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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vedic Remedies, Olympics & Shabar Mantra

Please have a look at this detailed document on Vedic remedies for planets. It talks about various mantras for each planet (in English as well as in Sanskrit), mantra count and yantra etc. Good for ready reference for graha shanti. The document can be found here.

I also found outlook of a Western astrologer interesting on current Olympic games. Please check it out there.

This website has some good posts on Shabar Mantra, would be a good read if you can read Hindi.

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Beej Mantra for Each Planet

In last two posts I talked about Gemstones and Jadis for Graha Shanti. In this post I am touching another effective method for remedies called Beej Mantra. There are various mantras for planets suggested in our texts. Vedic mantra and Beej mantra (also referred as 'tantric mantra' sometimes) are among popular mantras for planet appeasement. It is said that in Kaliyuga, beej mantra gives results quickly and that is the reason we see astrologers suggesting beej mantra more often than the Vedic mantra. I personally don't believe in this theory and believe that both of the mantras are equally effective. Though this post is about Beej mantra, so here are the mantras for each planet -

Sun (Surya)
Om hram hrim hraum sah suryaya namah

Moon (Chandra)
Om shram shrim shraum sah chandraya namah

Mars (Mangal)
Om kram krim kraum sah bhaumaya namah

Mercury (Budh)
Om bram brim braum sah budhaya namah

Jupiter (Guru)
Om gram grim graum sah gurave namah

Venus (Shukra)
Om dram drim draum sah shukraya namah

Saturn (Shani)
Om pram prim praum sah shanaisharaya namah

Om bhram bhrim bhraum sah rahave namah

Om sram srim sraum sah ketave namah

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Lal Kitab Remedies & E-Book

In the last post, I talked about the Jadis for graha shanti. In my experience, like jadis, Lal Kitab remedies are also the fastest and most cost effective method for astrological remedies. Sometimes Lal Kitab remedies are also referred as 'Lal Kitab ke Totke' because of the nature and simplicity of the remedies. The remedies are as simple as keeping sometime at home or flowing something in running water. There are remedies for planet in each house. There is a book available on which talks about remedies of planet in each house, check it our here -
Book of Lal Kitab Remedies

This book is just to give you some idea of the remedies available in Lal Kitab. Though it is highly recommended to consult some good Lal Kitab astrologer before selecting remedies. Like gemstones, caution should be used while performing Lal Kitab remedies, as those remedies can backfire.

There are some remedies that author suggests can be done by everybody without the fear of backfire. These remedies are for general well being and tabulated in the section called "Remedies Applicable to All." Please check it as well.

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Jadi for Graha Shanti

Tree Roots for Appeasing Planets (Planetary Propitiation)

While writing my last post about gemstones, I thought it would be good to share my views on other way of remedies as well. There are various methods for graha shanti, including but not limited to ratna (gemstones), jadi (tree roots), totke, puja, yagya, havan, yantra, tantra, and mantra etc. Many a times, these methods are used together with each other.

I personally don't suggest Ratna very often due to two reasons. One, gemstones are very costly and second, as mentioned in the last post, gemstones are not very effective in reducing the ill affect of the planet. Though Ratnas can be very well used to improve the power of good planets. I personally found jadis, lal kitab remedies and mantras are more successful for graha shanti.

Here are the Jadis for each planet -

Sun: Bel (बेल), Bent (बेंत)

Moon: Khirni Mool (ख्रिरनी मूल)

Mars: Anant Mool (अनन्‍त मूल)

Mercury: Vidhara Mool (विधारा मूल)

Jupiter: Banana Root (केले की जड)

Venus: Arand Mool (अरंडे मूल)

Saturn: Dhature Ki Jad (धतूरे की जड)

Rahu: Asgandh (असगंध मूल)

Ketu: Banyan Tree Root (वटवृक्ष मूल)

The process of wearing jadis is similar to the process of warning gemstones. You can keep it in a cloth and put it either around the neck in a locket or tie it to your hand.

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gemstones & Remedies

Which Gemstone will suit me?

Truth behind the Vedic-Jyotish kept it survived from the attacks of various races, isms and governments. Jyotish(astrology) is a divine knowledge or a Super-science handed over to Sage Garga by Lord Brahma the creator himself. Later several Rishis and Munis added their findings, which were revealed to them during the trance or Samadhi.

Ratna (Gemstone) is the inseparable part of the Vedic –Jyotish. Sages revealed the miracle and occult powers of various Ratna. They found that Ratnas have the capacity to fulfill the desire. They can help you to achieve health, happiness and prosperity including spirituality.

