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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shrapit Dosh/ Shrapit Yog/ Shrapit Yoga Explained

Shrapit Yoga is also called Shrapit Dosha. Literary meaning of the word "Shrapit" is somebody who is cursed. Talks on "Shrapit Yoga" seems to be increasing on Internet and the public is very much confused due to the lack of authentic information.

Shrapit Yoga is said to be formed when Saturn and Rahu are together in a single sign in a horoscope. Some astrologers also suggest that Saturn's aspect on Rahu also results in Shrapit Yoga. The result of the combination is told that the horoscope is cursed due to the deeds of the past life. It is suggested that even there are many good yogas in a horoscope, good results can not be obtained in the present birth, if "Shrapit Yoga" exists in the horoscope.

I have written about some of the similar doshas like Kaalsarpa Dosha in the past and my opinion is no different on this yoga. First of all there is no classical reference to this yoga. In my opinion, "Shrapit yoga" like "Kalsarpa yoga", is another factious yoga created by astrologers to make money. Scaring people is an easy way to make money and pundits very well know this fact. What a well chosen name "Shrapit Yoga" to scare people!!! Truly speaking there is nothing to fear about Shrapit Yoga.

In my opinion, a birth chart should be analyzed in totality and the results should be predicted by synthesizing various good and bad yogas in a horoscope. No single yoga can take control over the whole chart. We need to judge planets involved in the yoga and also see the strength of those planets. For example in the case of Shrapit Yoga, if Saturn and Rahu are well placed, why there will be any malefic affect?

Moreover, Rahu and Saturn are two friendly planets and the overall general result of the conjunction is positive rather than negative. This is simple Vedic astrology principle that two friendly planets go well with each other and give positive results.

In Lal Kitab, Saturn and Rahu together are called Nagmani (Snake's Jewel) and regarded to give positive results. In Lal Kitab, Saturn is taken as snake and Rahu as a Jewel which sucks snake’s poison.

According to the Nadi astrology, a person having this combination "amass money secretly even without knowledge of government (black money)". There are no malefic indications in Nadi as well.

Finally, Rahu stays for one and the half years in a sign and Saturn stays for two and the half years in a sign. So generally this combination stays for a long time. For example, you will find this combination in majority of horoscopes of the people born in year 1978/1979/1980. Are they all cursed? Was those years cursed? This is ridiculous. The astrologer who tells you that you have "Shrapit Yoga" and you have to perform costly remedies for Shrapit Yoga to get rid of its ill effect, please understand that the astrologer is a cheat and you need to look for a good knowledgeable astrologer. There will be pundits who will try to sell all kind of pooja, yantra and gems etc. to you. Beware of such cheat astrologers. I would again reiterate that there is nothing to fear about "Shrapit Dosha or Shrapit Yoga."

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Blogger india2009 said...

A host of astrologers have told me that i have shrapit dosh as well as shani chandra vish yog in my kundli. They say that shani-chandra combination creates vish-yog/shapit dosh. Is that true?
i have a Makara lagna kundli, and in the 6th house there are Shani,ketu,chandra,budh(swagrahi).

What kind of results does this planetary combination produces in a person's life? Kindly tell me, as i am sick of these astrologers telling me all wrong things.

10:42 PM  
Blogger Punit Pandey said...

Dear India2009,

As I keep repeating, a horoscope needs to be analyzed in totality and should not judged by merely one yoga. Quoting again -

"In my opinion, a birth chart should be analyzed in totality and the results should be predicted by synthesizing various good and bad yogas in a horoscope. No single yoga can take control over the whole chart. We need to judge planets involved in the yoga and also see the strength of those planets."

Please consult a learned astrologer to understand about good and bad yogas. In my opinion, merely a combination of Shani and Moon can not spoil a horoscope. If Shani and Moon are really malefic as per Vedic astrology in your chart, then only you need to perform any remedy.

-- Punit

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shri punit pandeyji,


have tula lagna/tula rasi chitra nakshatra with sani/mangal/rahu in the 2nd house.
jupiter is retrograde in the 11th house while sun is in the 3rd house.

running sani dasa with frequent job breaks since 94-95/98/02-05/08-09.

had promotions/elevations in shani dasa 95/07 while jupiter transiting 2nd house over shani-mangal-rahu.

no result while jupiter transit natal jupiter in the 11th during 04 during shani dasa, while during 79/92 had promotions during jupiter dasa.

how do we establish whether shrapit dosha exists in my horoscope or not under the above scenario with positive and negative events during shani dasa with more of negative impact on life/career,family etc.

request enlighten and guide please!


2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


with all regards,

have tula lagna and tula moon vargottama, with mars/saturn/rahu in scorpio the 2nd house, 02/06/22 deg.

promotions in saturn dasa 95/07 but several job breaks 94/98/02-05/25th dec 07.

any shrapit yoga operating in my case scorpio being enemy sign for saturn, and saturn/rahu opposition in the navamsa on the leo/acquarius axis :

6th jan 1956, 01-57am, tenali/andhra
chitra-3, kumbha navamsa, meena dasamsa
running saturn-jupiter-saturn now

seek your expert comment and valued counsel please,

thanks in all anticipation,


10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know a case of saturn debilitated in Aries has Raghu in the 7th house in thula rasi, and the person topped the university, got a job in SBI and later became Finance Director in an MNC and made lots and tons of money. He is comfortable, rich, has a good name in society. Others who dont have this combination are all ordinary with average income, etc. I too think it is not true as you say. Ram

10:24 PM  
Blogger sarkaribabu said...

Dear Mr.Punitji,

The efforts & pains taken by you to creat a blog to discuss about astrology is certainly commendable. I liked it very much. I should congratulate you for the pains taken by you to take the vedic astrology to the 21st era of www electronic media format.

Vikas Kshemakalyani

1:36 PM  
Blogger vasant, krutartha said...

even if moon is afflicted with rahu, ketu or shani it can be termed as shrapit more particularly if such afflictions exists in 6, 8 & 12 th houses

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pandey ji it is great that you are bringing logic, commonsense and comparative studies in your article e.g., in 'Shrapit Yoga'. Please oblige by sending an email of your articles. With dearest regards, seasons greetings and best wishes for a happy new year PK pundit

3:25 AM  
Blogger Mallikarjuna said...


3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i born on 14 july 1979, 5:40 am, delhi,india. i want to be a successful actor can i.....

9:30 PM  

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