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Annaprashan Muhurat 2019 Dates & Auspicious Timings

Last Updated: 11/16/2018 2:16:14 PM

Only a healthy body can have a healthy mind to learn. Annaprashan ceremony is the most essential ritual for a child to be blessed with elders, forefathers, Gods and many for a healthy life. “We are what we eat” is an old saying which aptly adapts to the first food a child takes after being nourished by the mother. Conducting ceremony under Annaprashan muhurat is of paramount significance not only because it is the first food but, also for its effect in clearing any kind of toxins obtained from the mother's womb.

Annprashan Muhurat 2019


07 January 2019 Monday Pratipada In Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra 09:19 - 13:59
09 January 2019 Wednesday Tritiya In Dhanishta Nakshatra 07:15 - 13:15
21 January 2019 Monday Purnima In Pushya Nakshatra 07:14 - 10:46
06 February 2019 Wednesday Dwitiya In Satabhisha Nakshatra 07:07 - 09:53
07 February 2019 Thursday Dwitiya In Satabhisha Nakshatra 07:06 - 12:09
15 February 2019 Friday Dashami In Mrigashira Nakshatra 07:27 - 13:19
08 March 2019 Friday Dwitiya In Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra 06:40 - 14:13
13 March 2019 Wednesday Saptami In Rohini Nakshatra 06:34 - 13:53
21 March 2019 Thursday Purnima In Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra 06:25 - 07:13
10 April 2019 Wednesday Panchami In Rohini Nakshatra 06:02 - 14:24
12 April 2019 Friday Saptami In Ardra Nakshatra 09:54 - 13:24
17 April 2019 Wednesday Trayodashi In Uttara Phalguni 05:54 - 13:56
19 April 2019 Friday Purnima In Chitra Nakshatra 06:02 - 16:05
16 May 2019 Thursday Dwadashi In Hasta Nakshatra 08:15 - 14:19
06 June 2019 Thursday Tritiya In Punarvasu Nakshatra 05:23 - 09:55
07 June 2019 Friday Chaturthi In Pushya Nakshatra 07:38 - 15:09
12 June 2019 Wednesday Dashami In Hasta Nakshatra 06:06 - 14:49
17 June 2019 Monday Purnima In Jyeshtha Nakshatra 10:43 - 14:00
04 July 2019 Thursday Dwitiya In Pushya Nakshatra 05:28 - 15:42
08 July 2019 Monday Shashti In Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra 07:42 - 15:26
11 July 2019 Thursday Dashami In Swati Nakshatra 05:31 - 15:15
05 August 2019 Monday Panchami In Hasta Nakshatra 05:45 - 15:55
07 August 2019 Wednesday Saptami In Swati Nakshatra 07:42 - 15:26
09 August 2019 Friday Navami In Anuradha Nakshatra 10:00 - 15:40
15 August 2019 Thursday Purnima In Shravana Nakshatra 05:50 - 15:16
11 September 2019 Wednesday Trayodashi In Shravana Nakshatra 06:04 - 13:59
30 September 2019 Monday Dwitiya In Chitra Nakshatra 06:13 - 12:08
02 October 2019 Wednesday Chaturthi In Vishakha Nakshatra 12:52 - 14:11
03 October 2019 Thursday Panchami In Anuradha Nakshatra 06:15 - 10:12
04 October 2019 Friday Shashti In Jyeshtha Nakshatra 12:19 - 14:03
07 October 2019 Monday Navami In Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra 12:38 - 13:52
30 October 2019 Wednesday Tritiya In Anuradha Nakshatra 06:32 - 14:03
01 November 2019 Friday Panchami In Moola Nakshatra 06:33 - 12:50
06 November 2019 Wednesday Navami In Satabhisha Nakshatra 07:21 - 13:36
07 November 2019 Thursday Dashami In Satabhisha Nakshatra 06:37 - 08:41
28 November 2019 Thursday Dwitiya In Jyeshtha Nakshatra 07:34 - 13:37
29 November 2019 Friday Tritiya In Moola Nakshatra 06:55 - 07:33
06 December 2019 Friday Dashami In Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra 07:00 - 13:05
12 December 2019 Thursday Poornima In Mrigashira Nakshatra 07:04 - 10:42

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Food intake evolves with age and understanding and is the basis of good health. For a newborn baby's evolution to an infant, food should also be given accordingly. Hence to start with a solid food as the first food is not only rejoicing for parents, family, elders but also for the baby infant. This jubilation filled sanskar with all its blessings for the child eating its first solid food is called annaprashan muhurat.

What Is Annaprashan Ceremony?

The ceremony conducted to mark the child's first food intake is called annaprashan ceremony. Anna is known as food and prashan is the presenting or offering. The first solid food offering made to the child starts with annaprashan ceremony for a healthy body to relish the beauty of life and withstand the wear and tear of it. Moreover, Annaprashan is known in various names in different states of India and followed religiously.

Why Is Annaprashan Ceremony Needed?

When the baby infant consumes his first solid food, blessings of God, parents, elders and all the five elements of nature is essential. Like the five elements which are basic for this world to exist, food is equally important and the child should never be deprived of it. This annaprashan muhurat ceremony makes this possible for the child to intake all the blessings and nourishment with all the wishes and prayers of those present along with their ancestors and God for a healthy living. Consuming solid food clears any impurities from the mother's womb, hereby making this annaprashan ceremony equally important.

What Is Annaprashan Muhurat And How It Is Calculated?

Annaprashan muhurat is the meticulous time during which the child is fed with the first solid food of its life. The horoscope or birth chart of the child along with his gender and age are the deciding factors for fixing the muhurat for annaprashan. The panchang or Hindu calendar with its 5 elements also determine the muhurat. They include:

  • Vaar: It determines the day of the week on which the Annaprashan ceremony should be conducted. Seven days comprise of a week.
  • Tithi: Tithi means date, which are 30 in Lunar month. There are two pakshas in a month, and each paksha consists of 15 dates.
  • Nakshatra: Nakshatra is a constellation or group of 27 stars forming an imaginary pattern or outline on the celestial sphere.
  • Yoga: In Vedic culture, the yoga of the child is determined by the horoscope and the panchang.
  • Karana: Half of a tithi is called Karana, which are 60 in a month.

When And Where Is Annaprashan Ceremony Performed?

The annaprashan ceremony should be performed strictly before the 1st birthday of the infant. This is because by then, the newborn infant will become a growing child. It is commonly conducted on the 5th and 7th month for a girl infant and 6 and 8th month for a boy infant. This is because odd numbers favor girls and even number favor boys in Vedic literature. Also, the time of annaprashan depends on the child's health, with growing teeth showing strong digestive tract. It is mostly conducted in temples and other sacred places as per the convenience of the parents and elders.

How Is It Performed?

Kheer or payasam is served as the first meal for the child. Both are mashed rice with natural sweeteners like honey and sweetened milk. Also, there is a ritual of placing certain objects before the child where everyone waits eagerly to find what the child picks first. Depending on the things like books, pen, clay, food, jewelry the basic nature of the child is assumed by the parents. Annaprashan ceremony ends with happiness for all, especially the child to have its first food.

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