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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jyotish Tutorial

People keep asking me about free resources on Internet where they can learn astrology. This blog has lots of astrology articles whereas related website provides all the necessary tools to create a horoscope. I have written tutorial but that is on KP System which is advanced system of astrology and can be slightly confusing for beginners. There are also plenty of free e-books available on Internet, but those as well not that well suited for beginners. As we know there are many resources on Internet, but it is difficult to find a systematic tutorial on Vedic astrology for beginners.

Having said that, Now-a-days, I generally recommend these two online tutorials to Jyotish enthusiasts -
Both the tutorials are from scribd, so can be downloaded in PDF format for later reference. The first tutorial based on KN Rao's PAC DARES methodology which is a nice way to explain some important Jyotish concept. The second tutorial is comprehensive enough to give a good start to a beginner.

I must tell here that there are too many systems in Vedic astrology and no tutorial and no book can cover them all. At the end of the day, an astrologer has to devise his own methodology which suits him most. These tutorials will just help you getting basics and you should refer to the e-books mentioned in the related article section to improvise your knowledge further.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sade Sati in Year 2008

Recently I have written article about Shani Sade Sati. In that article I explained what is Sade Sati, what is Dhaiya, what are the remedies for Sade Sati etc. In this quick article, I want to mention the rashi for which sade sati is running currently. Currently Shani (Saturn) is in Simha rashi (Leo Sign). As mentioned in my previous article, when Saturn is transiting through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the natal (birth) moon, this is termed as Sade-sati.

For the people who have Virgo Moon sign (Kanya Rashi), Saturn will be passing through the 12th from Moon.
For the people who have Leo Moon sign (Simha Rashi), Saturn will be transiting over Moon (1st from Moon).
For the people who have Cancer Moon sign (Karka or Kataka Rashi), Saturn will be passing through the 2nd from Moon.

Hence presently Sade Sati is going on for Virgo, Leo, and Cancer Moon sign.

As the Dhaiya/Adhayia /Panoti is from 4th and 8th from Moon, the people having Taurus Moon sign (Vrishabha Rashi) or Scorpio Moon Sign (Vrishchik Rashi) are under the influence of Dhaiya/Adhayia /Panoti.

Saturn is going to be in Leo for the rest of this year so above will be true for remaining 2008.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Shani Sade-Sati

There are total 12 signs. Sade Sati is a relative position of your sign where Moon is posited in your birth chart (Moon Sign or Rashi) and the current position of Saturn (Shani). The currently planetary position is called Transit position or Gochar position in astrological terminology. When Saturn is transiting through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the natal (birth) moon, this is termed as Sade-sati. Sate-sati starts when Saturn (Shani) enters the 12th sign from the birth Moon and ends when Saturn leaves 2nd sign from the birth Moon. "Sade-sati" literally means 7 ½ i.e. 'seven and a half'. Saturn stays 2 ½ years on an average in a sign. So, in three signs combined, Saturn stays for 7 ½ and hence it is called sade-sati.

Similarly, when Saturn passes through the 4th house from the birth moon, it is supposed to give negative results. This position of Saturn is called Ardha Sade-sati (Half-Sade-sati) or Dhaiya, Panoti, or Adhayia. Some people consider the transit of Saturn from the 5th house of the natal moon as negative because it affects the quality of one’s judgment. When Saturn passes through the 8th house from the natal moon, it is called Astham Sani (8th Saturn). This 8th house transit is considered equally negative like the Sade-sati transit.

Sade-sati is very much hyped by Vedic astrologers and this period of seven and a half year is said to be very inauspicious. According to some, this is a period with many challenges, some unforgettable. People passing through the period of sade-sati, people may encounter road accidents, fractures, sudden falls from high positions, acute shortage of money, serious health problems and so on. Person passing through sade-sati is prescribed various remedies and parihars like mantra, japa, donation, and havan etc.

There are total 12 signs and as Saturn takes 2 ½ years to pass one sign, Saturn takes total 30 years for pass through all the 12 signs. Out of each 30 years, 7 ½ year are taken by sade-sati. If we include Dhaiya also, out of 30 years 12 ½ years are affected by Sade-sati and Dhaiya. If we also include 5th house and 8th house, we can add another 5 years which means out of each 30 years 17 ½ years are considered inauspicious due to Saturn transit.

