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Weekly predictions on income, trading & investment(June 21 to 25 2010)

Last Updated: 6/19/2010 8:45:48 PM

Suchitra Das

See how the Indian stock market is likely to pan out during the week June 21 – June 25, 2010. Know your luck in trading, investment, speculation as well as earning and income from other sources. Know the probable market sentiments, likely direction, tips on the sectors on which you can concentrate on, etc. etc strictly astrologically. This is a must to be read weekly astrological guide for those who believe in astrology and want to enhance their income and trading luck through astral means.  The weekly predictions are based on Rasi according to transit planetary conditions in the zodiac. Other important facets of life like professional matter, jobs and career, educational and property matters including love and romance have also been appropriately highlighted in the prediction section against your Moon Sign. 


During the week under review, the silky Moon would be transited through Libra and Scorpio. While in Libra, she will be aspected by Ketu, a planet of negative sentiment. She will be moving to Scorpio on Thursday and receiving the friendly aspects of Mars and Jupiter besides Saturn, who is inimical to her. During this period, she would also form relationships with Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury, respectively, one by one. Of these 05 planets, Mars and Jupiter are favourably disposed to her while Rahu, Saturn and Mercury are having harmful bias against her.   During the period under review, the prince Mercury would also leave Taurus and enter his own sign Gemini where he will be aspected by his friend Saturn and would coexist with malefic Ketu and King Sun who are already tenanting the house.  The CNX Nifty is likely to trade within a range of approximately100 points during the week under review. 

 Astrologically, positive price momentum is likely to emerge in the stock prices of the following sectors on Thursday and Friday of the week under review. 

Now, see what the sleek and silky Moon is going to offer to you while proceeding through Libra and Scorpio with regard to your job prospects, income as well as other hot and beautiful things in life, which include entertainment, love and romance, too.

Profit through speculation, trading and investment are on the cards. Extra income would be flowing in through business ventures, partnership, exports and imports etc. You will have peace of mind, will get time to spare for entertainment and can have meaningful friendship with the members of opposite sex. Avoid Thursday and Friday.

A wonderful week with success coming from all fronts. There is likelihood of huge profits through investment, trading and speculation, success in professional matters, defeat to enemies, peace of mind, entertainment and comforts of bed. 

Thursday and Friday are wonderful and promising when you will have extra income coming through different sources like professional matters, business, trading and investment, job opportunities, friendship with the members of opposite sex, comforts of bed and overall a win-win situation in everything.

The transit of Moon through Libra and Scorpio is not likely to bring anything special to you. Maintain low profile, avoid confrontation, avoid taking any financial or investment/trading decision and take care of health.

A good week with plenty of opportunities for success in any ventures. Gains of money, gold and good clothes, achievement of desired goals, recognition from others, clearance of past dues and enjoyment of friendship with the members of opposite sex are a few likely features of the week. Avoid Thursday and Friday.
The beginning three days of the week are not promising while the remaining two days are excellent when you will have good income, gains in trading and investment, success in love affairs, marital bliss, job opportunities, good placement, recognition, etc.

Good relations with women and friends, good food. This period ensures that you get excellent and tasty food on time and in the most convenient way. Physical comforts of various kinds, nice clothes, perfumes and other desired worldly things would come to you more easily. It's a good time to enjoy the best of friends and acquaintances, especially friendships with females. These kinds of acquaintances would ensure more physical as well as emotional satisfaction to you. Your conjugal life would also get a happy boost, with some improvement and love in the relationship with your spouse. Overall, you will be happy. Some good fortune may come to you in other realms of life as well in the form of extra income, success in professional matters and gains through trading and investent. You may experience appreciation from your community or at the workplace that make you feel honoured. This could also be termed as a disease free time for you and your family. Avoid Thursday and Friday.

Avoid confrontation, take due care of the health and do not take any preemptive decision. The last two days of the week beginning with Thursday are promising when you are likely to have good income, good health, love and romance, gains in trading and investment, etc. 

Happiness, good friends, monetary gains, good comforts of bed and increase in respect are the probable outcome of the beginning three days of the week. The job seekers and match seekers may find their aspirations going to be fulfilled. There are probabilities of good profit from investment and trading, too. 

The entire week is full of wonderful things. Job seekers are likely to get suitable offers of job, success in profession, fulfillment of long cherished aspirations, success in love affairs, comforts of bed, recognition, extra and increased income and profit through trading and investment.
The job seekers are likely to get good news during the last two days of the week. There is likelihood of increased income through professional matters, trading and investment, etc.

The Moon’s transit through Libra and Scorpio is not likely to offer anything special to you. Take precautions while on roads and undertaking journeys, avoid taking any major decision in financial matter, avoid confrontation, etc.

We are also expert in giving accurate astrological predictions individually about one’s luck and fate in the stock market and how to enhance the income and earning prospect through simple astral remedies. Click here to know more.   It is always astrologically advisable to get the birth chart thoroughly assessed by an expert astrologer to know your astral luck and the areas where you stand strong for enhancing your income and earning prospects through simple astral remedies.      

These are not trading or investment advisories in the market but strictly astrological predictions and likely market pulse on the basis of planetary transit in the zodiac. For trading or investment decision, one should only consult a competent financial adviser or technical analyst of his choice for framing profitable trading strategies for him.


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