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Monday, September 08, 2008

Good Time for Chatting and Making Friends, Days of Penpals have gone and this is the time of Netpals. Now-a-days people use Internet for finding friend, activity partner and date. In fact, Net has become the primary place for finding friends, love and life partner. In such a situation, it is important to know which are the good and bad time? Muhurta Chintamani suggests following muhurta for making friends -

* Pushya, Anuradha, and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra
* 8th and 12th tithi according to Hindu calendar
* Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
* Taitil Karan according to Hindu Calendar
* Venus in Ascedant or aspecting Ascendant

Please note that it is very difficult to get everything mentioned above in a single time. So you need to look for a time which has most of the above mentioned qualities. If you choose the time the way mentioned above, you will not only be successful in making friends but the friends will also be beneficial for you - this is the power of Muhurta.

You can get Hindu calendar calculation from any panchang or from our free astrology software

So when you think of chatting next time, don't forget to check the right muhurta ;-) Who knows that this muhurta has the key of your love and friendship.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Twin Births, Pregnancy & Lucky Names

What are the planetary combinations for the birth of twins? Can you predict whether the birth will be of twins?

Astrologically, Mercury is the principle planet behind twin birth. Dual signs Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces are also responsible for it. Virgo though not technically a dual sign, but owned by a dual planet mercury also responsible for some duality. Shri JN Bhasin, a famous astrologer, was of opinion that the exchange between lagna and third house produce twins if these planets also happen to be dual planets. In my forum, I have found a chart which can be a good case study for the twins. The birth details are as follows -

Date of Birth: 20/11/1968
Time of Birth: 5.29 A.M
Place Latitude: 9:14 North, Longitude: 76:13 East

Here are the charts -

Analysis -
It would be good to note the influence of Mercury and dual signs in this chart. Some of the interesting points that can produce twins can be seen from this chart -

1. Lagna and Moon is conjoining Mercury, the planet of duality
2. Lagna and Moon is also conjoining Mercury in Drekkana, the shodashvarga chart for siblings
3. Dekkana lagna is Gemini, a dual rasi
4. Lagna lord in 3rd in dual sign saggitarius
5. Third house lord Jupiter, also a dual planet due to owner of two dual signs, is in Virgo
6. Jupiter is again in Virgo in Drekkana

Similarly, if you are applying these principles from the parents charts, you need to judge 5th house, the house for children, and check the influence of dual planet and dual signs on this house. You also need to check Saptamamsa, the shodashvarga chart for children.

I have written few articles on pregnancy recently, so though to share some other views as well. Here is one article on this subject.

This article on selecting names using KP Astrology will also be an interesting read.

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Planetary Combinations for IT/ Software Jobs

9 planets and 9 million jobs, finding the profession of a person is very daunting task for an astrologer. On top of that all the classical texts on this subject are outdated. For example, neither Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra nor Brihat Jatak talk about what are the combinations for a software engineer or a project manager. Surely we can draw parallel to the professions given in classical text, but in my experience, it doesn't work most of the time.

No research or study has been done to update those classical texts. In absence of any such research, it is very difficult to distinguish between planetary combinations for different professions. In this article (may be a series of articles), I want to talk about my experience on vocation astrology.

In this post, I want to talk about my favorite profession - IT & Software. Being a software engineer, I have a lot of horoscopes of the people in this field. Knowing this profession, I also know that there is a lot of scope of research in this field. Some of the research areas are contract position vs. full time position, planetary combinations for being on project vs. being on bench (without any project), date of getting a project/ contract etc. These are the questions that keep coming to me repeatedly.

Even in software, there can be various possible options e.g. network engineer, QA engineer, project manager, software developer, and business analyst etc. all of them have different work profile and job functions which makes judgment even more difficult.

Anyways, based on my research, I have found that two planets that are responsible for bringing person in IT, are Mars and Sun. Mars is a planet for engineering and Sun is the planer for information technology. I know that not all astrologers will agree with me on this, and there are astrologers who may suggest planet like Jupiter, Mercury and Venus as the planet for IT. Though in my research I have found that Mars and Sun are the primary responsible planets for IT. If these two planets are conjoining or aspecting each other, it gives some indication of a job in IT.

If the Mercury is involved, chances are that the person is hard core programmer. Mercury gives good analytical brain which is important for programming. Venus & Moon can make a person graphics or UI designer. Jupiter can make a person software architect. Saturn can make one a System Programmer. Mercury gives an eye of details and bring best of the Software Quality Engineers. Mars being the planet of leadership makes one a project manager or product manager.