There are two reasons for the existence of sade-sati. First, astrologers need some ways by which they can scare people and make money. By associating Sade-sati with Saturn, it is easy to scare poor people and make money in by suggesting gemstones and performing remedies for them. Sade-sati, like Kalsarpa dosha, is a good way for astrologers and pundits to make money. Secondly, astrologers who don’t understand astrology need some ways to explain bad events astrologically. As we have seen above, out of every 30 years, 17 ½ years are classified problematic by astrologers so they can easily blame Saturn for any problem in life. This is nothing but sheer lack of astrological knowledge.

In astrology, the birth chart (Janam kundli) should be studied in totality and an astrologer need to see various points like planet’s rashi position, Nakshatra position, position in various divisional charts, bala, aspects, various dasas etc. before concluding anything. The astrologers who don’t have knowledge of analyzing birth chart in totality depend upon concept like sade-sati and kalsarpa dosha for explaining all negative events.

How to Calculate Sade-Sati?
You need to know your moon sign to knowing your sade sati period. If you don't already know your moon sign, you can use for knowing it. Once you know your Moon sign, go again to and cast the chart for today (by entering today's date and time) and check the sign where Saturn is posited. If the present sign of Saturn is equal to the sign of Moon, previous sign of Moon or next sign of Moon, it means you are passing though the sade sati. For example your Moon sign is Virgo (sign number 6), then if Saturn is in sign number 5 (Leo), 6 (Virgo) or 7 (Libra), you are passing though Sade-sati period.

Remedies for Sade-Sati
OK, what should be the remedies for Sade-Sati? According to me, there is no remedy require for Sade Sati. As mentioned above, Sade-sati is nothing but either a money making tool for an astrologer or result of astrologer's lack of knowledge. There are thousands of examples where a person got fame, fortune and finance during the period of Sade-sati. Indira Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, and Bill Clinton are much quoted such examples. The objective of this post to make my readers understand sade sati and understand that there is nothing to fear about. If you are facing any problem in life, the birth chart should be analyzed in totality and the remedies should be performed accordingly. Please, please, please don’t get influenced by fraud astrologers and disturb your mental peace & waste your money.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sun Signs or Moon Signs, Dainik Rashiphal or daily predictions are probably the most read items in the news papers, magazines, and the websites. As a daily forecast reader, you need to know the system behind writing forecasts then only reading forecasts make any sense. For example, if the forecasts are written for the sun signs, reader it using your moon sign is incorrect. You need to know whether the predictions are written for the sun signs or the moon signs. You also need to know whether the sun sign or the moon sign forecast is calculated for Western zodiac (Western rashi chakra) or Hindu zodiac (Hindu rashi chakra).

Let me explain. The universe is divided into 12 equal parts and each of this part has been named as a sign. For example, the first part is called Aries sign or Mesha rashi, second part is called Taurus sign or Vrishabaha rashi and so on. Mathematically speaking universe is measure as a circle of 360 degree and by dividing it in 12 equal parts, a sign comes out of 30 degrees each. Sunsign is the sign, where the Sun was posited in the birth chart. Similarly Moon sign is the sign where the Moon was posited during the time of birth.

Though before going into the detail of sunsign and moonsign, I would like to tell the difference between the measurement method of Westerns and Hindus. There is a difference in the way Westerns mesure the postion of heavenly bodies than the Hindus. The Westerns calculate the position of heavenly bodies from a fixed point whereas Hindus use a variable point. The Western degrees differ from Hindus degree by a factor called Ayanamsa. Ayanamsa is simply a difference in the point of reference. Right now, broadly Western zodiac differs from the Hindu zodiac by 23 degree.

Sun Signs
Coming back to the point of Sun Sign, knowing Sun Sign is easy because sun stays in a sign for almost a month and it is almost same for every year. For Western zodiac, these are the dates currently for Sun staying in various signs –
1. Aries - March 21 - April 20
2. Taurus - April 21 - May 21
3. Gemini - May 22 - June 21
4. Cancer - June 22 - July 22
5. Leo - July 23 -August 23
6. Virgo - August 22 - September 22
7. Libra - September 24 - October 23
8. Scorpio - October 24 - November 22
9. Sagittarius - November 23 - December 21
10. Capricorn - December 22 - January 20
11. Aquarius - January 21 - February 19
12. Pisces - February 20- March 20

