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Remedies for Sun / Surya Graha Shanti

Author: Pratik Pandey | Last Updated: Thu 4 Feb 2010 4:10:46 PM

remedies, gemstone, sun, surya

Planet Sun is considered as the King of all 9 planets. It positioned in the center of all, and all the planets revolves around Sun. According to Vedic Astrology, its colour is saffron and there are 7 horses that pull Sun’s chariot. It is considered as the Soul of all living beings. Its light is responsible for the life on divine earth. It controls over human heart and eyes. It is a fire element planet and its nature is of Bile. Its Varna is Kshatriya.

It makes a person higher official, gives rise in government jobs, etc. It is the significator of Arogya that means good health. If it is afflicted in horoscope or birth chart of a person, then it gives physical and mental diseases, insult, problems in government job, issues with father and lack of happiness to father.

Sun rules over Leo Zodiac sign. It becomes exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. Maha Dasha or major Dasa period of Sun would be of 6 years. It gives royalness in nature and if exalted, its results in a person with some ego. It also helps its favoured people in getting government job or gains from government departments. Lord Vishnu and God Sun are the main deities for planet Sun, therefore, to appease the planet, one should worship these deities.

To appease Surya dev, you should also offer water in a Copper vessel to Sun. Apart from that, you should fast on Sundays, donate things related to planet Sun, perform yajna (Yagya), wear Sun related gemstone or establish Surya Yantra, or you can recite Surya Mantra. Apart from that, you can also take a bath with Sun’s Jadi water. Also while fasting for Sun God, you must have your food only one time. Do not consume salt and eat only sweet foods.

If you wish Surya Shanti for your home and family, you may opt any or most of the above-mentioned remedial measures. But, before doing that, you must consult with an expert astrologer, who can tell you about what will be the best remedy suitable for you.

It is considered very effective, if you perform Sun remedies or Surya Shanti during Sundays, during any of Sun Nakshatra viz. Krittika, Purva Phalguni or Purvashada. Also, if possible, choose Sun Hora for doing Sun related remedies.

Prayers for Surya Shanti

Prayer is one way to surrender oneself to the Almighty and ask for the penance. Prayer has power to dilute ill-effects of any planet. If you wish to pray for Surya Shanti, you should recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra, Suryashtakam, or Harivansh Puran. You can also worship Lord Vishnu or God Sun everyday. Worshipping Lord Rama, the incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu, with utmost devotion would also pacify planet Sun.

Fasting for Sun Planet

Fasting is a way to purify your inner self and to ask the God for penance by keeping your soul, mind and body clean. If you wish to appease Sun, you should keep fasting on Sundays. During these fasts, you must consume only sweet food, and that too only once in whole day.

Donation for Surya Grah Shanti

Vedic Astrology always emphasizes on donation as it is a best way to get rid from the planet related troubles. Apart from this when you donate something to poor or needy, it eventually helps them. So, a feeling of satisfaction would also be there when you make any donation. It should be done with great devotion and without any expectation in return. Do not think that after doing this, you will get rid from your bad deeds or so. Just do it unanimously without expecting anything in return.

Best time to make donations for planet Sun is before 8:00 AM in the morning. Donation or Daan must be given to a Supatra ( a person who is suited to get this donation). For better results from Surya Graha Shanti, you can donate Jaggery, Wheat grains, Copper, Ruby gemstone, Red flowers, Khas and Mansil, Red clothes, Savatsa Cow, etc.

Mantra for Sun Remedies

Mantra have much importance in spirituality, religion or astrology. The power of Mantras can not be curtailed as they produce high quality vibrations that connects us to the Almighty. There are several hymns in Veda that tells us about different types of Mantras and their effects.

By chanting Mantras for a specific Planet, you can easily take its good effects, and eventually the malefic effects of the planet ends. Also, Mantras create vibrations that energizes a person with the powerful energy of the deity related to that specific mantra. Chanting of Surya Mantra is a very good and easy way to appease Surya Graha. However, a correct pronunciation of Mantra is a must. Apart from that to reach the ultimate state of peace, you should chant the mantra in specified number, which depends upon that particular planet.

It is advisable to perform Surya Yajna (Yagya) with Surya Mantra for the Graha Shanti Puja of Sun God. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy favourable effects of planet Sun. These Yajnas must be performed by a well educated priest who knows mantras and their correct pronunciation, as the wrong pronunciation will not only be a waste of time but, can also give bad results.

To perform Surya Grah Shanti or Surya Yajna, you should recite Surya Beej Mantra i.e.

