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Shubh Muhurat 2019: Auspicious Lagna Timings

Last Updated: 10/24/2018 5:23:41 PM

shubh, muhurat, panchang, 2019 With auspicious muhurat 2019 timings, know the significance of muhurta and shubh muhurat for Vivah, Mundan, Grih Pravesh, Namkaran, Annaprashan and more ceremonies. The word muhurat is derived from two sanskrit words - ‘muhu’ meaning moment and ‘rta’ meaning order. Hence, the meaning of the word muhurta is the order of performing a task through the day. In simple terms, muhurta means the auspicious time during which one should perform an important task like marriage, engagement, mundan or namkaran.


A muhurta is of great significance not just in vedic astrology but there are practical examples to support the same. It is said that “even the right things done at a wrong time can prove to be malefic” and there is no doubt in the validity of the statement.

The significance of choosing the most auspicious time for performing a task has been always seen in Hindu religious practices. Astrologers and priests have always pondered upon choosing an auspicious time for marriages, griha pravesh, inauguration etc. The practices are justified by the fact that people who had some dosha in their birth chart (kundali) could make the most of their lives by choosing the right time to accomplish a task.

A muhurta is as crucial to an auspicious occasion, as planting the seed at the right time is. Just like a seed planted during a wrong season can not turn into a tree, all your efforts make a little difference when the time is against you.

In Gita, Krishna has discussed the importance of “karma”, but he is the one who has brought to light the decisive factor called time. Though choosing the right time does not mean assured success, but optimum results for the actions you perform.


As per the legend, Diti, daughter of Prajapati Daksh and wife of sage Kashyapa, conceived her children in an inauspicious time and as a result, all her children were born as demons. Despite the warning given by her husband, she surrendered herself to lust and gave birth to two sons Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu who were both slain by avatars of Lord Vishnu, and a daughter named Holika who was burnt alive in the bonfire as she wanted to kill her brother’s son Prahalad. Her sister Aditi, on the contrary, gave birth to Devtas. Both were born in same family, both were married to a sage, one gave birth to devtas, while other to asurs. The choice of time changed the course of Diti’s life.

How Muhurta Came into Play?

Choices are important, and the choice of time is a decisive factor for your success or failure. Our ancestors having understood the significance of choosing the right time, opted only for the most auspicious time for Yajnas, so as to reap the maximum benefits.

During the vedic age, astrologers calculated the time by observing the position of celestial bodies. They introduced the same for significant events like birth ceremonies, marriages, inaugurations or new significant purchases. The kings had a supreme astrologer in his group of ministers who would warn him of any upcoming problem. Gradually, it became customary to seek a muhurta before the commencement of anything important (samskara).

Why to Seek a Shubh Muhurat?

People for centuries have consulted astrologers during the time of distress. Whether it is the time of drought or famine, a social or political problem, and even personal, financial or health related issues; an apt choice of time to take action has increased the chances of success. By initiating a samskara at an auspicious time, you minimise the risk of the ill-effects or bad omen that can follow. That’s the reason that in Hindu religion, finding an appropriate muhurta is crucial for marriages, grih pravesh, inauguration, major purchases, launching of a business etc.

How is Muhurta Calculated?

Hindu Muhurat is calculated using Panchang, which is an ancient vedic calendar and an ultimate tool to present important dates and time. It constitutes of five components namely vaar (day), tithi (date), nakshatra (constellations), yoga and karana. Muhurat is calculated considering days of the week, position of moon as well as nakshatra, longitude of sun and moon, as well as segments of time. Other factors that influence the calculation are - Dosha in one’s birth chart, position of planets and time period, type of occasion and your individual details. The muhurat of a marriage will be different from that of a mundan samskara. Hence the calculation is specific to numerous variables and one must seek only an expert for such a deed.

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How does a right muhurat help you?