For Hindi zodiac, the present dates are as follows –
1. Aries- April 14 - May 15
2. Taurus- May 15 - June 15
3. Gemini- June 15 - July 16
4. Cancer- July 16 - August 17
5. Leo- August 17 - September 17
6. Virgo- September 17 - October 17
7. Libra- October 17 - November 16
8. Scorpio- November 16 - December 16
9. Sagittarius- December 16 - January 14
10. Capricorn- January 14 - February 13
11. Aquarius- February 13 - March 14
12. Pisces- March 14 - April 14

So you must know whether the horoscope/ rashiphal is written for Western Sun Sin or Hindu/ Vedic Sun Sign and only then you can figure out which sign to read.
Generally Hindu/ Vedic astrologers prefer Moon sign whereas as Western astrologers prefer Sun sign for writing horoscopes.

Though in case the date is lying at the junction point e.g. 14th April, it is advisable to use any astrology software for knowing the sunsign precisely. You can use, a free online astrology software for this purpose.

Moon Signs
Coming to the moon sign, there are no fixed dates for Moon for every year for each sign and hence it is difficult to have a reference table the way we have for sunsign. You need to use astrology software for finding your Moonsign. In Hindus there is a tradition to name a child based on the Moonsign at the time of birth of the child. In case the child was named on the moonsign at the time of his birth, you can figure out the moonsign by the name using following table –
1 Mesha (Aries) - chu , che , cho , la , li , lu , le , lo ,a
2. Vrishabh(Taurus) - ee, uu,ae, o , va , vi , vu , ve , vo
3. Mithuna (Gemini)- ka , ki , ha , ku , gha , rh, ch , ke , ko
4. Karka (Cancer)- hu , he , ho , da , di , du , de , do
5. Simha ( Leo) - ma , me , mu , me , tta , tti , ttu , tte
6. Kanya (Virgo) - to , pa , pi , pu , sh , rhn, tha, pe , po
7. Tula ( Libra) - ra , ri , ru , re , ro , ta , ti , tu , te
8. Vrishchik (Scorpio) - na , ni , nu , ne , no, ya , yi , yu
9. Dhanu( Sagittarius)- ye , yo , bh , bhi , bhu , bhe ,dha , pha , rha
10. Makar ( Capricorn)- bho , ja, ji , ju , je, jo , khi, khu, khe,kho,ga , gi
11. Kumbha (Aquarius)- gu, ge , go , saa , si , su , se , so , da
12. Meena (Pisces)- di , du , tha , jha , eeyan , de , do , cha , chi

Let us take an example. My name is Punit. It starts with alphebets ‘pu’ which is found in front of Virgo sign in above table. So as per Hindu astrology, my moon sign should be Virgo provided I was named on my Moon sign. If I was not named using my moon sign, calculating moon sign or rashi using this method is not correct. In case you are not sure whether you are named on your moon sign or not, it is advisable to use any astrology software and check check in which sign the moon was situated at the time of your birth.

Though this is not the end of the all the confusions. There are the times when the horoscopes are written using raising sings also called ascendant or lagna. In Hindu astrology, sometimes rashiphals are also written for Nakshatra (constallations or the 27 divisions of zodiac). Rising signs and nakshatras forecasts are not as popular as sun sigs or moon sings forecasts but you can invariably find them in some magazines. The best way to calculate your raising sign or Nakshatra is by using software like

Tools, Tables and Calculators
1. AstroSage – Free online astrology software
2. Moon Sign Calculator
3. Nakshatra Table
4. Moon Signs Horoscopes (Chandra Rashi Rashiphal)

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SunSigns or MoonSigns

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

YouTube for Vedic Astrology Books

How to find a Vedic astrology book on Internet?

You might be aware of, a popular website for sharing videos. On the same line, there is a website for sharing documents. On this website you get almost all classical texts and lots of new books on vedic astrology. This website is not just for astrological books, and like youtube, you can search document on any subject here. I believe it also allows you to download the document for future reference. Like YouTube, it also has a related document section, so you will find similar files on the right pane. For example, I searched for Saravali, and also found Phaladeepika, Bhrigu Sutram, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra etc. in the related documents list.

