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Thursday, September 04, 2008

How to find profession of a person astrologically?

In this article I want to talk about various methods available in astrology for predicting profession of a person. This article will give summary of the some of the popular methods available as well as my view on vocation astrology. Please note that the methods mentioned here is no way exhaustive as there are hundreds or may be thousands of different methods available in astrology.

Popular view is that the 10th is the house of profession and the planet influencing 10th house gives the idea of the nature of the profession. If there is no planet in 10th house and also 10th house is not aspected by any planet, Parashar, Kalyan Varma and Varahamihira as suggested that the sign occupied by the lord of 10th house in Navamsa gives indication to the nature of profession. This is among the popular classical views.

J.N.Bhasin and several other Vedic astrologers give importance to 1st house more than 10th house for ascertaining profession.

Dr. B. V. Raman in his “How to Judge a Horoscope” says that “the lordship, aspects, location and the general strength of a planet capable of influencing the 10th house determine the nature of the results of the planet produce in its dasa.” In most of his examples, he has used 10th house only that too from the birth chart for determining the nature or profession.

Brihad Yavana Jataka suggests the sign in 2nd house, 4th house and 11th house gives the clue of the profession. Brihad Yavana Jataka talks signification of each sign in above houses in detail.

Saravali and Jatak Bharanam gives more important to house number 2, 11 and the Kendra houses – 1, 4, 7 & 10.

We must note that generally in Vedic astrology, a house needs to be judged from ascendant or Moon whichever is powerful. Mantreshwara suggests taking 10th house from the most powerful of ascendant, Sun and Moon. Though Bhattotapala suggested using all three charts i.e. Lagna, Sun and Moon and then combining the results for conclusion. This view of Bhattotapala is also supported by Garga.

Some astrologers also suggested judging 10th house in Navamsa chart the same way we judge the 10th house in birth chart. I don’t agree to this view as it goes against my understanding of the varga judgment rules.

Some classical texts suggest using Karakamsa the same way as Lagna chart, and hence some astrologers consider 10th house from Karakamsa as well.

Sephariel, one of the most popular western astrologers, has given importance to planet in angles and the planets aspecting the Sun and the Moon. Of course, when he is talking about aspects, he means western aspects and not the Vedic aspects.

Some astrologers also pay special attentions to the yogas for judging the profession. For example, presence of Rajyoga in a chart gives a clue of authority and higher position.

In some Marathi editions of Parasari Hora Sastra predictions about profession in respect of each Shasti Amsa of Janma Lagna are made. There is a table which gives possible profession for each Shasti Amsa (1/60 of a sign). This is a ready reckoner but my success rate with this table is not very high. I believe that this table needs to be rewritten keeping modern professions in mind.

K. Subramaniam, son of KS Krishnamurti, suggested judging 2nd, 6th and 10th house. He also suggested studying rasi, nakshatra and sub lords of the 10th cusp. A table having professions related to 249 subs can be found in various KP texts. This table, though gives some idea of professions related to a group of planet, cannot be used as a ready reckoner.

SP Khullar, astrologer who popularized “Cuspal Interlink” system, suggests examining 1st, 10th and 11th houses for profession. Though while examining, his emphasis is more on the house linked to above mentioned houses and not the permanent (naisargaika) nature of planets and signs.

My experience
Classical text suggests various methods, but I didn’t find any systematic approach for identifying the nature of profession. There are so many rules and almost none of them work uniformly. Based on my own experience I have found following methods work well –

Method 1.
One important observation that I have made is that the Dasamsa lagna lord gives very good clue of the nature of profession. In the Dasamsa chart, check the planet influencing lagna and lagna lord and it will give you very good indication of the nature of the profession.

Method 2.
In KP System, I check the 2nd, 6th and 11th house. This is similar to K Subramaniam’s method, though in place of 10th house, I found that 11th house gives better results. I use cuspal positions only if there are no planets in the above said houses. For example, if there are not planets in the second house, I use rasi, nakshatra and sub lord of 2nd cusp and so on.

I generally mix above to methods and got satisfactory results. We must note though that knowing the planets, signs and houses that will influence profession is not sufficient enough for predicting profession. These all needs to be combined to come up with the conclusion. The above method can give you some indications of the profession but still predicting profession precisely is going to be a difficult task for an astrologer.

