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Seven Ways To Pep Up Your Financial Growth

Author: -- | Last Updated: Mon 8 Oct 2012 4:46:13 PM

Financial Growth, Jupiter, Finance, astrology

7 Ways To Pep Up Your Financial Growth

Why is it like everyone prefers to have a job instead of enjoying their life freely? Why a person who is already rich works for day and night to maintain his financial growth? Money is surely a great motivational factor. It is a factor that enables everyone to look beyond possibilities. Would you work for some company that endows you love, respect, comfort and even some fame, but no money, no money at all? The answer is obviously a “NO”. We say money is not everything but even we can’t deny that it is one of the basic necessities of life that we can’t manage to live without happily.

A great writer Oscar Wilde once said “When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is”. A simple thing that this quote portrays is that as the time pass we realize the importance of money. There is hardly anyone who is not aware of the significance of the money. It doesn’t matter what kind of lifestyle you have. You might be addicted to luxurious items or have very limited materialistic needs. Whatever, the case is only money can buy you things of your requirement. Working hard to earn money is perfectly fine but sudden financial loss or extremely low financial growth results in emotional breakage. It is natural to wish for a maintained financial growth as you are willing to put all your time and efforts for that. Financial loss or low financial growth is such thing that can’t be recovered with a blink of an eye. Therefore, be wise and start balancing your financial life to give it a high speed from today itself.

Being innocent and unaware of the astrological factors behind your financial status, you might blame yourself for all the losses. But, do you know who the main offender is. Wrong timing or low Jupiter is the answer for you. Jupiter is a very powerful planet that signifies wisdom, fortune, optimism and is also a significator of finance. Your financially declining position might be a result of malefic effects of Jupiter. If you really want to boost up your financial growth you got to please Jupiter with utter dedication and devotion.

It is not an easy job to delight the planet Jupiter but then you obviously need to put your endeavor to achieve something special. Pace up your financial growth by applying these 7 ways with faith in your abilities and faith in the Almighty:

  1. Pooja: The first step of pleasing any planet is to worship the ruling deity of that planet. So, worship Lord Dakshinamurty (for Shaivayats) or Narayan (for Vaishnavas). Worshiping them will help in enhancing the positive effects of the Jupiter, as they will direct their blessings on you.
  2. Japa of the Guru beeja mantra: Chanting Guru beeja mantra is a strong way of turning malefic effects of Jupiter into the positive effects. “Om gram greem groum sah gurave namah” is the Guru beeja mantra that is to be recited 16000 times in 40 days.
  3. Donate: Jupiter is a kind planet and it can’t see his devotees in difficult situations for a longer time. Therefore, by donating Saffron or turmeric or sugar on Thursdays, you can impress Jupiter easily.
  4. Fasting: Keeping or observing a fast is an ancient way of delighting Lords and planets. As Thrusday is the day of Jupiter, observing fast on Thursdays will prove to be very beneficial.
  5. Rudraksha: Lord of the Lords lord Shiva is innocent and fulfills the wishes of his devotees without much delay. A Rudraksha is the pious tear of the Lord Shiva. Wearing a 5 Mukhi Rudraksha will remove all the negative effects of the Jupiter and will bless you with financial stability.
  6. Jadi: To experience the wonders of the positive effects of the planet Jupiter always keep some Banana root with you.
  7. Gemstone: A gemstone helps in magnifying the effects of the planets. In the case of Jupiter a Yellow sapphire is the most suitable sapphire.

Don’t forget to keep your mind fresh and away from any kind of negative thoughts while applying the mentioned factors. Always remember that God resides in pure hearts, therefore to get the fruitful results of any of your activity, it is important for you to have a pure heart and undying faith in God.

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