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Venus transiting Leo from July 5 and its impact on Share Market

Last Updated: 7/5/2010 1:21:02 PM

Suchitra Das
The Benign and Great Venus, who is seen as symbolic of sex and beauty in astrological parlance as well as a planet of business, trading and wealth, would enter the sign Leo on the stock and commodity market day July 5, 2010 and reside there till August 01, 2010. Many important and weighty stock and commodity market sectors are likely to be impacted by this transit. While in Leo, the Venus would come into physical proximity with Hot and Red Planet Mars who is symbolic of Male and aspected by witty Rahu and blunt Neptune, both of who are friends of Venus. The sign depositor of Leo is Sun, who is a fiery planet. Therefore, Venus would remain extremely Hot because of the triple effects of three fiery celestial bodies, which are the Sun, Hot Mars and Fiery Leo. Both love and romance as well as stock market including investment and trading comes under the domain of fifth house of a natal chart as well as the role of Rahu, Venus and Mercury. All these things, love and romance, investment, trading and speculation are the matter of sheer luck, which only an expert astrologer in this line can read properly about an individual nativity and in turn, can transform an uneventful life into an eventful and juicy one. Believe me, in absence of a supportive luck, you just cannot earn from investment and trading. Your hard earn money would just go to waste. I astrologically believe that proper astral remedies by an expert astrologer in this line are of great help in such an event. Coming back to the moot issue of Venus transits through Leo, I would now specifically explain the traits of planet Venus and sign Leo in stock and commodity markets parlance and the outcome thereof.

• It owns Taurus and Libra, exalted in Pisces, obstructed in Aries and debilitated in Virgo. It’s Mooltrikona sign is Libra;
• Venus is friendly to Mercury and Saturn;
• Venus does not like Sun and the Moon and treat them as enemies;
• Venus is neutral to Mars and Jupiter;
• As regards stock and commodity sectors, Venus rules over Media, Entertainment, Tourism, Garments, Hotels, Diamond, Gems and Jewellery, Fashion, Silver and Sugar.
• Venus does not exclusively cover most of the sectors listed above and other planets have also say in the price movement in these sectors.



King Sun. It is the Mooltrikona sign of the Kind also.




Fiery, Fixed sign, Extrovert


Sun, Mars and Jupiter


Moon, Mercury and Venus



Stock and Commodity sectors

Power, Media, Gold, Copper, Nuclear Energy, Wheat, etc.


From the above two lists of sectors represented by Venus and sign Leo, respectively, none of the sectors are common between the two lists other than Media.


Selling pressure and negative price momentum is likely to emerge in the stock prices of Power, Media, Gold, Copper, Nuclear Energy and Wheat during the period from July 05 to August 01, 2010. Period after July 20th till August 01, 2010 are likely to witness accentuated falls in the stock prices of the above sectors. Since I am dealing with the transit results of Venus through Leo and its likely impact in the stock and commodity markets, my astrological predictions are confined only from July 05 till August 01, 2010 in respect of the above sectors of stock and commodity markets.  Nothing has been revealed beyond the above period. 

This is an astrological research paper in an almost untouched area in the field of predictive Astrology and solely intended for astrological academic and research purpose only. These are not trading or investment calls in the stock/commodity markets. Anybody using these astrological predictions for trading and investment purpose would be doing so solely at his/her own risk and we would not be held responsible for any financial consequences of such actions.

I have already explained that life of a person appears to be void without the Blessings of Venus. Never ignore Venus; it is the planet of sex, beauty, intelligent and wealth, which are the primary requirements of the human beings in the modern life in order to branding one’s life a Happy Life. Life appears to be meaningless to those who do not have a strong Venus in their birth chart.  Strong and passionate sex life and beauty is not possible without a good and disease free health and, as such, the Venus used to take care of the robust health, too. Only the extremely outstanding deeds of our past and present life coupled together confer us with the Blessings of Almighty God, which is translated into action with a very strong and benefic Venus in our natal chart. As such, in such an eventful circumstances, the delivery medium of the Wishes of Almighty God is through Venus only. In astrological parlance, no planet in this Universe is capable of delivering us the very essence of complete satisfaction of life other than Venus in the modern day context. The reason why, the Diamond, the Gem of Venus, has now become so popular among the lovely young guys and women including couples. Diamond has now become the symbolic of love and affections amongst the young lovers. Why not, it should be. But, Diamond does not suit every body and an astral analysis of Birth Chart by an expert astrologer in this line is astrologically advisable before going for such an expensive gemstone.   Interested to know whether a diamond would suit you or not and capable of fulfilling your long cherished dreams coming into true in reality. You would also be able to know whether you can garner wealth from the stock and commodity market and the most suitable sectors for you for investment, how to trade and when to trade and all astrological nitty-gritty for your success in trading in stock and commodity markets. Click here to know more.


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