Here are the direct links to some of the classical books on vedic astrology
Stri Jatak
Satya Jataka
Bhavartha Ratnakara
Bhrigu Sutras
Phala Deepika
Kalyana Varma's Saravali
Mantreshwara's Phaladeepika
Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra
Jaimini Sutra (Commentory by Bangalore Suryanaran Rao)

Some of these documents may also be of your interest -
Mantras and remedies for the nine planets
Jyotish Alpha & Beta
FAQ on Retrograde Planets
Vedic Calendar
Loss and Gain in Career
Sri Yantra and Sideral Astology
Effects of Navamsa
Nabhasha Yoga

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Friday, June 27, 2008 Updates

Yesterday, due to some technical issues with our hosting company, the AstroSage website was down. The issues has been resolved and it is up and running now. We apologise for the inconvenience. You can visit the website at now.

I would also want to utilize this post to communicate that now you can subscribe your daily predictions (dainik rashifal) on you e-mail. Just go to the following page and fill-in your email id. We will send your daily horoscope in your email once in each day.

We would also like to hear your experience with, and any suggestions you have. Please provide your feedback here. Let us know what features you are looking for in and we will try to incorporate those features during future enhancements.

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Monday, June 09, 2008 updates on Mobile Phones

Now you can subscribe to updates from and me on your mobile phones using Twitter. Just subscribe to my twitter account by clicking following link -

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Free Online Horoscope Matching

Vedic Astrology based horoscope matching is the most scientific way of compatibility match between man and woman. It has been used since ages by Hindus to choose prospective bride and groom before getting married. It is not merely an ancestral practice but is a way to get the knowledge regarding the nature, features, love, sex and the social compatibility. uses various principle of Vedic astrology like Ashatakoot Guna Milap (36 points matching) and Manglik Dosha (marriage defect due to the planet mars) etc. to make a details compatibility analysis and present an easy to understand report. You can find this free online software at -

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Rahu Kaal, Hora & Chogadia

I am pleased to announce that now you can get most accurate rahu kalam, chogadia and hora on is different from any other website because it is the only website which gives you accurate calculation based on Vedic astrology principles. According to Vedic astrology, Rahu Kaal, Hora and Chogadia needs to be calculated based on the sunrise of the place. So these calculation for Delhi and Mumbai will not be the same. All website ignores this fact and just gives you approximation which is not useful at all. uses world class AstroCAMP astrological engine to produce most accurate calculations.

So why to wait, check today's chogadia, rahu kaal and hora by clicking here.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Difference Between Lagna & Chalit Chart

Somebody on my Orkut Vedic Astrology Forum asked me the difference between Lagna Chart(Rasi Kundli) and Chalit Chart. I believe that it is very important and least understood point in Vedic Astrology. In my recent post "Tips to the Astrologers", I hinted the answer of this question but there was no elaboration. Here is a little detailed reply.

The Lagna Chart, also known as Rasi Chart, talks about the relative positions of planet for identifying the nature of the planet (benefic/ malefic etc.) and relationship with other planets. For example, a planet 6th, 8th, or 12th from lagna is not good for langa. On the other hand, Chalit chart tells about planet's house position also called planet siginifcation. For example if a planet is in 8th in lagna kundli but in 7th in chalit kundli, it means that you will get the result of 7th house during the dasa period of that planet. Due to being in 8th in lagna chart, the result may be malefic, so it shows problem in marriage.

Assessing house position from Lagna Kundli is not correct. This is the reason we see cuspal chart is being used in KP System for assessing the signification and synthesizing the result with dasa. In case the planets are shifting in Chalit Chart, in dasa period of a planet, it is recommended to predict the result of house with which the planet is associated in Chalit chart and NOT in Lagna chart.

The Chalit chart requires some mathematical calculation and that is the reason it was not very popular. But now with easy availability of computers, it is important that astrologers start using Chalit chart.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

How Can I Figure Out What My Moon Sign Is

I have seen lots of people asking this question on Internet. They want to know their moon sign and don't find any reliable place where they can do so. For them, I just want to inform that moon sign calculator is one very advanced tool based on our AstroWeb software which tells your moon sign accurately. Click on the moon sign calculator velow to find out your moon sign -
Moon Sign Calculator

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tribute to KS Krishnamurti

Today is the day when Shri KS Krishnamurti, the man behing KP System (also called Krishnamurti Paddhati), left us on 29th March 1972. This post is my tribute to that genius sole.

