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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Free Online Horoscope Matching

Vedic Astrology based horoscope matching is the most scientific way of compatibility match between man and woman. It has been used since ages by Hindus to choose prospective bride and groom before getting married. It is not merely an ancestral practice but is a way to get the knowledge regarding the nature, features, love, sex and the social compatibility. uses various principle of Vedic astrology like Ashatakoot Guna Milap (36 points matching) and Manglik Dosha (marriage defect due to the planet mars) etc. to make a details compatibility analysis and present an easy to understand report. You can find this free online software at -

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Rahu Kaal, Hora & Chogadia

I am pleased to announce that now you can get most accurate rahu kalam, chogadia and hora on is different from any other website because it is the only website which gives you accurate calculation based on Vedic astrology principles. According to Vedic astrology, Rahu Kaal, Hora and Chogadia needs to be calculated based on the sunrise of the place. So these calculation for Delhi and Mumbai will not be the same. All website ignores this fact and just gives you approximation which is not useful at all. uses world class AstroCAMP astrological engine to produce most accurate calculations.

So why to wait, check today's chogadia, rahu kaal and hora by clicking here.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tips to the Astrologers

Astrology is a complex subject, probably the most difficult and challenging subject given to the mankind. On top of that, thousands of texts are there to confuse the student. Most of these texts doesn’t talk about the methodology of analyzing a chart. I am starting a series where I will try to share some important points that all students of astrology must know. None of these is either researched or invented by me. This is just a collection of few of the important points that I want to share and that I have tested, verified and found proven.

1. Divisions – the Secret of Astrology
In order to predict correctly, you need to use divisions. Various divisions are available. Sage Parashara has proposed Shodashvarga or 16 divisions of Rashi. Brilliant astrologer Shri K S Krishnamurthy has proposed 249 divisions of zodiac based on Vimshottari Dasha system. The research is also going on Nadi Amsa or 150 divisions of the sign. It is said that Nadi astrology extensively uses Nadi Amsa, but the predictive use of the Amsa needs to be discovered.
If you are using Parashahri astrology also called classical astrology or traditional astrology, missing Shodashvarga means missing something very vital and important. There are not many classical astrology books that tell you how to use different Varga charts. “New Techniques of Perditions” by Shri Sheshadri Iyer is one very good book to learn application of Shodashvarga. One of the most respected astrologers of present time, Shri K N Rao also vouches for this book. I believe that he uses the principles given in this book for his Shodashvarga interpretations.

2. Nakshatra Dasha or Rashi Dasha
Sage Parashara has propounded various dasha systems in the most celebrated text of Vedic astrology named Brihat Prarashar Hora Shastra. Some of those dashas are Nakshatra (constellation) based dashas and some others are Rashi (sign) based. For example Vimshottari Dasha, also called Udu Dasa, is a Nakshatra based dasha system whereas Chara dasha is a rashi based dasa. If you are using Nakshatra based dasha, you will be able to correctly time the even only if you will also be using Nakshatra Position of the planets. Merely position of the planets in Rashi will not give you the correct result. It is one of the reasons behind the accuracy of Krishnamurthy Paddhati (KP System). In order to judge the effect of a planet, one need not only judge the position of the planet in the sign but also needs to check the constellation lord of that planet. Shari Sheshadri Iyer used to call Nakshatra lord as Sukshma Lord and Rashi Lord as the Sthoola Lord. According to Krishnamurthy Paddhati, the planet not only gives the results of house occupied and owned but itself but also gives the result of the house owned and occupied by its Nakshatra Lord.

3. How to determine Signification of Planets
All the fundamental 16 charts (Shodashvarga) that we cast in classical astrology including Lagna Chart and Navamnsa Chart cannot be used for checking the house position. These are only for judging the nature and power of the planet. For determining the effects that it will give during its Dasaha period, you need to find out the house position of the planet. Rashi Chart, also called Lagna Chakra, or any other Shodashvarga chart cannot be used for this purpose as these charts just suggest the rashi divisions. You need to use the Bhava Madhya Chakra as proposed by Sripati in order to determine the correct house position of the planet, and hence the house signified by the planet. However KP System proposes Placidus house system for house calculation.

