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Akshaya Tritiya in 2017: Cherish Abiding Fortune

Last Updated: 2/9/2017 2:38:11 PM

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Akshaya Tritiya will be marked on 28 April 2017. According to the Hindu Calendar, it is observed on the third day of Vaishakh month. It is celebrated to memorialize the birth of Lord Parashurama who was the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. As per our beliefs, Veda Vyasa began to scribe the epic of Mahabharata. Want to know more? Is yes, read on...

What Is Akshaya Tritiya?

‘Akshaya’ is a Sanskrit term, which means ‘never diminishing’ and ‘Tritiya’ means ‘the third day’. It is believed that any spiritual activity (including meditation, chanting, donation and different forms of worship) performed on this day stays with the person forever.

Significance Of Akshaya Tritiya

As per the holy Scriptures of Hindus, Akshay Tritiya brings luck and success to the life of the believer. In order to make the inflow of wealth continuous, people also buy gold and precious jewelry.

The auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya is governed by Lord Vishnu . Another Hindu auspicious day that coincides with Akshaya Tritiya is Parashuram Jayanti. Sometimes, Parashuram Jayanti falls on the day before Akshaya Tritiya due to the difference in the starting time of third day (Tritiya Tithi), as per Panchang.

People born on the day of Akshay Tritiya shine like stars in the world. Some of the luminaries born on the day of Akshaya Tritiya are:

  • Basaveshwara
  • Ramanujacharya
  • Adi Shankaracharya
  • Swami Chinmayananda
  • Lord Buddha

Hindu Event Astrology considers three days of the year so auspicious that one may perform all the spiritual or auspicious tasks during any hour of those days. The days are – Yugadi , Akshaya Tritiya and Vijaya Dashami . These three days are unaffected from any malefic effect. Let’s now know what to do and what not on this auspicious day.

Do’s & Don’ts During Akshaya Tritiya

What To Do On Akshaya Tritiya?

Perform meritorious deeds (Punya Karma), like:

  1. Snana (ritual bath)
  2. Dana (donation)
  3. Japa (chanting)
  4. Tapa (penance)
  5. New relationships can be made on this auspicious day
  6. Akshaya Tritiya is super auspicious to buy gold
  7. Making new purchases is highly beneficial on the day of Akshaya Tritiya
  8. You may make commitments on this day
  9. Akshay Tritiya is considered very auspicious for spiritual activity.

What Not To Do On Akshaya Tritiya?

  1. Don’t perform Upanayanam (wearing sacred thread or something like that).
  2. Don’t perform Udyapan (ending of fasts).
  3. House construction should not be initiated and if running already then should be avoided on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.
  4. Don’t make the first entry to the house on this day
  5. Avoid travelling on the day of Akshaya Tritiya
  6. Planting a new tree is also prohibited

Legend Behind Akshaya Tritiya

Festivals are always associated with one or more legends. Same is the case Akshaya Tritiya. Let’s see what lies behind the existence of this glorious festival of Akshaya Tritiya:

The most famous legend behind Akshaya Tritiya is of Lord Krishna and his best friend Sudama. Sudama was the childhood friend of Lord Krishna. He had a weak financial background. One day, in the scarcity of essential wealth, he decided to approach Lord Krishna to seek help. As a gift, he brought Poha (rice flakes) along with him. As he reached Krishna’s luxurious palace, he felt so ashamed for bringing such a poor gift for his rich friend. He tried to hide the pouch containing Poha. However, Krishna was quite smart. He immediately recognized his dear friend’s attempt of hiding something and asked him to show. Sudama was too shy to bring his hands fore. So, Krishna took the lead for finding out what he was hiding. He simply held Sudama’s hands and brought them in front. Finally, he got to know what his dear friend Sudama was hiding.

Lord Krishna became so delighted seeing Poha, as it was brought by his childhood best friend Sudama. He couldn’t stop himself a moment more and started enjoying the savory. Further, he followed the entire process of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (the guest is like God) properly to give a grand welcome to his dear friend Sudama. Seeing the hospitality of his friend, Sudama was so overwhelmed that he started crying and embraced Lord Krishna. While all this was going on, Sudama couldn’t say a word about his financial trouble. He didn’t forget, but he was too hesitant to speak up. Finally, he turned back home empty-handed. As soon as he reached his place, the sight left Sudama awestruck. His old tattered hut was transformed into a magnificent palace.

All of his family members were dressed in the royal attires. Everything around looked fabulous. It didn’t take a moment more for Sudama to realize that it was nothing other than the glorious boon of Lord Krishna, where he got blessed with a lot more of wealth than he expected of. Now, the thing to be noted is that the day was of Akshaya Tritiya. Hence, the day of Akshaya Tritiya is considered quite auspicious for material gains and unending wealth.

Indeed, Akshaya Tritiya is a wonderful festival. You must have enjoyed the article. The legend behind Akshaya Tritiya is undoubtedly interesting. We hope you all get blessed like Sudama this Akshaya Tritiya. Just keep your faith high and worship Lord Vishnu (Lord Krishna is one of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu) on this glorious day of Akshaya Tritiya.

With this article, we hope you will change your life by following the simple steps mentioned above. These methods can at least give some food to your mind and soul, after all these are more about spirituality. So, if not material happiness, you may at least get a part of spiritual delight. Akshaya Tritiya is indeed a significant festival. Make the most out of it and change your life.

Happy Akshaya Tritiya!

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