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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Predicting Minor Events Using Astrology

We have tons of books available on astrology but there are not many books that talk about predicting day to day events. Questions like what time power/ electricity will return, what time it will rain today and what time your son/daughter/brother will return from college are some questions those are difficult to answer using traditional methods.

One system of astrology which is very helpful in such cases is named KP System (Krishnamurti Paddhati). KP System defines a clear-cut methodology for predicting minor events (day to day events). You can predict even up to minutes and seconds. The method that is used in predicting minor events in called RP (Ruling Planets) method in KP System.

The Ruling Planets method is very simple in application. It suggests that the planets that will govern the time period when the question came into your mind will be the same as of fructification of the event. For example, I want to know what time my brother will return from the college. In this case the planets which are governing the moment when this question came into my mind will be the same as the planets governing the moment when he will return. It seems miraculous, isn't it?

I used this method a lot way back in 1995 when I started learning this system and got sufficiently good success percentage. Though I am not making regular use of this method now-a-days just because knowing such things are generally not much of practical use.

Coming to the point, yesterday I ordered one new LCD TV and few other electronic items as birthday gifts to my father. Though I made payment yesterday, they didn’t deliver it on time. Today morning I called them up and they said that it will be delivered by 4:00PM. Again I called them up around 4:30 PM and they said it will be delivered at 6:00PM for sure. Still it was not delivered and I was kind of disappointed. I waited till 7:50 and then decided to take help of RP. I asked following question to myself -

Query: What time the TV and other items will be delivered at my home?
Date of Query: August 18th, 2008
Time of Query: 7:50 PM
Place of Query: Agra

The ruling planet calculated were as follows –
Day Lord: Moon (as today is Monday)
Ascendant Sign Lord: Saturn
Ascendant Nakshatra Lord: Jupiter
Ascendant Sub Lord: Saturn
Moon Sign Lord: Saturn
Ascendant Nakshatra Lord: Jupiter
Ascendant Sub Lord: Saturn

To talk a few technicalities, few astrologers don't use Ascendant Sub Lord and Moon Sub lord, but as Ascendant and Moon were close conjunction I have used them as well. Even if we don't use them, I believe we will reach to the same conclusion. So the Ruling Planets are Moon, Saturn & Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter are very strong Ruling Planets by appearing multiple times in the list.

Now to get the fulfillment time of event, I need to fix the ascendant for the time of fulfillment of event (in this case delivery of some items, but it can be any event). I fixed ascendant in the sign of Jupiter, Nakshatra of Saturn, Sub of Saturn and Sub Sub of Moon. I checked that Ascendant will be transiting in Jupiter’s Rasi, Saturn's Nakshatra and Saturn's sub when it will be on 3 degree 20 minutes of Pisces sign. In Agra, we will have this ascendant at 8:25 PM and this will be the time of delivery, I predicted.

You will be happy to note, the way I was happy, that I get a call exactly at 8:25PM from the delivery boy who was standing next to my door and trying to reach me for few minutes. So the prediction was correct even to a minute, which may sound amazing. Though there is nothing to be amazed about, this is "Astrology".

How to learn this method
Here are few of the pointers for learning KP System -
1. K.P. Astrology Books
2. Best KP Astrology Books
3. KP Learning & Research Forum
4. KP Astrology label of this blog

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