Naturally if somebody wears a negative Ratna he or she will suffer unluck will envelope him.

According to Vedic astrology every planet radiates particular vibrations and rays. Ratna transmit this particular rays and vibrations into the body from the cosmic world.

It is an ardent duty of a vedic astrologer to guide a seeker that what kind of rays and vibrations are positive or harmonious for an individual. In other words what Ratna is capable to bring the health happiness and prosperity to an individual.

I am sorry to say 90% of persons wear wrong Ratna and Gemstones. That cause them various kind of trouble from ordinary to serious in their life.

I can remember a day when an aged father looking sad person, approached to me for the consultation, his son was in jail for the crime of murder.

During the analysis of the horoscope, I noticed that Jupiter and Venus were extremely malefic in that chart. I found that the young must be wearing the Gemstones related to these planets. As everybody knows the Diamond represents Venus and Yellow –Sapphire represents Jupiter.
These stones were very much negative for him and may cause him havoc. I told my finding to that gentleman. He was surprised by my bold saying and confirmed the findings. I thanked to the Vedic-brahmins who passed this great knowledge of astrology to humanity.

I have observed that lot of learned astrologers are able to pinpoint the negative and positive planets in the horoscope of a Jatak( seeker). So according to their knowledge to remove the negative effects of the planets they suggest the gemstones related to the malefic planet. According to me this is highly wrong.

It is a common fact that every Ratna is a small representative of a particular planet. It is capable to transfer the rays and vibrations of that planet. If you wear, it will transfer all this to you. so if you wear Ratna or Gem representing the negative planet. It will increase the power of the negative planet in your body too. It will bring unluck, problems and misery. In other word if you are increasing the power of your enemy.

According to great astrologer late. Shri Krishnamurthy it is wrong and actually doing the harm (wearing the Gemstones related to the negative planets). He says- Suppose Venus has caused Diabetes, If one suggests that sweets are governed by Venus and one taking much of sweets, will reduce the evil effects of Venus. How far this learned astrologer will be helpful to the patient.

Again, if Mars donates arrogance, independence, disobedience, etc. and thereby Mars threatening dispute among husband and wife, what is the meaning of suggesting to put on Coral(Moonga) indicated by Mars. Suppose due to evil Mars, one’s hut is in fire. Consider how wise the learned adviser is, if he suggests to pour highly inflammable ones one the fire, since inflammable governed by Mars.

If Saturn indicated laziness, lethargic and slow in one’s action, how can there by any benefit by painting the wall with blue color( blue color represents the Saturn), purchasing the blue cloth for curtain and blue car for his use. The result will be similar to an old (Saturn) deaf(Saturn) person crossing the road the Saturn afflicted driver or owner delaying in reducing the speed by applying the brake. Readers know what the results would be.

If Moon is evil and it threatens loose motion, if one suggests a liquid purgative to the patient what will be the result? If Moon threatens, drowning in one’s horoscope and if one uses Pearl according to an advice. Do you know what will happen? Mind you, Moon will keep him for some hours by the side of the Pearls at the bottom of the sea and after a few hours, lift his body up the surface and carry the bloated dead body to the shores.

So, what is the wise suggestion? Prof. Krishnamurthy says that when a house is in fire, we throw water and sand: when one is lazy, we give stimulant: when there is diabetes, we give insulin to control. Therefore, that which will nullify the evi is to be suggested. That planet, which is auspicious, is to be taken. Its Gem alone is to be used.

So to increase the power of positive planet one should wear the gemstone related to that. In other words try to increase the power of your friends. If they become powerful they will bound to help you.

In brief find the positive and negative planets in the horoscope. Wear the gemstones connected to the positive planets and perform Graha-shanti for the negative planets.

But most important aspect of Ratna and Gemstone’s is "time to wear". All the texts of astrology are agreed on one point that the most important is the time of buying and time of wearing. If you buy and wear a Gemstone at negative time it will bound to bring you bad luck , illness, loss, and failure etc.

One should not forget the puja(worship) of gemstone, according to his or her capacity. Vedic Astrology says all planets are the representative of various Gods and Goddesses. For the benefit of our readers we are giving a brief list of the planets their Gemstones and related God and Goddesses.

MoonPearlShiva /Parvati
MarsCoralDurga /Hanuman
JupiterYellow-SapphireGuru /Prajapita
SaturnBlue-SapphireShani /Bhairon
RahuGomedShani /Bahairon / Shesh-Naag
KetuCats eyestoneGanesha

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