Astrology is a vast subject with so many books and systems. I myself have studied few of these systems including Parashari, Jaimini, Western, Lal Kitab and Krishnamurthi Paddhati. With the Internet, it has become easier to keep in touch with the latest research in this field. Shri Sheshadri Iyer, and Gopal Krishna Meena etc. are some names that we see quoted in various magazines and books as genuine researchers. We also see astrologers like BV Raman are regarded as people who revitalized astrology during the dooming period. There are others like Pt. Roop Chand Joshi, creator of Lal Kitab, who also contributed astrology with his fresh thoughts and unique approach. There are few more names that we can add to this list of astrology contributors, though it is not the purpose of this post.

Among all these learned and unique souls, I think that Shri KS Krishnamurti held one very special position. There are various reasons to say that. First of all, he is probably the only astrologer who thought fresh and innovative. Unlike Shri Sheshadri Iyer and lots of other astrologers, who tried to find answers of their questions in existing texts, KSK never feared to experiment and adopt something altogether new and different. He also never feared to use harsh language for the methods that don't work. One another important feature of Shri KSK's teaching is that he taught understanding the mind of 21st century. 21st century mind wanted a method which is well defined in nature and produce results continuously without any ambiguity of application.

I normally fear calling astrology a science because I think that astrology is much beyond the science and cannot be explained using present tools and methods of science. Though I have no fear to say that KP System has tried to bridge the gap between science and astrology. Being a software professional, I personally believe that there will be a time when we will be able to create a software programs which will be able to predict accurately certain aspects of human life. I am able to say this just because we have a system called KP System. I can not think of any other system which can take computerization of predictive astrology to that level.

Another important feature of KSK is that he never claimed that god came in his dream and told the secret of astrology or he has some divine power that helped him. He always emphasized that the practical research is required and that is the only way to improve astrology. He himself shown that approach and also cleared the path for future researches.

The researches like usage of placidus house division system with nirayan zodiac, 249 divisions of zodiac, sub lord, planet gives result of it's nakshatra, KP Horary are amazing contributions by a single person in one single life. Not only he figured these out, he also told use how to use all these collectively in a form of a system. It is not that I am being emotional due to Mahanirvana divas. In fact, these are the thoughts that come in my mind whenever I study astrology. In whatever small I learnt in astrology, based on that I can say that the KP System is the biggest advancement in astrology during a long period.

My tribute to Krishnamurti ji. You have shown light of god to us.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Shodashvarga/ Divisional Charts Judgement Rules

In the last post I talked about the book “New Techniques of Prediction” by Shri Sheshadri Iyer. In that book he has proposed some fundamental rules for judging divisional charts. I have not used all these rules and not tested all of them. In fact, I am no expert in using Divisional Charts. I personally prefer mixing Krishnamurthy Paddhati with classical astrology for judgment. Nevertheless, I tried quite a few of them and found to be very useful in predictive astrology. Here are those rules -

1. The most important and necessary condition for a planet to give beneficial effect of the D chart is its relative good position from the lagna of that D-chart irrespective of other factors such as being in inimical or debilitated sign or aspect or conjunction with other planets. Thus under this theory primary factor is its position from D-lagna. If the planet be in places other than 3,6,8, and 12 (Dusthanas) it gives good results, its magnitude depending on other factors. But if they are in Dustnanas they always give bad results whatever their other results be.
But there are some exceptions to this:
a)Kuja even in 6th in all D charts does good for he aspects lagna from 6th.
b)Budha even in 8th in D-4 only gives good. Note the general theory of Budha being in 8 as being exceptionally lucky. It is only here and not in other D charts.
c)Shani though in 8 does not kill, is the general say. This holds good only in D-8 chart when Shani is in D-8 lagna and not elsewhere. Thus the above 3 exceptions have to be remembered.

2. Consider both the Rasi chart (D-1) and the divisional chart to weigh an effect. As stated above, position in D chart surpasses that in D-1 chart. Even though a planet is in bad bhava in D-1, he gives good effects of a D chart if he is there in good position from D lagna. Likewise however powerfully and favorably a planet is situated in D-1, if he is in Dustana in the D chart he gives bad effects of that D-chart.