Generally strong communication is one of the necessary skills in IT. So we need to judge 2nd house, the house of oral communication and the Mercury, the planet of communication. A strong 2nd house and Mercury contributed a lot to the career of an IT personnel.

The people in IT are generally from the same education background. So it is also advisable to study the impact of these planets on the 9th house, the house of higher education. Though most of IT courses are mathematics centric, you will find impact of Mercury and NOT Mars and Sun on 9th house.

I am sure some example will add a lot of value to this article. Iwill try to share some case studies on this subject soon. Keep watching ;-)

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2. Book Review: Astrology of Professions by K.K.Pathak

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Predicting Minor Events Using Astrology

We have tons of books available on astrology but there are not many books that talk about predicting day to day events. Questions like what time power/ electricity will return, what time it will rain today and what time your son/daughter/brother will return from college are some questions those are difficult to answer using traditional methods.

One system of astrology which is very helpful in such cases is named KP System (Krishnamurti Paddhati). KP System defines a clear-cut methodology for predicting minor events (day to day events). You can predict even up to minutes and seconds. The method that is used in predicting minor events in called RP (Ruling Planets) method in KP System.

The Ruling Planets method is very simple in application. It suggests that the planets that will govern the time period when the question came into your mind will be the same as of fructification of the event. For example, I want to know what time my brother will return from the college. In this case the planets which are governing the moment when this question came into my mind will be the same as the planets governing the moment when he will return. It seems miraculous, isn't it?

I used this method a lot way back in 1995 when I started learning this system and got sufficiently good success percentage. Though I am not making regular use of this method now-a-days just because knowing such things are generally not much of practical use.

Coming to the point, yesterday I ordered one new LCD TV and few other electronic items as birthday gifts to my father. Though I made payment yesterday, they didn’t deliver it on time. Today morning I called them up and they said that it will be delivered by 4:00PM. Again I called them up around 4:30 PM and they said it will be delivered at 6:00PM for sure. Still it was not delivered and I was kind of disappointed. I waited till 7:50 and then decided to take help of RP. I asked following question to myself -

Query: What time the TV and other items will be delivered at my home?
Date of Query: August 18th, 2008
Time of Query: 7:50 PM
Place of Query: Agra

The ruling planet calculated were as follows –
Day Lord: Moon (as today is Monday)
Ascendant Sign Lord: Saturn
Ascendant Nakshatra Lord: Jupiter
Ascendant Sub Lord: Saturn
Moon Sign Lord: Saturn
Ascendant Nakshatra Lord: Jupiter
Ascendant Sub Lord: Saturn

To talk a few technicalities, few astrologers don't use Ascendant Sub Lord and Moon Sub lord, but as Ascendant and Moon were close conjunction I have used them as well. Even if we don't use them, I believe we will reach to the same conclusion. So the Ruling Planets are Moon, Saturn & Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter are very strong Ruling Planets by appearing multiple times in the list.

Now to get the fulfillment time of event, I need to fix the ascendant for the time of fulfillment of event (in this case delivery of some items, but it can be any event). I fixed ascendant in the sign of Jupiter, Nakshatra of Saturn, Sub of Saturn and Sub Sub of Moon. I checked that Ascendant will be transiting in Jupiter’s Rasi, Saturn's Nakshatra and Saturn's sub when it will be on 3 degree 20 minutes of Pisces sign. In Agra, we will have this ascendant at 8:25 PM and this will be the time of delivery, I predicted.

You will be happy to note, the way I was happy, that I get a call exactly at 8:25PM from the delivery boy who was standing next to my door and trying to reach me for few minutes. So the prediction was correct even to a minute, which may sound amazing. Though there is nothing to be amazed about, this is "Astrology".

How to learn this method
Here are few of the pointers for learning KP System -
1. K.P. Astrology Books
2. Best KP Astrology Books
3. KP Learning & Research Forum
4. KP Astrology label of this blog

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Badhak Graha, Badhakasthana & Badhakesh

Now there are so many rules in astrology, there is no consensus among astrologers which rule to take and which rule to leave. If we ask two astrologers to analyze the same chart for a known event, we will see two different analyses. One astrologer will use one theory to justify the same event and other will use another theory/ rule/ principle to do the same. As there are no common rules, we cannot say who is correct and who is not in the analysis. I strongly see a need for standardizing the rules, so that astrologers can at least discuss on the same platform and understand each other's language. Unavailability of common language is drastically hampering the progress and success of Vedic astrology.

