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Mercury Retrograde: Effects on You

Author: --- | Last Updated: Tue 8 May 2018 5:02:51 PM

Mercury retrograde brings many changes in life Every planet has its own significance in Vedic Astrology as well as Astronomy. Mercury Retrograde is one of the phenomenon occurring in the universe when planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards. By Retrograde we mean that the motion of planet appears to be in a reverse direction when observed from Earth. The next Mercury Retrograde will be on 26 July, 2018 and direct on 19 August, 2018. Mercury is the planet known for its communicative ability and logical mind. Hence the effects of Mercury Retrograde may vary for each Zodiac signs. Before proceeding ahead with the effects of Mercury retrogression, let’s understand about the planet Mercury First.

What is planet Mercury?

Mercury acts as a “Prince” in celestial cabinet. It represents the logical ability, mathematical calculations, reasoning, analytics, observation etc. It basically reacts as a “Messenger”. It delivers the message of the King to the Public. Likewise, it delivers the divine messages to us. Mercury gives intelligence to the person. Sometimes, we have misconception about intelligence, knowledge and wisdom and which planet rules over these skills? We think that Mercury and Jupiter give all these inherent traits. However, Jupiter blesses you with the wisdom and knowledge whereas Mercury gives you intelligence. Intelligence means how you are going to use your wisdom and knowledge.

Astronomically, it is a planet nearer to Sun, known as hot planet in Astrology. If these two planets come together in one’s chart, it forms a Budhaditya Yoga. It is a good yoga which blesses a person with enormous wealth of intelligence and knowledge. Mercury, also known as “Budh” in Hindi, means cleverness. It represents the sense of humor of a person. It represents the day to day or routine tasks. It represents our siblings. It is a planet which inserts the quality of conveying the messages within the person through communication channels. We use many channels to communicate, these channels are being represented by the planet Mercury as it also represents the Telecom industry.

Since it is very close to planet Sun, and it is only the planet which never combusts in actual, while conjunct with Sun in one’s horoscope. According to ancient texts, Mercury is son of “Moon” with his wife “Rohini”. It is a neutral, cold and moist planet. Hence we can say that it is a neutral planet, which gives results based on the sign in which it sits and is aspected by the planets.

It rules over “Gemini” and “Virgo” Zodiac signs. It gets exalted in “Virgo” sign and debilitated in “Pisces”. In hindi, It is also known as “Uchch” in “Kanya” Rashi. It rules over two dual signs of Zodiacs. Mercury is the planet which is responsible for your expressions, that means how you are going to represent or express yourself to the outer world. It represents how you tackle and handle the day to day tasks or situations.

In Hindu Mythology, Mercury represents God Keshava, Madhava, Narayana etc. Mercury represents the Lord “Vishnu”. If it conjuncts with other planets in one’s horoscope then it provides different results based on the position, aspect and conjunction (PAC) connection. The natural friends for planet Mercury in Vedic Astrology is Saturn and Venus.

What is Retrograde Motion?

Retrograde motion is an opposite direction of propagation for any object. Hence Retrograde motion refers to the movement of a planet into a reverse direction or we can say contrary of direct or propagate motion. The motion is not actually in reverse direction but seems to be continuing moving in the opposite direction. Astronomically, it is considered that mostly all the planets revolving around the Sun are propagating in the same direction except some comets. However, while observing from planet Earth, few planets are appeared in retrogression. It is only due to the visible effects or illusion of our eyes.

What is Mercury Retrograde? Does It Really Happen?

Mercury is one of the planet which Retrogrades three times in an year. It is a fast moving planet. Hence it gets into Retrograde motion 3 times. The motion of a planet appears only into the reverse direction. As we all know that every planets affects our life positive or negative manner. Mercury also affects our life in a certain way. The motion of Mercury in the same direction as to the Sun or the reverse direction as to the Sun affects to the human life on Earth.

Astronomically, it is accepted that there are lots of activities happening in the Universe due to planetary wars or due to collision of comets, which also affect to our earth. Sometimes, the changes are minor so that we cannot experience these changes and some changes are major which can be experienced due to natural calamity. Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Tsunami etc are the some disasters caused due to some activities happening in the sky.

Mercury doesn’t move backward in actual. It’s basically three & a half week period, in which Mercury becomes Retrograde or moves in a reverse direction itself and again comes direct or move forward. Since Mercury is very closest planet to the Sun and its orbit is smaller than any other planets revolving around Sun. That is the reason it completes its one cycle earlier than the planet earth.

Effects of Mercury Retrograde in Various signs of Zodiac

The Zodiac belt is classified into four types namely, fire signs, earth signs, air signs and water signs. The effects of Mercury is different for each and every signs. Let’s discuss about this phenomenon for different signs separately. Every year Mercury gives results in the favour of one element. For example:

  • Mercury was in favour with the fire signs in 2012. As we all know that the fire signs are fiery, active and aggressive in nature. The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Aries, being a active sign, is very aggressive in nature as ruled by Mars. Leo, being the royal sign, is a natural leader, ruled by planet Sun and likewise Sagittarius, being the religious sign, is natural teacher/Guru, ruled by planet Jupiter.

  • If it gets Retrograde into the fiery signs, there will be changes occurring in the fields of innovation, new thoughts or techniques. People will run towards new technology and vision. The changes will be based on quick and immediate feedback. In short, we can say that you would apply new techniques, vision and innovative thoughts to the problem in order to tackle them. These signs are very creative and pioneer and hence are good to lead the situation or attack the problem.

