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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Text Book of Scientific Hindu Astrology

Few days back I had written about "Astrology Books and Authors for beginners." There I missed out one very good book. It is "Text Book of Scientific Hindu Astrology" by Prof. P.S. Sastri published by Ranjan Publications, the leading publication of Vaidic astrology books in the world. The major feature of this book is, it encompasses most of the text by our sages. You will find it a complete book for beginners. The perspective of Author is very clear. He tried to stick to the Vedic astrology principles and given example horoscopes whenever required. He didn't hesitate to take ideas of western school of astrology, if he found them useful. But beware that this book requires a lot of patience, as it is an abstract of all Vedic texts. Due to broadness of the subject covered, it will take time to grasp for astrology beginners. Anyway, a must have book for astrology student.


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