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Friday, October 16, 2009

Pakistan Terrorist Attacks and My Predictions

On 20th August this year, while analyzing Pakistan's independence chart and some other mundane charts, I posted on Twitter -

Mundane #Astrology: Coming one year seems extremely difficult for #Pakistan. Civil war, cold war and war in general.
(posted on Twitter at on 20th August 2009)

It is not more than two months since I had posted it and Pakistan is already burning. See this - and In the last two weeks alone there are seven major terrorist attacks/ bomb blasts and hundreds of people are killed. Pakistan is already feeling the heat and the situation is not going to get easy soon.

Isn't astrology amazing? If an astrologer like me who spend very little time on Mundane astrology (branch of astrology used for predict about nations) can give some good predictions, imagine how important Mundane astrology can be if used by government in a systematic and scientific manner. How important it can be as planning tool for a country?

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