Coming to the topic, Badhak Graha, Badhakasthana & Badhakesh is another rule where there is no consensus and astrologers utilize this rule the way they want. Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, the bible of Vedic astrology, defines Badhakshana as follows -

"For all movable signs, the 11th house therefrom is the badhaka sthana, for all fixed signs, the 9th therefrom are their badhakasthana and for all the dual signs, the 7th therefrom are their badkasthanas."

Thus for the 12 signs of the zodiac, the badhakasthanas are:
1. Aries: Aquarius
2. Taurus: Capricorn
3. Gemini: Sagittarius
4. Cancer: Taurus
5. Leo: Aries
6. Virgo: Pisces
7. Libra: Leo
8. Scorpio: Cancer
9. Sagittarius: Gemini
10. Capricorn: Scorpio
11. Aquarius: Libra
12. Pisces: Virgo

Badhak the word literally means to Obstruct meaning oppressing, harassing, paining, opposing , hindering, injuring, prejudicing from the root verb 'baadh' meaning to press , force, drive away, repel , remove.

Generally astrologers treat badhakasthana as malefic house and gives adverse result during its dasa. Though the usage and application differs from astrologer to astrologer and everybody applied his/ her own modifications. Let us see first what Mahirshi Parashara has to say about Badhaka. There are only two places where we see the reference of Badhaka in BPHS, both in the chapter "Effects of the Char etc. Dashas", as follows -

1. Kumbh, Vrishabh, Simh and Vrischik are Badhak Bhavas for the four Movable Rāśis: Mesh, Kark, Tula and Makar. In other words the 11th Rāśi to a Movable Rāśi is its Badhak Bhava. If there is a malefic in the Bhava, occupied by its Lord, or in Badhak Bhava of that Rāśi, there will be occasions of great sorrow, imprisonment and diseases during the Dasha.

2. There will be great danger, imprisonment during a journey, displeasure of Government and danger from enemies in the Dasha and Antar Dasha of the Rāśi, from which its Badhak Bhava, Vyaya, Ari and Randhr are occupied by Rahu. There will be loss, due to the displeasure of the king and danger therefrom in the Antar Dasha of the Rāśi, that is occupied by Sūrya, Mangal, Rahu and Śani. There will be the possibility of death, if the 5th and the 9th from the Antar Dasha Rāśi are occupied by a debilitated, or malefic Grah.

It is important to note that Maharishi Parashar has used Badhak only in reference with Chara dasha and not in general application. So should it be used with other dasa systems, especially Nakshatra based dasa systems like Vimshottari dasa, they way it is being used by present astrologers? For example, we don't see reference of badhaka in Vimshottari Dasa chapter, his favorite dasa to which he has devoted most number of chapters. Badhakasthana is a rasi based concept and it makes more sense to use it with a rasi based dasa like Chara dasa.

The point should also be noted that Mahirshi doesn't make any mention that the owner or occupant of badhakastha will prove malefic for the native. If badhakesh or the planet occupying badhakasthana are to be classified as malefics, it will violate other rules laid out by Maharishi. Generally it is accepted by all that any planet in 11th will give good results, by being Tri-Sharaya Pati. Similarly for Fixed Sign Badhak Rashi is 9th from it. 9th lord is considered yogakaraka by Maharshi Parasar and said that except the lord of Dusthanas, all planets give good results in this house. In Parasara Hora Sastra, in the Chapter of Vimshottari Dasa, all the Dasas andantardasas of Trines has been said to be good. Finally, for the dual rasi, the Seventh House is the Badhak rasi. Seventh house can be considered evil by being marka house, but we should note that the seventh house is also one of kendras and any planet in kendras give good results and in Parasara Hora Sastra, the dasas & antardasas of planets posted in kendras has been said to be good.

So in my opinion, occupants and owner of the badhakasthana cannot be considered malefic. The only point that we can take from Parashara Hora Shastra is that the (chara) dasa of a rasi will prove adverse if its badhakasthana is occupied by malefic planet or afflicted by malefics.

It is not that the confusion is there only among classical astrology. KP System is also started getting into this confusion. Sri KS Krishnamurti, the inventor of the system, has used signification of badhakasthana only for calculating longevity. According to KP System, conjoined dasa period of Maraka and Badhaka will prove fatal to the native. He has not classified badhakasthana as general malefic. KP astrologers later own started using it in the way it is being used by classical astrologers by considering badhaksthana, badhakasthanapati and planet occupied in badhakasthana as malefic, which seems incorrect to me.