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Finding Correct Latitude And Longitude of a Place

In astrology, latitude and longitude of a place is required to cast a birth chart. Without accurate coordinates of the place, it is not possible to get correct birth chart. Traditional way of finding latitude and longitude is looking up tables available in various books and ephemeris. Now a days there are also some online directory and latitude/ longitude database that can be used for finding latitude and longitude of a place. These are few of the websites which are very useful in finding correct latitude and longitude of a place -

(Shared by Shri KP Naidu on KP System Yahoo group.)
(Shared by Shri Sunaparantha on KP System Yahoo group)

Google Earth software is also useful software for finding precise longitude and latitude. It is freely available for download from Google, just search "Google Earth".

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Foundation Text of Indian Palmistry

Somebody asked me what is the first and the original text of Indian Palmistry the way you have "Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra" for Indian Astrology. Truly speaking, I was not aware of it so I didn't have instant answer. Most of the recent books that we see is from Western Authors and Cheiro seems the first person promoting that. But like other branches, Indian Palmistry is not a new one. The Western Palmistry is also called Chiromancy or cheiromancy. But what about Indian Palmistry? I did a googling and found this -

Palmistry in India has a history going back thousands of years. It is also known as hasta rekha. There are more than one major systems in use based on ancient writings. The most popular school is known as samudrika sastra, based on the writings of Samudra. A popular school in the south of India is sariraka sastra based on the writings of Kartikeya. This system is also known as skanda system.

Followers of sariraka sastra claim that this system is the oldest and most authentic, and that samudrika sastra has been diluted and simplified from the original teachings. Sariraka sastra places great emphasis on the rekhas or the lines on the palm. Up to 153 are recognized. In addition, the life line, or the atma rekha or rohini, is read from the base of the palm moving upwards.

As I have a background from Lal Kitab, I was surprised to know that the Lal Kitab is one of the best books on Indian Palmistry and must be studies by every Palmistry student. Also, this is the only book I know which establishes an excellent link between Astrology and Palmistry.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cricket Astrology Discussion and Predictions

This is Cricket World Cup time and everybody is interested in knowing who is going to win the cup, who are the players going to perform well etc. etc.

But there is no single place on Internet where you can go and check the opinion and predictions of different astrologers. Keeping that in mind, I have created one discussion forum for cricket astrology. This forum is for discussing astrological predictions on various sports, though primarily cricket. There are various branches of astrology and various astrologers talk about different things. But there is no such place where all astrologers can come together, discuss and share their predictions, techniques. As the World Cup 2007 is around, I wanted to create that platform for astrologers. This is also a place that I want to use for developing astrology technique for sports predictions.

To start with, let us predict who will win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. Here is the URL for the forum CricAstro -

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

K.P. Astrology Books

Books and Books and Books and ……. So I am writing a lot about books. I have written about books on classical astrology and books on Lal Kitab (at least you have download links now.) I am also planning to write all books available on Lal Kitab subject. Recently there are lots of books on this subject that are not just translation/transliteration.

Anyway, I am often asked about what book one should read to lean KP System. Nowadays there are many books on the subject. KP's own publications brings few new books every year in the market. But I have my own opinion. IMHO one should read only six readers by Sri K.S. Krishnamurti i.e. -

1. Casting the Horoscope (1st reader)
2. Fundamental Principles of Astrology (2nd reader)
3. Predictive Stellar Astrology (3rd reader)
4. Marriage, Married life and children (4th reader)
5. Transit Gocharapala Nirayam (5th reader)
6. Horary Astrology (6th reader)

These books will give you sufficient idea of the system. I am not very sure but probably "Astrology & Ahrishta", the magazine edited by Sri KSK, is also available in hard-bound format. If that is available, you can purchase them. Those are another good way to learn Krishnamurti Padhdhati. Other than Sri KSK's own books, there are not too many good books to learn the system. I remember two other books those are sufficient good. One is "Nakshatra Chintamani" (as far as I remember the name) by Mr. Bhat (again I don't remember the full name of author). This book is available in xerox format only. Other books are three books set by Mr. Jyotindra Hasve. Primarily these books are in Marathi and I am not aware whether Hindi/English edition is available or not. But I guess it would be available. As I told in introduction there are many books and many authors. But these are the books that I like most.

P.S.: I also receive lots of requests for available KP software. I am planning to write in detail about that. Meanwhile you can have a look on KP astrology software of the company promoting this blog.

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