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Monday, August 25, 2008

Book Review: Astrology of Professions by K.K.Pathak

I bought few book this weekends. The one book that I want to talk about here is as follows -

Name: Astrology Of Professions, Priciples and Practices (Two Volumes)
Price: Rs. 275/- each (Rs. 550/- total)
Author: K.K. Pathak
Publication: Alpha Publication, Delhi

In the preface authors says "I have always had a yearning to study comprehensively the classical writings on professions and then interpret and correlate them to modern times." This is one of the objectives of the book. Authors further says "At the same time there has been a demand for a text which can be used almost like a handbook or a ready reckoner by readers for discerning and predicting about profession in a horoscope with ease".

After going through both the volumes, I must say though the author is successful in the second objective, he failed in the first objective. The book looks like just a collection of existing sutras that can be found in existing texts by classical authors like Bhrigu, Kalyan Varma, Narayan Bhatt, Yavanacharya etc. A person like me who already possesses those texts, will not find anything useful in this book. Author doesn't have any new research, neither has has any suggestion based on his experience. The book clearly lacks the depth and research.

As mentioned above, the book is divided into two volume. The first part deals with theory and second deals with around 160cases. Now a days it has become fashion to divide book in theory and practical. To me it doesn't make much sense because it creates a divide between theory and practicals. In my opinion, the cases should be discussed at the same place where theory has been discussed and there should be some connection.

There are total 160 cases in both the volumes dealing with cases like politicians, scientists, literature, artists, films, sportsmen, bureaucrats, technocrats, MBAs, MCAs and CAs. Most of these cases are part of second volume. The book also deals with remedies which is also the same remedies that you will find in any other Vedic astrology books.

All and all, this is a good book, if
1. You don't have classical texts and looking for a common reference point for vocations.
2. You are looking for charts of Indian personalities and celebrities at one place.

This book is not for you, if
1. You are thinking that you will find any new research in this book, or new ideas for determining profession.
2. You are thinking that you will get planetary combinations for modern education streams and vocations.

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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Book Review: Chandrakala Nadi

Book Name: Chandrakala Nadi
Author: Jagannath Bhasin
Publisher: Ranjan Publications, 16, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002.

Today I purchased "Chandrakala Nadi", an astrology book based on Nadi branch of Vedic astrology. The book is written by my favorite author Late Sri J. N. Bhasin. Like his other books, it is quite useful reading. The most important feature of this book is, it tries to explain the rationale behind Nadi predictions using classical astrology principles.

As the author mentions in the introduction of the book, there are various Nadi texts like Nandi Nadi, Sukra Nadi, Bhujandar Nadi etc. in south India similar to Bhrigu Samhita, Ravan Samhita and Arun Samhita in north India where native can get full details of his life. Normally you have to give your thumb impression to the Nadi reader and the Nadi reader 'the astrologer' will come-up with your natal chart and other life details like your name and other family members name, profession etc.

Other then that he tries to get answers of some old confusion in our classical texts e.g. which house should be taken for father - 9th or 10th, and which planet should be taken for husband Venus or Jupiter etc.

Anyway an interesting read. The people who like this book will also like "Sapta Rishi Nadi", a similar text by the same author.

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