In my opinion, we astrologers have so many rules (read - confusing rules) so that we can justify all our analysis. More numbers of rules means we have more ways to prove our points. It is the time for the astrologers to standarize on the rules otherwise we are not far from the day where astrology will be classified as a fraud.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The case of Pregnancy & KP System

Yesterday I showcased how we can use Saptamsa for doing detailed analysis on Pregnancy. Now using the same chart, I want to reemphasize the fact that divisions are very important in astrological analysis. Though this time, instead of using divisional chart, I want to use another divisions called Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP System). Krishnamurti Paddhati uses 249 divisions of zodiac and the smallest unit is called sub. (expert may differ because there are sub-sub and sub-sub-sub etc. but I want to keep it simple) The zodiac is divided similar to the division we use for Vimshattari Dasa calculation. I don’t want to go into the mathematical detail of this division, as there are many KP astrology software available for calculation purpose. is a free software which can give you detailed KP calculations.

The question under consideration was related to pregnancy issue due to hormonal imbalance and as a result of that the native is not able to conceive.
Time of Birth: 4:00 PM IST
Date of Birth: 15-05-1982
Place of Birth: Hydrabad (India)

As per KP System, 2, 5 & 11 houses are conductive for child birth whereas house 1, 4 and 12, negation of previous said houses, are not considered good for child birth.

Also in KP system all zodiac signs divided into two parts as follows –
Fruitful Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Semi-Fruitful Signs: Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, ad Sagittarius
Barren: Aries, Gemini, Leo and Virgo
Barren sings are also called sterile signs and are considered detrimental for the child birth.

Please note that I am using KP cuspal chart in this analysis. Now let us analyze the chart in the light of above mentioned KP System principles. The degree of 5th house comes under Saturn rasi, Mars Nakshatra and Rahu's sub. In traditional astrology, we generally consider only sign lord (Saturn in above case), but don’t use Nakshatra lord and Sub lord. Though in KP, we use all these planets. Saturn and Mars, cuspal sign lord and cuspal Nakshatra lord, both are gone to 12th house in KP chart which is malefic house and also 8th from the 5th house, not good for child birth.

The sub lord is the most important consideration for finding the possibility of happening the event, in this case child birth. Rahu, the sub lord of 5th cusp, is in Gemini in a barren sign, again shows the problem in progeny. As mentioned above, Barren sign are the sign which doesn’t allow child birth and should always be noted in case of the question of child birth. Rahu is in 9th house which is OK but in the Nakshatra of Jupiter who is in 1st house (12th to 2nd) and lord of 4th (12th to 5th – negation of 5th) and 7th. So even the KP system doesn’t give much hope in this case.

It is also worth noting that how all the systems give the same result. I personally prefer using multiple systems for cross-checking, though KP System is one of my favorite systems. Another point worth noting is that divisions are very important in astrological analysis and without using divisions, analysis is always going to be incomplete.

If time will permit, I'll try to demonstrate applicability and use of other astrological systems again using this chart.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Case of Pregnancy & Divisional Charts

Here is the birth detail of a native who has pregnancy problems due to hormonal imbalance and as a result of that she is not able to conceive.

Date of Birth: 15-05-1982
Time of Birth: 4:00 PM IST
Place of Birth: Hydrabad (India)

The purpose of this post it to communicate one very vital point of chart analysis named divisions. In my opinion, divisions are very important in Vedic astrology and without using divisions, it is very difficult to do an accurate analysis. Divisional charts are one of the divisions, other popular divisions are KP 249 sub divisions and Nadi divisions (Nadiamsa) which is used in Nadi astrology.

For the benefit of astrology students, I want to analyze this chart and using various methods and want to showcase how
- Each system is correct in its own way
- Divisions are very important

In Vedic astrology, for pregnancy we generally judge 5th house, 5th house lord and Putrakarak Jupiter. If these are badly placed in a chart, we can predict problem in pregnancy.

Let us analyze the Lagna chart, Moon's placement in Makara rasi is not good for 5th house, Moon being in enemy's camp. So 5th occupant Moon is definitely not very powerful. Now let us take a look at Saturn, the 5th lord. Saturn is in lagna in Kanya rasi with Mars. There is not direct affliction to Saturn other than that Saturn is with Mars an inimical planet to Saturn. Though this affliction is not much powerful due to following two reasons -
1. Mars has moved to house 12th house in Chalit chart, weakening the conjunction. Generally conjunctions are powerful if it is in the same house.
2. Though the conjunction is in the same sign but in different Nakshatra again weakening the conjunction.