If you have any question to above methodology, please feel free to leave a comment with your email id and I’ll try to answer your question.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Planetary Combinations for IT/ Software Jobs

9 planets and 9 million jobs, finding the profession of a person is very daunting task for an astrologer. On top of that all the classical texts on this subject are outdated. For example, neither Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra nor Brihat Jatak talk about what are the combinations for a software engineer or a project manager. Surely we can draw parallel to the professions given in classical text, but in my experience, it doesn't work most of the time.

No research or study has been done to update those classical texts. In absence of any such research, it is very difficult to distinguish between planetary combinations for different professions. In this article (may be a series of articles), I want to talk about my experience on vocation astrology.

In this post, I want to talk about my favorite profession - IT & Software. Being a software engineer, I have a lot of horoscopes of the people in this field. Knowing this profession, I also know that there is a lot of scope of research in this field. Some of the research areas are contract position vs. full time position, planetary combinations for being on project vs. being on bench (without any project), date of getting a project/ contract etc. These are the questions that keep coming to me repeatedly.

Even in software, there can be various possible options e.g. network engineer, QA engineer, project manager, software developer, and business analyst etc. all of them have different work profile and job functions which makes judgment even more difficult.

Anyways, based on my research, I have found that two planets that are responsible for bringing person in IT, are Mars and Sun. Mars is a planet for engineering and Sun is the planer for information technology. I know that not all astrologers will agree with me on this, and there are astrologers who may suggest planet like Jupiter, Mercury and Venus as the planet for IT. Though in my research I have found that Mars and Sun are the primary responsible planets for IT. If these two planets are conjoining or aspecting each other, it gives some indication of a job in IT.

If the Mercury is involved, chances are that the person is hard core programmer. Mercury gives good analytical brain which is important for programming. Venus & Moon can make a person graphics or UI designer. Jupiter can make a person software architect. Saturn can make one a System Programmer. Mercury gives an eye of details and bring best of the Software Quality Engineers. Mars being the planet of leadership makes one a project manager or product manager.

Generally strong communication is one of the necessary skills in IT. So we need to judge 2nd house, the house of oral communication and the Mercury, the planet of communication. A strong 2nd house and Mercury contributed a lot to the career of an IT personnel.

The people in IT are generally from the same education background. So it is also advisable to study the impact of these planets on the 9th house, the house of higher education. Though most of IT courses are mathematics centric, you will find impact of Mercury and NOT Mars and Sun on 9th house.

I am sure some example will add a lot of value to this article. Iwill try to share some case studies on this subject soon. Keep watching ;-)

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Book Review: Astrology of Professions by K.K.Pathak

I bought few book this weekends. The one book that I want to talk about here is as follows -

Name: Astrology Of Professions, Priciples and Practices (Two Volumes)
Price: Rs. 275/- each (Rs. 550/- total)
Author: K.K. Pathak
Publication: Alpha Publication, Delhi

In the preface authors says "I have always had a yearning to study comprehensively the classical writings on professions and then interpret and correlate them to modern times." This is one of the objectives of the book. Authors further says "At the same time there has been a demand for a text which can be used almost like a handbook or a ready reckoner by readers for discerning and predicting about profession in a horoscope with ease".

After going through both the volumes, I must say though the author is successful in the second objective, he failed in the first objective. The book looks like just a collection of existing sutras that can be found in existing texts by classical authors like Bhrigu, Kalyan Varma, Narayan Bhatt, Yavanacharya etc. A person like me who already possesses those texts, will not find anything useful in this book. Author doesn't have any new research, neither has has any suggestion based on his experience. The book clearly lacks the depth and research.

As mentioned above, the book is divided into two volume. The first part deals with theory and second deals with around 160cases. Now a days it has become fashion to divide book in theory and practical. To me it doesn't make much sense because it creates a divide between theory and practicals. In my opinion, the cases should be discussed at the same place where theory has been discussed and there should be some connection.

There are total 160 cases in both the volumes dealing with cases like politicians, scientists, literature, artists, films, sportsmen, bureaucrats, technocrats, MBAs, MCAs and CAs. Most of these cases are part of second volume. The book also deals with remedies which is also the same remedies that you will find in any other Vedic astrology books.

All and all, this is a good book, if
1. You don't have classical texts and looking for a common reference point for vocations.
2. You are looking for charts of Indian personalities and celebrities at one place.

This book is not for you, if
1. You are thinking that you will find any new research in this book, or new ideas for determining profession.
2. You are thinking that you will get planetary combinations for modern education streams and vocations.

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