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8 Astrology Tips to Boost Your Charm & Attractiveness

Author: Pratik Pandey | Last Updated: Mon 27 Aug 2012 4:53:20 PM

astrology, charm, charisma, venus, remedies, shanti, upay, attraction

By Pratik Pandey

Do you want to boost your charm and win hearts of others? Charisma is invincible and most sought after quality. The power of attractiveness and charm make powerful leaders, showbiz superstars, successful and glamorous people in all walks of life.

It is widely believed that either you have it or you do not. If you do not possess these qualities, nothing can be done about it. You will have to lead a lackluster life. But let me reveal the secret now – This is not true, you can develop charm, attractiveness and power of influencing people too. You can occupy the center stage and can be flooded with the affection and love of those who come in contact with you. Ancient science of Vedic astrology researched on this phenomenon for thousands of years and developed several effective methods to boost your charm and help you get a charismatic personality.

According to Vedic astrology, Venus is the planet of qualities like beauty, charisma, attractiveness, glamour, luxury and charm. You must have met some people with great aura of attraction. Their mere presence charges up the environment and people feel a great pull toward them. If you study their Kundli or birth-chart, you find that these people have a powerful and positive Venus. Vedic astrology provides some of the amazing tips that can pep up your Venus and give you this power of charisma. Let’s have a look at these wonderful suggestions:

Astrology Tips to Improve Your Charisma

Worship Goddess Lakshmi – Vedic astrology says that Goddess Lakshmi is the ruling deity of Venus. Worshipping her brings qualities of Venus in your personality. Laxmi is also called the Goddess of wealth. So, it is also very beneficial for financial gains.

Chant Shukra Beeja Mantra – Beej mantra or Beeja mantra is a very powerful tool to imbibe cosmic energy of a particular wavelength in you. Shukra Beej Mantra, when chanted properly, will make you attractive and people will start looking positively toward you. To get complete benefit from it, chant this mantra “Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah” 20,000 times in 40 days.

Donate Clothes and Curd – Clothes and curd signify planet Venus. Donation of these articles wards off the negative effect of Venus and will eliminate those qualities that kill charm and beauty. It will bestow you with good looks too.

Recite Sri Sukta – The Sri Suktam forms part of appendices to the Rig Veda. It’s an ancient text, which is believed to be around five thousand years old. It has a very powerful effect on boosting your Venus, and hence your personality, looks, your influence on others and your attractiveness.

Fasting on Fridays – Observe fast on Fridays. Friday is ruled by Venus. Observing fast on this day brings in positive energy of Venus, which in return, makes one more desirable in eyes of opposite sex.

Arand Mool – Put on the root or Jadi of Arand, also known as Arand Mool around your neck. It will give strength to Venus and bestow you with charismatic persona.

6 Mukhi Rudraksha – Mythology calls Rudraksha the magical tear of lord Shiva. Wearing six Mukhi Rudraksha gives strength to Venus and eliminates all sorts of problems caused by its weakness.

Diamond – Diamond is not only most precious gemstone, it’s also most effective when it comes to boosting Venus. Wearing diamond enhances all qualities related to Venus – it gives you enticing eyes, influencing voice, effective demeanors, grace and glamour. However, one should consult a good astrologer before wearing any gemstone.

The astrology tips for Venus stated above are magical, and trust me - it isn’t exaggeration! Just try out these tips and see the difference yourself. This is Vedic astrology at its best.

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