3. Having concluded the good or bad effects as per Rules 1 and 2 above the magnitude of the effect has to be judged from both D-1 and D-charts as follows:
a.If the planet has any kind of Shadbalas [Temporal (Kalaja), Motional (chesta), exaltation (uccha), Directional (Digbala), Declinatory (Ayanabala), or positional (Sthanabala)] in D-chart and favourably situated from its Lagna it gives good effects of a higher magnitude, the more the quantum the more the simultaneous varied strengths. If in addition to this the planet is also powerfully situated in D-1 also excellent results of a superior degree happen.
b.Even a mere ordinary good position in D-chart coupled with strong position in D-1 (though in Dustana in D-1) gives effects of a higher order.
c.But, however strongly and favourably situated in D-1 if the planet be in Dustana in D-chart he does bad to that chart portfolio even if he is exalted or in his own house in that D-chart. All these establish the necessity of a planet being in good positions from the D-lagna to give the good results.

4. A combust or vanquished planet (in planetary fight) in D-1 is of no avail in D chart even if he is well placed and powerfully situated in D- Chart. He will give worst results to that D-effect if he is also badly placed in D-chart. It precisely amounts to dealing with a dead object.

5. If a planet situated favorably in D-chart is debilitated it gives good effect if it attains Neecha Bhanga.

6. Of all the powerful positions the most important are (a) Exaltation (b) Vargottama (c) Own house (d) Digbala. All these have to be applied to all the D-Charts. In this connection remember that a planet situated in the same sign both in D-1 and any other D-Chart must be construed as being in Vargottama with respect to that D chart and the effects of that D-chart read thereon. Unfortunately this aspect is being judged only by Navamsha position. (D-9) when you apply this theory you get convinced.

7. For reasons stated above exaltations in 3,6,8 or 12 in D-Chart are of no avail.

8. See if any of the general Yogas exist in the D-chart. If so gauge the magnitude by their strengths as stated above.

9. The effects of planets in the D chart get modified by conjunction or aspect of other planets in the D chart. Here only the natural benefics and natural malefics are to be taken and not the functional ones. Among benefics, Guru is the only planet to alleviate evil indicated by a planet in bad position in the D-chart. If that Guru is powerfully situated in that D chart his aspect is certainly of effect, but a debilitated Guru cannot be banked upon.

10. The birth Yogi and Avayogi have to be noted here. If the birth Yogi is in a good place in D-chart, he gives yoga to that effect but in a bad position he is lost. Similarly, birth Avayogi in a favorable position in D-chart will create hindrances, anxieties and trouble.

11. Lordship of Bhavas are to be considered only in D-1 and not in D-charts except lord of D-lagna.

12. A debilitated planet in D-Chart though in good position gives bad, if there be no Neecha Bhanga.

13. D-Lagna becoming Vargottama is itself an indication of the effect of that D-Chart going very high provided its lord is well placed there. If he is in Dusthana in such a D-chart, only dreamy effects are felt by the native. In addition to D-lagna being Vargottama, its lord be also likewise or otherwise powerfully and favourably situated in D-chart, he gives excellent results.

14. 3rd and 8th places are deathlike places. A planet in 8th or 3rd in D-chart causes death to that effect. In D-9 to wife, in D-10 to profession. Death may be construed as also severance. A planet in 3rd in D-10 causes retirement from service. Please note the exception of Shani in 1st house in D-8 and Budha in 8th in D-4.

15. 2nd house is said to be a neutral house. A planet in 2nd house in a D-chart also behaves likewise.

16. A planet in 6th house in D-chart in a powerful rasi gives good first and bad later on.

17. It is said in general astrology that the more the number of planets aspecting Lagna, the more powerful the native becomes. The same theory applies to D-chart also.

18. Benefics on either side of Lagna is said to confer Yoga. True even in the case of D-chart. But in such a situation if any malefic joins the benefic, the Yoga gets marred. Similarly, malefics on either side though spoils first, gets better if any benefics joins them. What is said of Lagna holds good with respect to the 7th house too. Here one thing has to be noted. In the case of malefics if they are Birth Yogi or in their own house in D-chart they give modified good effects.

19. Just as the 2nd and the 12th places from the lagna were dealt in point 18, if planets are placed equidistantly from lagna such as 2-12, 3-11, 4-10, 5-9, 6-8, 1-7 they cause effects as stated above depending on their natural benefic or malefic character. This is a special mention of Jaimini known as Sankhya Yoga.

19. In D-12 if moon is with Kethu invariably the native's mother becomes a widow.

20. Planets or bhavas hemmed in between malefics goes bad. Similarly a planet in a D-chart or a D-chart lagna hemmed in between malefics becomes bad.
21.Malefics in 12th, 1st and 2nd houses in a D-chart is not good. Benefics in 12th, 1st and 2nd houses in a D-chart is good.