Also Jupiter is not very badly placed. Jupiter is in 2nd house in the sign of Venus, though not friendly planet. But there no other detrimental aspects or yoga is constitued related to Jupiter.

So, there is not much affliction in Lagna chart related to pregnancy other than Moon and Jupiter in enemy sign. As we can see, though lagna chart alone it is very difficult to predict this problem.

Now let us study the divisional chart associated with the progeny and children i.e. Saptamsa. I generally follow divisional charts analysis rules suggested by Sheshari Iyer, with my own modifications. Please read some of my recent posts on divisional charts and division for more information. Here is one very important point to keep in mind while analyzing divisional charts -

“ We should not associate signification to divisional chart. We need to carry signification forward from lagna chart only. For example a planet in 5th in divisional chart but 12th in lagna chart will signify loss and not anything to do with 5th (the placement in divisional chart). With divisional chart, we just try to figure out whether a planet is malefic or benefic. Please see my old posts on divisional charts for more information“

Now let us analyze Saptamsa in the light of above principle and general Vedic astrology principles -
1. Saturn is in Lagna in enemy’s Simha rasi making it weak. As we know, Saturn is 5th lord in lagna chart.
2. Moon is neecha by being in vrishchik and also by association of Sun and Rahu. So moon is highly afflicted. As you remember, Moon signifies children by being in 5th house of Lagna chart.
As mentioned above, the signification should always be taken from lagna chart. Moon being a watery planet gives clear indication of hormonal imbalance.

You can see from the above analysis that Saptamsa chart gives us very clear picture of the problem. Saptamsa not only tells us clearly that there is problem related to pregnancy but also it tells that the problem is related to hormonal imbalance. Without using Saptamsa, we might have missed many vital points. As the Moon is worst affected in birth chart, she should be suggested remedy for the Moon first followed by Saturn. As Jupiter is OK, there is slight hope.

Above is my analysis based on Parashari system. In the next post, we will analyze the same chart using another divisional method called KP System (Krishnamurti Paddhati).

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tips to the Astrologers

Astrology is a complex subject, probably the most difficult and challenging subject given to the mankind. On top of that, thousands of texts are there to confuse the student. Most of these texts doesn’t talk about the methodology of analyzing a chart. I am starting a series where I will try to share some important points that all students of astrology must know. None of these is either researched or invented by me. This is just a collection of few of the important points that I want to share and that I have tested, verified and found proven.

1. Divisions – the Secret of Astrology
In order to predict correctly, you need to use divisions. Various divisions are available. Sage Parashara has proposed Shodashvarga or 16 divisions of Rashi. Brilliant astrologer Shri K S Krishnamurthy has proposed 249 divisions of zodiac based on Vimshottari Dasha system. The research is also going on Nadi Amsa or 150 divisions of the sign. It is said that Nadi astrology extensively uses Nadi Amsa, but the predictive use of the Amsa needs to be discovered.
If you are using Parashahri astrology also called classical astrology or traditional astrology, missing Shodashvarga means missing something very vital and important. There are not many classical astrology books that tell you how to use different Varga charts. “New Techniques of Perditions” by Shri Sheshadri Iyer is one very good book to learn application of Shodashvarga. One of the most respected astrologers of present time, Shri K N Rao also vouches for this book. I believe that he uses the principles given in this book for his Shodashvarga interpretations.

2. Nakshatra Dasha or Rashi Dasha
Sage Parashara has propounded various dasha systems in the most celebrated text of Vedic astrology named Brihat Prarashar Hora Shastra. Some of those dashas are Nakshatra (constellation) based dashas and some others are Rashi (sign) based. For example Vimshottari Dasha, also called Udu Dasa, is a Nakshatra based dasha system whereas Chara dasha is a rashi based dasa. If you are using Nakshatra based dasha, you will be able to correctly time the even only if you will also be using Nakshatra Position of the planets. Merely position of the planets in Rashi will not give you the correct result. It is one of the reasons behind the accuracy of Krishnamurthy Paddhati (KP System). In order to judge the effect of a planet, one need not only judge the position of the planet in the sign but also needs to check the constellation lord of that planet. Shari Sheshadri Iyer used to call Nakshatra lord as Sukshma Lord and Rashi Lord as the Sthoola Lord. According to Krishnamurthy Paddhati, the planet not only gives the results of house occupied and owned but itself but also gives the result of the house owned and occupied by its Nakshatra Lord.