ऒम् ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः।
Aum Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah !

You should chant this Mantra for 7000 times. However, as this is the era of Kaliyuga, the period when evil powers are gaining strengths, so, you should chant the same mantra 4 times of 7000. That means, Surya Beej Mantra should be chanted for 28000 times.

Apart from that, you can also chant other mantra, which is appended below:

ऒम् घृणि सूर्याय नमः।
Om Ghrini Suryay Namah !

Surya Gayatri Mantra is also very powerful to get blessings of planet Sun. This mantra can also be chanted and is given below:

ऒम् आदित्याय विद्महॆ दिवाकराय धीमही तन्नॊ सूर्यः प्रचॊदयात्
Om Adityaay Vidmahe Divaakaraaya Dheemahi
Tannoh Suryah Prachodayaat !

Surya Yantra for Sun Remedies

Yantra is commonly known for its usefulness regarding planet related problems. If you wish to appease any planet, it is simple to establish Yantra of that particular planet. it is equally powerful and effective as gemstones and other remedial measures.

These are the diagrams in a symmetrical form and can be used to supplement the effectiveness of Mantras. These are very helpful in situations such as - where the presence of a deity in the form of a symbol is essential, or when Mantra cannot be recited, or in situations where a native can not bear the cost of gemstones.

Yantras can be established as drawn on Parchment or Bhojpatra, or worn as a taweez or talisman on the body; especially around neck or on arms. If you are unable to make it on your own, you can go for an engraved Yantra on a pendant or an amulet. Since there are total of 9 planets in Hindu Vedic Astrology, so there is a specific yantra for each of the planet. These Yantras are collectively called as “Navgrah Yantra”.

If you wish to get propitious results of planet Sun, you should wear Surya Yantra. It should be worn on any Sunday during bright fortnight of lunar month, during Sun’s Hora and Sun’s Nakshatras.

Sun Yantra.jpg
(Surya Yantra)

Wear Jadi for Sun Remedies

Jadi or the plant Roots are very auspicious and useful to balance planetary influences in your life. You can also pacify a particular planet by using the Jadi related to that planet. If you wish to get benefited from the blessings of planet Sun, you should wear Bel Mool on Sunday, during Sun’s Hora or Sun’s Nakshatra, in the bright fortnight of the Lunar Month.

Rudraksha for Surya Grah Shanti

Lord Shiva is worshipped to get relief from all planetary effects, as he is the supreme deity. You should perform Shri Shiv Rudrabhishekam to enjoy a smooth and good life. Moreover, Rudraksha (the beads) related to Lord Shiva also plays an important part in planet related troubles.

It is used for spiritual upliftment as it is highly powerful and useful for this. It gives the person happiness, fills their life with prosperity, good health, inner peace, and helps in overcoming challenges throughout the life.

For appeasing Planet Sun, you should wear 1 Mukhi Rudraksha or 12 Mukhi Rudraksha by reciting specific mantra of that Rudraksha bead. The said Mantras are appended below:

  • 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra:
Aum Yem Ham Shroum Ye!
Aum Hreem Namah !
  • 12 Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra:
Aum Hrim Shrim Ghrini Shrim !
Aum Krom Shrom Roum Namah !

Gemstone for Planet Sun

Gemstones are easily known by everyone these days. Some wear them as jewellery, while some wear them for getting relief from planetary problems. Every gemstone has its own qualities that balances the effects of a particular planet upon us. If you wish to do remedy for Surya Graha Shanti, you should wear natural Ruby stone in your ring finger on Sunday, before 8:00 AM in the morning. Also, iIt should be worn in the bright fortnight of lunar month.

Other Sun Remedies

Apart from the above remedies, you can do following remedies to appease planet Sun, and enjoy its innumerable blessings:

  • Perform Surya Namaskar daily.

  • Offer Water to Lord Sun everyday or on Sundays in a Copper vessel with a pinch of Red Vermilion.
  • Offer water to Shwetark tree and keep this plant as long as you can.
  • Always pay respect to father, or father figure, or the government.
  • Feed Jaggery and Wheat grains to an Ox.
  • Distribute free medicines to the needy.
  • Have faith in familial rituals.
  • Use Brass utensils. And whenever you go out for a good work, have some sweet food and drink water, then carry out the task.

We do hope that after reading this article, you would have gain some information about how to perform remedies for Surya Graha Shanti. If you take remedial measures for Planet Sun as mentioned above, you would experience a relaxed mind, calmness in body and inner satisfaction. We wish that Sun God will provide you with innumerable good results to rise in your life.

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