22. An incident such as marriage day, commencement of profession or fresh undertaking, birth of an issue, etc happening during the period of a planet situated badly in the respective D-chart may not end happily.

23. Accession, election and other positions of conferrable nature are to be read from D-11.
[D11 is Labhamsa (profit & loss) (2 degrees, 8 mins and 11 secs) He gave this quite a lot of importance. For even if one's status is not good a happily situated D11 chart will confer on the native financial felicity tending his balance sheet towards profit side even without the least exertion for the same due to his past good karma. D10 represents earned income, while D11 represents unearned income as patrimony, easy income, side income, lottery, gambling etc. The formation of this chart is peculiar. In all rashis start from Mesha only and go in reverse order. Thus you see that the sign Vrishabha goes without any Amsha as the last eleventh Amsha closes with Mithuna.]

24. Uccha with Neecha or one with his enemy – Not good.

25. Of the 2 planets on either side of lagna or equidistant from D-lagna if one is benefic and the other malefic, then bad results are felt only during the malefic period.

26. A planet, though in the 8th house in D-chart, does not harm if aspected by a powerful Guru.

27. Female horoscope is specially treated by classics confining at least to our Indian womanhood. As marriage and married life is held sacred in India D-9 is held very important for females. If this Navamsha chart is good, all the rest are good.

28. A karaka in bad position in D-8 kills the relative connoted by the karaka. Sun in 8th house in D-8 kills father, Moon - Mother, Shukra -Wife and so on.

29. Any yoga in a D-chart is no doubt operative through out life but is particularly felt during their periods.

30. Even a debilitated planet in good position in a D-chart does good if he is a Yoga Planet.

31. In D-11 the effect of the Bhava occupied by the planet counted from D-lagna happens, one in 7th house causes marriage, in 4th property etc.

32. Parivartana Yoga (mutual exchange of grahas) existing in D-chart has its due effect.

33. What are all said of the planets in D-charts will be felt during their periods.

34. If the lord of the D-lagna is Birth Yogi or Duplicate Yogi he gives Yoga effects even in ordinary position.

35. If the lord of the D-lagna is in Dusthana the result will be bad on or after its Dasha.

36. Karaka in Bhava is bad as per general astrology. How to apply it to D-charts? Karaka in the corresponding D-lagna is bad. Example: If Budha is in lagna in D-24 education gets spoiled. Shukra in D-9 lagna affects the wife. Sun and moon in D-12 lagna affects father and mother respectively. Kuja in D-3 lagna affects the younger co-born and so on.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tips to the Astrologers

Astrology is a complex subject, probably the most difficult and challenging subject given to the mankind. On top of that, thousands of texts are there to confuse the student. Most of these texts doesn’t talk about the methodology of analyzing a chart. I am starting a series where I will try to share some important points that all students of astrology must know. None of these is either researched or invented by me. This is just a collection of few of the important points that I want to share and that I have tested, verified and found proven.

1. Divisions – the Secret of Astrology
In order to predict correctly, you need to use divisions. Various divisions are available. Sage Parashara has proposed Shodashvarga or 16 divisions of Rashi. Brilliant astrologer Shri K S Krishnamurthy has proposed 249 divisions of zodiac based on Vimshottari Dasha system. The research is also going on Nadi Amsa or 150 divisions of the sign. It is said that Nadi astrology extensively uses Nadi Amsa, but the predictive use of the Amsa needs to be discovered.
If you are using Parashahri astrology also called classical astrology or traditional astrology, missing Shodashvarga means missing something very vital and important. There are not many classical astrology books that tell you how to use different Varga charts. “New Techniques of Perditions” by Shri Sheshadri Iyer is one very good book to learn application of Shodashvarga. One of the most respected astrologers of present time, Shri K N Rao also vouches for this book. I believe that he uses the principles given in this book for his Shodashvarga interpretations.

