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Will Yeddyurappa survive in majority test?

Last Updated: 10/8/2010 2:14:29 PM

Will “Yeddyurappa” survive in majority test ?
VGR Pavan

The political situations prevailing in the Karanataka since last week had rased curtains for a very interesting “play” on 11 of October. The ruling C.M. Yeddyurappa , who has been facing a lot of problems since the inception was forced to pass the test of “Majority” on 11th of this month. He is facing opposition from his own party and trying with heart and vein to re-establish his govt. But rebels are always unpredictable. This interesting political scenario prompted me to analyze the following horary map and to attempt predict the outcome. Here I wish to disclaim that I am doing the following reading only with an academic interest and not at all to have fun with this troublesome situation. I am sure that readers will understand my point.

I assume that the Ascendant will represent Mr. Yeddyurappa and the meridian will show whether his “Power and authority” will persist or not. It (Meridian) should have connection with 10 (power), 6th (service), 11th (fulfillment of desire). 7th shows opponents and 3rd house shows supporters or same party members.

Dasa-bhukthi may not be so helpful (we should also check it as a safety measure). But transits play a big role because the event is going to happen shortly. We have to give due importance to the retrograde planets as they can “twist” the result.

Now, 10th sub lord is Venus lord of 1, 2 (not 6) in 6 in Rahu star and Mars sub. Rahu is in 8th in the star of Kethu in 2 (3,5) and denotes sign lord Jupiter lord of  9,11,12 in 11 in own star thus very strong but remember Jupiter is “retrograde” in 11th house. Thus Venus got the strong connection with 1, 2, 6 (no planets in her star), 8, 9, 11, 12 houses. Whether she will do good or not is to be decided by Mars (her sublord). He is lord of 7 (opponents) in 6 but in the star and sub of Jupiter and hence strong for 9, 11, 12 houses.

Thus the  favorableness or otherwise of Venus rests in the hands of mighty Jupiter who in direct motion indicate justice, wisdom, humanity etc. and lost most of these qualities and becomes selfish, dishonest and untrustworthy while in retro gradation. Some scholars are of the opinion that retrograde planets offer results in a way which is opposite to their natural characteristics otherwise planet behave conversely to their own nature when retrograde.

We have to cross check the strength of 11th cusp also by judging its sub lord. Here it is Saturn lord of 10th in 5 in Moon star and Jupiter sub. Moon in 5 but Jupiter is discussed above. Thus Saturn also is in a passive mode and play hide and seek. But placement of Saturn in 5 identical with an earthy sign is not a favorable point that too with Moon in her star. As there is no planet in his star and he is in 5 (12th to 10th ) in Moon star who is also in 5 indicates that the desire for re-installing his empire is not an easy thing.

If we see the DBAS, we find Moon-Mercury-Mercury till 23-10-2010. Moon as said above is strong in 5 in own star and Mercury sub. Mercury the lord of 3 (change) in Moon star and the catalyst node, Rahu’s sub. Rahu has a dual role here as he has to act as an agent for both Kethu and Jupiter. But Mercury mostly connected to 5th house is not a favorable testimony again.  If we check his position on the day of “Majority” we can find his role.

On that important day (oct-11) Day lord Moon (RP) in Saturn star (Anuradha) in 7th house favorably aspected by Saturn and Mercury from 5th house. Sun is in Mars star and sub. Mercury Moon star own sub identical with Moon at judgment. Sani in Jupiter sub Jupiter in Rahu sub. Venus will be in Rahu star and Moon sub. (She turns retrograde on 8th Oct very interestingly! Because she has a role to play as 10th sub lord. ).

From the above transit over the zones of significators of 5,8,11,12 houses it can be said that the winning of this contest is not going to be an easy one for Mr. Yeddyurappa and chances for re-establishing his empire are very remote.
If at all he forms the government then difficult situations may again arise in December as Jupiter will take direct course by that time. As in KP it is said that a result obtained during the time of a retrograde planet (who is the main planet) may fall through when he turns on direct.

Again I have to say that the above is only an astrological observation rather than an intentional presentation. With best wishes for Sri Yeddyurappa..
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