3. How to determine Signification of Planets
All the fundamental 16 charts (Shodashvarga) that we cast in classical astrology including Lagna Chart and Navamnsa Chart cannot be used for checking the house position. These are only for judging the nature and power of the planet. For determining the effects that it will give during its Dasaha period, you need to find out the house position of the planet. Rashi Chart, also called Lagna Chakra, or any other Shodashvarga chart cannot be used for this purpose as these charts just suggest the rashi divisions. You need to use the Bhava Madhya Chakra as proposed by Sripati in order to determine the correct house position of the planet, and hence the house signified by the planet. However KP System proposes Placidus house system for house calculation.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Teachings of Sheshadri Iyer

Sheshadri Iyer is regarded among the greatest astrologers of last centuries. Here is a good summary of few of the Iyer's important teachings -

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Combination for Call Center Job

I have found, in my experience, that job should be seen by 1st house and not by 10th house. First when I had seen famous astrologer J.N. Bhasin suggesting the same, I rejected it outright without checking it practically. But with the time I have found that it is really true. Probably now a days job has so influencing affect on human life that can be seen from the 1st house.

For a job in call center, we should see the influence of Mercury (communication/ call/ phone) and Saturn (night job) on lagna. One can also check the same on Dasamsa chart as well. If Mercury and Saturn are influencing lagna, we can say confidently that one is working for Call Center.

I had quite a few charts for call center employees that I'll try to post in future. You should try it yourself and let me know your opinion.

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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Text Book of Scientific Hindu Astrology

Few days back I had written about "Astrology Books and Authors for beginners." There I missed out one very good book. It is "Text Book of Scientific Hindu Astrology" by Prof. P.S. Sastri published by Ranjan Publications, the leading publication of Vaidic astrology books in the world. The major feature of this book is, it encompasses most of the text by our sages. You will find it a complete book for beginners. The perspective of Author is very clear. He tried to stick to the Vedic astrology principles and given example horoscopes whenever required. He didn't hesitate to take ideas of western school of astrology, if he found them useful. But beware that this book requires a lot of patience, as it is an abstract of all Vedic texts. Due to broadness of the subject covered, it will take time to grasp for astrology beginners. Anyway, a must have book for astrology student.


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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Astrologer's Quick Thought of the Day

Ketu in 7th house shows some happening (mostly negative) related to marriage. If the 12th house is also involved, it shows non-conformist marriage.


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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Reading Horoscope Like a Novel

I am practicing astrology over a decade now. But still it looks that I don't know much about astrology. Astrology is an infinite ocean of wisdom and we play with few drops only. I have experimented a lot with KP system. KP is a wonderful system but it has it's own limitations. The biggest limitation is the lack of research on this branch. Shri K.S. Krishnamurti, the originator of this system, developed few formulae in natal and horary astrology. I have found them around 90% correct, probably more than any branch of astrology. But those are limited. You can time events with amazing accuracy and you can answer certain queries with tremendous precision, but the research is not there on other part. It lots depend on vedic astrology for predicting events. I firmly believe a good astrologer can read a horoscope like a novel. I am far from that and :-( and I have not seen such an astrologer in my life. But take the

example of Bhrigu Samhita and Nadi. You will find nearly everything in the life of native is traced from going through horoscope. Bhrigu Samhita and Nadi are based on nothing but vedic astrology principles. I found that reverse engineering of horoscopes given in Bhrigu Samhita & Nadi is possible with normal level of vedic astrology knowledge. But forward engineering is not as easy. It is the problem with astrology itself. You can justify the past events very well seeing the horoscope but it is not easy to foretell the future events.

I firmly believe that those principles are lying with us here only. Those are nothing special, just we have to understand them. If one can master the principles given in Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra (BPHS in short), we can predict at least few events if not all very accurately. Oh, I am telling nothing great... uhum???? yes, but I think, we have to study BPHS from new angle this time. We can get a lot of things out of this. Hoping to get comments from all learned reader of this website.

Ho Ho Ho, you were expecting some tips from me, and what you got is a suggestion to read BPHS that you were already knowing? But don't worry and stay tuned with this website, it is my introductory post. You will definately see some interesting and informative articles in future.


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