2. Nakshatra Dasha or Rashi Dasha
Sage Parashara has propounded various dasha systems in the most celebrated text of Vedic astrology named Brihat Prarashar Hora Shastra. Some of those dashas are Nakshatra (constellation) based dashas and some others are Rashi (sign) based. For example Vimshottari Dasha, also called Udu Dasa, is a Nakshatra based dasha system whereas Chara dasha is a rashi based dasa. If you are using Nakshatra based dasha, you will be able to correctly time the even only if you will also be using Nakshatra Position of the planets. Merely position of the planets in Rashi will not give you the correct result. It is one of the reasons behind the accuracy of Krishnamurthy Paddhati (KP System). In order to judge the effect of a planet, one need not only judge the position of the planet in the sign but also needs to check the constellation lord of that planet. Shari Sheshadri Iyer used to call Nakshatra lord as Sukshma Lord and Rashi Lord as the Sthoola Lord. According to Krishnamurthy Paddhati, the planet not only gives the results of house occupied and owned but itself but also gives the result of the house owned and occupied by its Nakshatra Lord.

3. How to determine Signification of Planets
All the fundamental 16 charts (Shodashvarga) that we cast in classical astrology including Lagna Chart and Navamnsa Chart cannot be used for checking the house position. These are only for judging the nature and power of the planet. For determining the effects that it will give during its Dasaha period, you need to find out the house position of the planet. Rashi Chart, also called Lagna Chakra, or any other Shodashvarga chart cannot be used for this purpose as these charts just suggest the rashi divisions. You need to use the Bhava Madhya Chakra as proposed by Sripati in order to determine the correct house position of the planet, and hence the house signified by the planet. However KP System proposes Placidus house system for house calculation.

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Finding Correct Latitude And Longitude of a Place

In astrology, latitude and longitude of a place is required to cast a birth chart. Without accurate coordinates of the place, it is not possible to get correct birth chart. Traditional way of finding latitude and longitude is looking up tables available in various books and ephemeris. Now a days there are also some online directory and latitude/ longitude database that can be used for finding latitude and longitude of a place. These are few of the websites which are very useful in finding correct latitude and longitude of a place -

(Shared by Shri KP Naidu on KP System Yahoo group.)
(Shared by Shri Sunaparantha on KP System Yahoo group)

Google Earth software is also useful software for finding precise longitude and latitude. It is freely available for download from Google, just search "Google Earth".

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fortuna And Other Arabic Parts

In our KP System discussion forum, we are having an intense discussion on the fast moving point 'Fortuna' (also called Pars Fortuna or Part of Fortune). Shri K. S. Krishamurthi, the inventor of KP System, mentioned about Fortuna in the second reader, but he really didn't given much detail. The application and examples are also missing. While doing some googling, I found this article very useful. Please check it out.

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Astrology Books and Authors for beginners

When any student of astrology starts digging the subject a little deeper, the difficult question arises - which books and authors one should read? You will
find yourself in ocean of books where you have to find perfect match to your aptitude and requirements. There are translation of treatise from various sages, there are commentaries, there are books on various systems of vedic astrology and various other books. Confusion, confusion and more confusion !!!

There are books and authors which can destroy your learning altogether. For
example read Naryan Dutt Shrimali, infamous Indian astrologer, and I can assure you, you will forget whatever you have learnt in the past :-) So choosing right books and authors is very important for your astrology learning. Here I am presenting a list of authors who can help you in learning astrology. I am not presenting a list of books as it will be a big list in itself, there are many good books which suits different aptitude and taste. Here is the list and I tried to rank them according to the utility for the beginner -
  1. J.N. Bhasin, Books published mostly form Ranjan Publications, Good books are: Janampatri Swayam Banaiye, Art of Prediction, Sapta Rishi Nadi, Uttar Kalamrita

  2. K.S. Krishnamurti, Books published mostly from Krishnamurti Publications, Good book is Fundamental Principles of Astrology

  3. Gayatri Devi Vasudev, Books published mostly from Motilal-Banarasidas
    & UPSBD, Good books are: Horary Astrology, How to Judge the
    Horoscope - part II.

  4. Major Khot, Books published mostly from Motilal-Banarasidas, Good books are: Laghu-Parashari Siddhanta

  5. K.N. Rao, Books published mostly by Vani Graphics, Gook book is:
    Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time.

  6. K.H.N. Katve, Books published by Nagpur Prakashan, Good books are: books in 25 books series.

I have chosen above authors due to their methodological approach and
clear-cut presentation.
There are few other authors that one should not (or never) read. Here is the list -
  • Narayan Dutt Shrimali

  • Rajesh Dixit

  • Bhojraj Dwivedi

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