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UP Election : An Astrological Analysis

Last Updated: 2/25/2012 12:02:07 PM

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By Hanumaan Mishra

Who might Win Uttar Pradesh Election 2012?

Elections of Uttar Pradesh have seen several rounds of voting. Still it’s difficult to comprehend public’s mood this time. Market speculations are getting warmer day by day. Come March 6, 2012 the election result will be declared, putting an end to speculations but till then one has to wait patiently.

We have lots of questions around the result of U.P elections. Question ,not just from the common man but also people related to political and journalistic world. Questions like : who will form the government after this election? Who will be Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh? What miracle can Congress Party do this time with the help of crown prince Rahul Gandhi? Will the “cycle” of Samajwadi Party reached its destination, or is Madam Maya going to repeat her 2007 history? Many experts have come up with various presumptions at panels and discussions but we still keep asking -what will result from the election? Well, we are going to answer it for you from the perspective of astrology.

It is important to clarify one thing that prediction about any person is easy but it is difficult and impossible to predict about the result of any election. Because there are dozens political parties and thousands electoral candidates and we are unable to the collect all the birth charts I have some potential birth charts of a few candidates and parties and I’m going to predict on the basis of these charts.

Firstly we will discuss about Saturn and its influence on the U.P. elections. Saturn is the indicator of public acclaim. In this period of SAMWAT-SARA Saturn changed his sign in transit. It’s an indication about power conversion. This may be an indication of reign hand over of state U.P. Saturn is retrograded since the first step of voting. This is a clear indication that, it will not be easy to understand the mood of public. So quite a possibility that the public will prove the exit polls and election surveys wrong this time.

Now let’s talk about Jupiter, which is in Aries sign. It’s the sign of Jupiter’s friend Mars. This is indicating that the power of state should be in the hand of that party, which is relatively humane, honest and energetic. In other words it indicates the transfer of power in the hand of a young and new person.

Let’s discuss about the parties that are in the race of government formation. They are Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress Party. These parties can form or break the government with their tricks.

Samajwadi party leader Mulayam sing is under the Dasha of Venus and Mercury in present. Venus is the lord of 11th house and 4th house in Mulayam’s birth chart. 11th house is the house of income and 4th house is the house of public support and Mercury is the lord of 3rd house and 12th house. Both houses are not beneficial. In Mulayam’s birth chart Venus and Mercury both are combined in 5th house so DASHAS indicates that Mulayam will get benefits but not so much that can help him form his own government. 5th house is the house of posterior so this Dasha can give benefit not to him but to his Son Akhilesh Yadav.

Analysis of Akhilesh Yadav’s birth chart shows he is under the Dasha of Mercury and Moon till June 2012. After June he will be under the Dasha of Mercury and Mars which will be a better period for him. However, the Dasha of Lagna lord and transit will give good result to Akhilesh and Samajwadi party.

B.S.P. leader Mayawati is under the Dasha of Saturn and Rahu currently. Saturn is her Lagna lord and posited in 11th house. Rahu is also in 11th house with Saturn. 11th house is the house of income. So this Dasha can give miraculous result to B.S.P. The present transit is also in the favor of Mayawati. So she could get success overriding the speculations.Since Saturn and Rahu are both cruel planets so at present Mayawati doesn’t have a good image among the people. This could be a reason for difficulties in her way of forming the government.

In the present transit of Bhartiya Janta party, there is retrograded Saturn posited in 5th house, which is aspected by Jupiter. This is indicating that B.J.P. could get much benefit if she gives more fuel to the issues relating to religion or religious feelings. Although present planetary position is giving benefit to B.J.P. but not as much that she can join a party according to her own terms. So there is less possibilities to B.J.P. supporting any party, which is going to form the government.

In the present transit of congress party, Lagna lord is posited in 5th house. So party will get better result this time. However the retrograded Saturn is posited in the income house. It is the position of Saturn creating dilemma in party’s plan to support any other party which is going to form the government; but 10th lord mars is posited in 3rd house with Sun and aspected by Mars so there are strong possibilities that congress may extend support to any party which is going to form the government.

So according to the transit report no party seems to have a complete majority. Realtively speaking ‘Samajwadi” party seems to be getting the maximum number of seats that is between 150 to 185.Whereas “Bahujan Samaj Party may position second.However just as I have explained before , Mayavati’s luck house is ruled by Shani and Rahu which is known to bring miraculous results, though this alone cannot get her to form the government. So the number of seats in the parties name could be around 99 to 135. Talking about Bharatiya Janta Party although the transit of Shani. Talking about Bharatiya Janta Party although Shani’s transit is not in favour however Jupiter is in the house of Luck so seats around 45 to 54 can be in its favour. The retrograde Shani in Congress Parties luck house can bring around 21 to 42 seats. Remaining parties may get around 25 to 39 seats.

According to these figures it is clear that no party will get a clear majority. No one can individually form the government.The parties that might get into an alliance considering the planetary position are SP, Congress, Rastriya Lok Dal or SamajhWadi Party and BJP. BSP and BJP might form an alliance but the chances are next to impossible. However there are bigger chances of a alliance between Samjwadi Party, Congress and Rashtriya Lok Dal. These are the groups that can jointly form the government. The influence of planets in the fifth house can be seen on Mulayam Singh. Right now Mulayam Singh is in a mood to transfer the authority of the party in the hands of Akhilesh Yadav however there is a possibility of mood swing. In times to come he might just decide to uphold the position of Prime Minister himself.

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