise with your father or mentor. Some difficulties might be countered in your new relationship. Pomp and show might affect your relationship more, because your partner might dislike your attitude. A friendly relation with women has to be maintained. Along with this, social life will also be improved.

REMEDY- Recite Shree Sukt every friday.

LEO: With the retrogression followed by a progression, Venus will stay positioned in your 8th house. The health of siblings might suffer from some disease. Avoid involving into extravagant sensual acts as this can be troublesome. You may feel detached from your closer ones and get bored. At workfront, slow progress might be witnessed by you. You are advised to concentrate on your strengths and enjoy the most beautiful journey called life.

REMEDY- Donate Agarbatti at Maa Durga Temple.

VIRGO: During the retrogression and its progression, Venus will remain in your 7th house. Marital life doesn’t seems to be good as might be lack of closeness. You might not be able to show full dedication towards your spouse. Relation between you and your business partner might be troublesome. You might expend over your spouse or partner. The income of spouse or father might remain stable but need to do hard work. Lack of contentment might be there, but, you would be able to cope up with your situations and marital life will be enjoyed.

REMEDY- Worship Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi and offer yellow sandalwood, yellow flowers and pure ghee to them.

LIBRA: During the retrograde of Venus followed by progression, planet will remain positioned in your 6th house. There may be declination in your health and some chronic disease might be developed. The opponents may gain strength and may create troubles for you. Keep your pockets full as expenses are likely to increase. Disputes might arise, so, keep yourself away from quarrels. During this period, a long awaited decision might pop out in any case. Spouse might feel aloof from materialistic articles. In this period, you would love to face the challenges. Take care of yourself, you may have to face urinary issues.

REMEDY- Recite Aum Shum Shukraya Namah

SCORPIO: During the retrograde motion along with progression, Venus will stay in the 5th house. Some problems might be faced in your love relations regarding understanding. If you are trying to get married, it would be possible but you may need to be patient and give your best to the relationship. There would be hike in your earnings. Concentration of child at studies might be affected. But, as the circumstances change, you can expect some positive changes in the situation. You are suggested not to think about switching the job, during this period.

REMEDY- Offer White flowers to Lord Shiva-Shakti on Friday.

SAGITTARIUS: Venus will stay in your 4th house during its retrogression followed by progression. At home, issues might be marked as resolved. You may feel aloof from your domestic life but on other hand, mental peace would be felt. Opponents may try to dominate you, so be careful. During this period, try to avoid taking any debt or loan as it would not be that easy to repay it.

REMEDY- Take bath with turmeric water and chant Guru mantra regularly.

CAPRICORN: During the motion of retrograde along with prograde, Venus will be placed in your 3rd house. Stability would be witnessed in your love life. Any new relationship might not be reliable. During this period, interest in spiritualism might increase and you may be able to perform some sacred task. Travelling might be initiated and the relation with siblings seems to be good on this period.

REMEDY- Take blessings from little girls on Fridays.

AQUARIUS: During the retrogression of Venus, thereafter progression, it will remain positioned in 2nd house of yours. Income would remain stable. Do Not indulge in any new property deal but the long awaited one might get finalized. Familial life would be cool and a sacred ceremony might take place in the family. Take a guard against uttering wrong words as it may hurt sentiments of your near ones.

REMEDY- Use perfume every day.

PISCES: Venus will remain positioned during the period of retrogression followed by progression. If your marriage talks are pending, it might be finalized soon. If you are going to start any new venture or business or going to start any new talks for getting married, postpone your plans. Take care of your health and enjoy a balanced and healthy diet. Your marital life would flourish with little more efforts.

REMEDY- Chant “Om Gum Gurave Namah”.

AstroCAMP wishes you good luck in your love life and a blissful married life...

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