Initiating an important work at the right time can prove to be extremely beneficial. Just like day is meant to work and night is meant to sleep, nature has set certain rules for commencement of significant ceremonies. If a person starts the work in the auspicious hour, he may not face obstacles in his path and have favorable results. Muhurat helps in concentrating the positive energy of planets in a manner that eliminates the ill-effects or negativity around, so your efforts prove to be fruitful. This helps you being in harmony with nature and its forces.

There are certain rituals or samskaras that do not need any muhurat. For instance, the birth and death of an individual is beyond our control, and so is the time of its happening. For almost every other samskara, a good mahurat is identified, particularly for marriages it is a decisive factor in India. To neutralize and overcome the ill-effects or bad omens, a shubh muhurat actually counts.

What are the precautions to be taken while calculating mahurat?

  1. No two samskaras can have the same mahurat. A vivahP muhurat will always be different from a griha pravesh muhurat. Though there are certain days and time of the month which are considered so auspicious that there is no need of a mahurat on those days, still this choice is to be made if there is no alternative available. Preference must be given to a personalized calculation of muhurat for maximum benefit.
  2. No two individuals have exactly the same nakshatra or birth chart, a mahurat is as personal to you as is your soul. If a time is auspicious for someone else it does not essentially mean that it will be beneficial or favorable for you too.
  3. New Moon days are not considered auspicious in general. Holy activities are rarely carried out during those days.
  4. Consult only an experienced astrologer who can guide you considering not only the natal birth chart but other aspects of jyotish vidya (astrology).
  5. The hindu muhurat is a variable, it may or may not be same for the same day or date in every consecutive year. Muhurat in 2019 will not be same as in 2020. This is the reason the dates of important festivals like Diwali, Holi, Navratri etc. gets changed every year. Hindu muhurat is calculated by analysing lunar calendar and can not be compared with english calendar in which everything falls on the same date every year.

Following are some of the muhurats taken into consideration when doing any auspicious activity.

Vivah Muhurat

Hindu marriage ceremonies are nothing less than a festival. From Kundali matching to chanting of religious mantras and multiple rituals, a marriage in Hinduism gets spiritualized at every aspect. Finding a shubh vivah muhurat is mandatory as it is the beginning of a new life for two individuals and must be happy and auspicious for them.

Get detailed Marriage Muhurat for the year 2019 here: Marriage Muhurat 2019

Griha Pravesh Muhurat

When moving to a new house or a new property, it is crucial to know the right time to enter the house, so that the people living in the house prosper and flourish without any difficulty.

Get detailed Housewarming Muhurat for the year 2019 here: Housewarming Muhurat 2019

Mundan Muhurat

The ceremony of removing the hair of a child is one of the sixteen samskaras of hindu religion and to bless the child with good future, this must be done on a shubh muhurat.

Get detailed Mundan Muhurat for the year 2019 here: Mundan Muhurat 2019

Namkaran Muhurat

The name of a child is given after a deep speculation, it is something that gives the child an identity. Some people change their names in the later years of life because it does not prove to be favorable to the child. A namkaran sanskar if carried out on right muhurat ensure that the child does not have to face such a situation in life.

Get detailed Naming Muhurat for the year 2019 here: Naming Muhurat 2019

Annaprashan Muhurat

When a child eats his first meal, it should only beget heath and happiness instead of illness or bad omens, hence the muhurat of this samskar should be analysed with great care.

Get detailed Annaprashan Muhurat for the year 2019 here: Annaprashan Muhurat 2019

Karnavedha Muhurat

One of the samskaras of Hindu tradition, piercing of ears is performed to increase the mental agility of the child. If performed on the right time, this would open the doors of wisdom.

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Vidyarambh Muhurat

Learning is a lifelong process. We start learning from the day we are born and continue till we die. But the day when the process of education is actually initiated, is the day when a shubh muhurat must be calculated, so the child proves to be intellectual and good in studies.

Get detailed Vidyarambh Muhurat for the year 2019 here: Vidyarambh Muhurat 2019

The significance of muhurat is immense. Bring good luck and success in your life by choosing a shubh Muhurat in 2019.

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