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Astrology & Retrograde Planets

Last Updated: 3/15/2011 10:30:16 AM

retrograde planets

By Suchitra Das

There are several and divergent views about the result produce by the retrograde planets in a Natal Chart. A planet when is in retrogression influences two houses or signs through occupation viz. the house or sign of its actual placement and the previous house or sign to it. For example, if Saturn as a retrograde planet if occupying the sign Sagittarius, it would also deem to have been occupying the previous sign Scorpio, too. Taking cue of its retrogression in the Natal Chart, a retrograde planet should also to be considered to have been occupying two houses in all the Divisional Charts and its aspects delineated accordingly.

The aspect of a retrograde planet also falls on a large number of houses being retrograde viz. from the house of its actual occupation and from the previous house (twice more than when in a normal motion). As such, the impact of a retrograde planet is large in a horoscope than a planet in its normal motion. It is quite understandable when equated with the simple fact of our life that if a family has an abnormal member in it, the entire family is heavily impacted either positively or negatively as the case may be. The planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are supposed to transit a sign through given speeds in given periods albeit at variable speeds depending upon planets to planets. But, if a planet does not remain in a sign for its given period while in the transit, it has to come back again through retrogression to complete the cycle of the period of its previous sign. Such things happen when a planet cover the transit of a particular zodiac sign more than its normal speed.

The luminaries Sun and Moon do not have any retrograde motion. The nodes, Rahu and Ketu always move through retrograde motion (backwardly) in the Zodiac. These two planets are always treated to be both functional as well as natural malefics. These Rahu and Ketu provide benefic result in a limited manner only when they are under the influence of benefic planets as well as in the benefic cusps. The retrograde motion of the planet is only an astrological phenomenon as is seen from the earth and is not supported from the astronomical point of view.

The planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury have both direct and retrograde motions. These planets are supposed to move in forward motion in their respective orbits and when said to be retrograde it looks like as if they are involved in some sort of jugglery, which can be viewed as an abnormality. The retrograde planets thus reflect some types of abnormality in the overall disposition and behaviour of a nativity and keep the potential to slow down the progress in one’s life. However, if the counteracting positive astrological promises are stronger and higher, these help in mitigating the adverse result to a large extent.

Interestingly enough, these five planets that move through both front and reverse gears have atleast two things in common viz. (i) they have ownership of two signs in the zodiac and (ii) these planets are the individual components of most powerful Panchmahapurush Yoga. The astrological effects of these five powerful planets are immense in our life. It is a matter of sheer common sense that if somebody is asked to go back though reverse steps, he is in all probabilities not likely to be comfortable while doing so and such is the case with retrograde majors (planets). A planet cannot be considered to be comfortable in its retrogression. It is, therefore, hard to believe that a retrograde planet, while uncomfortable, would confer the unblemished favourable result to a nativity. The results are ought to be different in retrogression than normal motion. I have come across many such horoscopes in my case studies and found that the retrograde planets even they happen to be Yoga Karakas do not confer benefic result as a whole. A Yoga Karaka planet always confers best possible positive result especially, during its Main and Sub Periods when normally placed in a Natal Chart through its direct motion other than in the state of retrogression as a matter of thumbs of rule.

2. However, there could be possible exceptions in the result produced by the retrograde planets that if a planet is retrograde in a sign which is immediately ahead of its sign of exaltation or own sign or the sign ruled by one of its intimate friends, the retrograde planet is likely to deliver very good positive result, which could be seen as a matter of exception and a blessing in disguise. In the Natal Chart of oil major & multi-billionaire Mr. Mukesh Ambani, the Yoga Karaka Saturn as a retrograde planet is occupying sign Scorpio, which is just a sign ahead of his sign of exaltation viz. Libra and one can see how lucky he is in his refinery and crude business. The Saturn is the natural significator planet for crude and refinery related activities besides Yoga Karaka for him. The contrary result may hold good if a planet is retrograde in a sign, which is immediately ahead of its respective sign of debilitation or the inimical sign or the detrimental sign. In such a case, the result could be bad and utterly negative. My astrological gut feeling is that in such a case even the Yoga Karaka planet would not confer the positive result.

3. Whatever that have been narrated in the previous paragraph viz. Para-2 of this article is my own astrological perceptions drawn by me through my long wisdom in the Divine Science of Astrology and obviously would not find any mention elsewhere. The learned astrological fraternity may like to take up this issue for further research in order to reach to a concrete and firm conclusion in formulation of new astrological dictum. Here, I have shared one of my new astrological perceptions (amongst many) with the learned viewers of this portal. I always attach top priority in astrological research and analysis in my humble efforts to add new dimension and wings to the Divine Science of Astrology, as the classical texts are in some cases dormant in their explanations as per demand of the modern requirements of the sophisticated digital era, which only believes in logic and true predictions.

4. As per Sh. Mantreshwar, a retrograde planet, whether a natural benefic or malefic, if occupying a Quadrant or Trine House becomes super strong and super powerful. He then helps the native in every possible way for his self-improvement and also for taking him to the top atleast for a while. But, the retrograde planets in houses 3rd, 8th & 12th, produce very bad result even in case of a Yoga Karaka. The following broad principles would further help to enlighten the inquisitive readers to fulfill their thrust of inquisitiveness.

  • A retrograde planet creates deficiency in one of the aspects of the house in which it is placed.
  • It destroys the significance of the house of which it is the lord.
  • The strength of the conjunct planet with retrograde one is usually increased.
  • A retrograde planet becomes extra-strong being Chestabali, conferring good or evil according to its function provided it is not debilitated.
  • Retrograde Saturn if occupying the house of profession or is in relationship with the Primary Determinant of Professional matters (PDP) confers highest honours and later knocks the bottom out of the native.
  • Retrograde Saturn if 5th lord indicates suffering due to the progenies especially, in case of Virgo nativities without any benefic and sufficient counteractive interference.
  • Effects of slow moving retrogrades in transit are far more prominent than the fast moving ones.
  • The retrograde planets influence favourably the house it occupies, aspects and owns in its Main Period as well as in the Main Period of its Constellation Lord.

5. There are many more variations in the result by the retrograde planets, which only an expert astrologer with long wisdom and a research oriented bent of mind can ably read in making out a definite predictions.

6. There are some astrological books and reading materials, which dish-out the probable result in capsule format by the individual retrograde planets while posited in different houses in a Natal Chart. But, these results should not be applied verbatim while making predictions. The results delineated in the books are ought to get further modified positively or negatively according to planetary influences through aspects, conjunction etc. The results produce by the planets whether direct or retrograde are the subject matter of variations in individual-to-individual cases depending on the intra and inter planetary influences as well as strength and nature derived by the planets concerned.

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