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Uttar Pradesh Elections in 2012 : An Astrological Analysis

Last Updated: 8/23/2011 1:49:01 PM

Uttar Pradesh elections 2012, UP elections 2012

By VGR Pawan

The general assembly elections for the highest populated state in India i.e. Uttar Pradesh is going to be held in the month of May-2012. Still the date is not confirmed yet but as per some sources there is chance for pre-elections as the ruling C.M., Mayavathi is willing for it. This is an important election for the Central Govt. lead by UPA too. The reasons are best known to the public. Amidst this interesting situation, as a follower and lover of Astrology, I am trying to point the outcome of this election.

A random or time horoscope was prepared as follows to know whether the ruling C.M. Mayavathi will continue her reign or the age old politician Sri Mulayam singh Yadav will regain his past glory. The horary map was drawn in favor to Mayavathi as she is the ruling Chief Minister.

As per KP we have to check the 6th sub lord for success in any competition, if this sub lord is connected with 1-6-10-11 houses then there will be sure success. If connected with 5-7-8-12 houses then defeat is assured.

But on the contrary we have to check the sub lord of 1-10-11 houses also so as to be sure about the decision of the 6th sub lord.

Here 6th sub lord was Saturn, he is lord of the 3-4 houses and deposited in 11th house in the star of Chandra and in the sub of Kethu. Chandra was in 6th house and Kethu in the 7th house in the star of Mars in 8. Note that Saturn’s stars are unoccupied hence he has strongest connection with 6-11 is a very positive indication.

Special attention is to be given to Kethu as he is the sub lord the deciding factor. Kethu being a node firstly represent Mars (her star lord) and Venus (her sign lord). Mars in 8 is a negative factor but he was lord of the Ascendant and strong significator for the same by depositing in the star of Rahu in 1. Venus was 11th sub lord in the star of Kethu and sub of Mars. Kethu in 7th where as Mars is in the star of Rahu in 1.

Further Mars was represented by Rahu by being his star lord as well as by positing in the sign of Mars. Hence Mars completely under the sway of Rahu will not be so much negative but 8th connection denotes some loss or sudden twists (!) in her campaign. Rahu who is appropriating the results of Mars was aspected by Saturn (Vedic Aspect) hence he was strongly connected with 6-11 houses also.

Therefore the 6th sub lord is giving positive indications for Mayavathi to form the Govt. again.

Let us cross check the above result through other sub lords as follows:

Ascendant sublord: Mercury was in own star and sub of Jupiter. Mercury in 9 and Jupiter is in 6th house. There was no planet in the stars of Jupiter hence strongest significator for 6th house, therefore Ascendant is favorably disposed.

Tenth sublord: Jupiter is in 6th house in the star of Venus and sub of Moon. Venus in 9th house whereas Moon in 6th house in the star and sub of Sun lord of the 10th house. Here 10th house was vacant therefore Moon is full significator for 10th house. Hence 10th house is well fortified.

Eleventh sublord : Venus is in the star of Kethu and sub of Mars. Kethu was in 7th house, Mars is in the star of Rahu in 1. Therefore 11th cusp is also favorable.

Here I want to bring the attention of readers to the fact that while checking the strength of the cuspual sublord we have to give preference to the sublord of the cuspual sublord. This was stressed by Guruji Sri K.S.K. in his 5th reader “Transit”.

Lastly we have to checkup the dasa Bhukthi prevailing during elections, assuming that the elections will take place during May-2012 in Sun dasa Mars Bhukthi. I feel that it will be in Mars Bhukthi because he is the strong Ruling planet at the time of judgment.

Sun is in the star of Kethu and sub of Moon. Kethu in 7th house and Moon in 6th house in the star of Sun. Sun therefore is strong significator for 9-10 houses at sub level. Further he is the star lord for 11th house.

Bhukthi lord Mars from April-04-2012 to August-13-2012 is in the star of Rahu and sub of Sun. Rahu is in 1 and Sun was in the star of Kethu in 7th house. No doubt that 7th at sub level is not auspicious but we should not forget that if a planet “A” is favorable and his dasa is running then other planets in the star or sub of “A” will give the result in its sub period. Further we earlier observed that Rahu is appropriating the results of Mars. Hence in Rahu anthara or Guru anthara or any strong planet’s antharas Mars will surely give beneficial results.

By transit dasa lord Sun will come close to the position of Moon in this horary map on or around 11th May-2012. After that will transit in his own star till the end of the month hence favorable. Mars the Bhukthi lord will transit in the 10th house in the star of Venus. Rahu will transit in the star of Saturn the strongest 6-11 significator. Lastly Jupiter will also transit over the position of Moon in this horary map.

Therefore from the above detailed analysis we can say that there is a very likely chance for Mayavathi, the present C.M. of Uttar Pradesh, to take over the charge once again in the general assembly elections to be held in 2012.

The above writing is purely of academic interest without any bias for any one. Hope readers will understand my stance. With best wishes for all the contestants.
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