  • If it is Retrograde in earthy signs then the problems more oftenly would be related to the money matters. You would be very practical while tackling the solution and will take a note on your finances or budgets whether you are crossing the limits of money or adhering the rules of your budget. The earthy signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Taurus is the stable sign and deals with money matters and also ruled by the planet Venus. Virgo is a practical sign showing business environment and competitiveness, ruled by the Mercury. Capricorn rules over your duty or responsibility, which you need to perform towards any tasks.

  • If it is Retrograde in Airy signs, then there will be communication or discussion in a social group. The Airy signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury, is a sign which loves to do the conversation. Libra, ruled by the planet Venus, is all about balancing things out and also naturally represents the public or other people. Aquarius, ruled by the planet Saturn, is a very social sign, which is always active at social media in order to have discussion or communication. Hence these signs are very talkative or communicative in nature. These signs are also analytical and modern.

  • If it gets Retrograde in Watery sign, then it would deal with the emotions. The watery signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Cancer, ruled by planet Moon, is a emotional sign. Scorpio is a mystical sign, ruled by the planet Mars, it deals with the occult knowledge and Pisces, ruled by the planet Jupiter, is the intuitive sign which provide the intuition about anything or gets connected to the divine grace. If Mercury gets Retrograde in watery sign, then it would be able to listen the small voices or in pisces it becomes intuitive in nature even though if it is debilitated.

What Else We Should Do While Mercury Retrogrades?

  • Intuition

You would be feeling more intuitive than before while Mercury Retrograde. People may face difficulty while facing intuition as they won’t be usual of these changes. Though we all have intuitive power, however, it is only the matter of how you connect yourself with your intuition. Hence it would be a good time to connect yourself with your intuition while Mercury Retrograde.

  • Your creativity will be out of the box!

You will be more creative during Mercury Retrograde. If you would analyse your performance, then you would come to know that you are thinking very deep now than previous.

  • New Mantras will become powerful if adopted during Mercury Retrograde!

If you adopt new Mantra while Mercury Retrograde then it will be more effective as your mind will be unconscious and subconscious mind will attract these Mantra very easily and effectively.

  • Good time to change your Habits!

It is good time to shift your energy levels, thoughts, mindset and repetitiveness. If you want to begin Meditation practice, then you can start during this period.

  • Self awareness will go long way!

Since it will be good enough to start meditation during this period, you would be listening the issues which you were not aware of. You will see deeper things or we can say that self knowledge or self awareness will take place. Also, it will take little time to make you realize about your subconscious mind.

What You Must Avoid During Mercury Retrograde?

  • Avoid switching your Job

If you change your job or start a new venture during this period, you may suffer losses. Ultimately, you might be regretting on your activity. It is recommended not to start any new work during this period.

  • Avoid making any agreement

You should avoid making an agreement while Mercury Retrograde. If you do so, you may fail to understand about the full agreement or you may miss something important during this period. You would come to know when it goes direct, then it might be delayed for you because you have already made the agreement on unchangeable documents.

  • Avoid closing the sale during Mercury Retrograde

You must avoid closing any deal during Mercury Retrograde. It will not be a good idea to close the deal during this period because your customer may change his idea or cancel the order. You may be unable to deliver full terms and conditions to the customer which you may come across when Mercury goes direct.

  • Avoid starting a new project

You should avoid starting of any new project during this period. You would see later that either people didn’t get your thoughts or you were unable to represent the vital point to the people. People may decline your proposal or oppose it. You should wait till Mercury gets direct.

  • Avoid travelling to far away places

You must avoid travelling to far away places as it can create problems like delay in your flight, ticket cancellation or any other problem occuring in the last minute. It is recommended to you avoid travelling too much during Mercury Retrograde.

  • Avoid purchasing electronic items during Mercury Retrograde

You must avoid any kind of installation and purchasing of any instrument. Let’s suppose if you purchase computer, you would come to know later about the bad working of the same. It may not work properly or any software is not getting installed, due to that you are facing issues while operating the system. Likewise, you may get the problems related to your new purchase.

  • Avoid changing your living place or shifting with other person during Mercury Retrograde

You must avoid changing your place of living or you should avoid shifting with the other person. When Mercury gets direct, you would come across true or inherent traits of the person to whom you have decided to live with. While retrogression, everything seemed to you very coordinated or co-operated but as soon as it gets direct you will come to know that you cannot live with that person due to some bad habits like, he plays music loudly, has insomnia so he watches TV during night etc. These types of hurdles may come in your way.

  • Avoid Buying Things

You should not purchase items during Mercury Retrograde. If you do so, you may buy it at a higher price. Once it gets direct or propagates, you would know the same item is available on 40% discount. At that moment, you may feel bad about the item and most probably you may not like that too!

Hence in conclusion, Mercury Retrograde is a very strong phenomenon occurring in the sky. It deals with our logical mind and how to use our power and knowledge. Mercury is the planet which deals with our communication, if it is badly placed then we do suffer with the process of conveying our thoughts to other person whereas if placed positively, then it may provide you good communication and advisory skills. Hence, it is very important planet and if any phenomenon is associated with it, that becomes more important for our day to day life.

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